Mists Of Pandaria will be bringing back reputations, but this time you will have a good reason to get them.

Looking back at Wrath Of The Lich King we saw the grind for faction benefits die out; stick on a tabard and working rep in  dungeons was popularized with The Argent Crusade factions. There was no Sons Of Hodir rep to bang your head against; no choice between Oracles or Frenzyheart, just repeatedly joining LFG. Over one week of solid dungeon crawling was plenty to gain your items that would become void in the next content patch.

Mists Of Pandaria is shaking things up.

One of the best implementations is how you work for one of the new mounts. The Pandaren use cloud serpents as their vehicles of choice. You will get to raise a non-combat pet from an egg through daily quests. Eventually you will have your big daddy version of your non-combat serpent — if only they would let me do that with a Zergling.

Another aspect that gives people incentive to grind is how they’re making farming much more literal.

Tillers — a farmer faction — will be in a new area for growing food. These will be the food buffs of Mists, letting raiders use the quests on a daily/weekly basis to create their tasty rations. The lore junkies will also be getting an area designed for just them.

The Lorewalkers’ special items are found all over Azeroth. They come together to complete a set; which give you an in-game cinematic to set your lore nerves tingling. Yes it sounds just like Rift‘s artifact system, but hopefully not as daunting as Archaeology — everyone’s favorite profession — that will keep us lore junkies occupied for hours on end, trying to find the little world items to complete our story.

Blizzard is trying to cater for absolutely everyone. It doesn’t matter what tickles your fancy there will be hours worth of content to keep you engrossed in World Of Warcraft.

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