CCP‘s EVE Fanfest is an occasion renowned for it’s unabashed love of a good party.

Of course dev presentations, hands-on game demos and all that goodness are in evidence, but after all the business is done — and quite often during — the Reykjavik revelers like to imbibe a Herculean amount of booze and let their hair down.

As is often the case with a large concentration of inebriated folks, some things can get out of hand.

During the Fanfest Alliance Panel, Council of Stellar Management Chair Alexander “The Mittani” Gianturco decided to make an example of a “carebear” player by sharing an email with the attendees. The person who wrote the in-game email stated that he was going through a trying time in real-life and had been struggling with depression, to the point of suicidal thoughts.

The Mittani then asked those watching on the live stream and in his presence to send messages to the troubled individual,  to encourage him to commit suicide:

“Incidentally, if you do want to make that guy kill himself his name is…[details removed]. He has his own corp, find him.”

Many on the EVE forums have been rightly damning in their criticism of the CSM Chairman’s actions, others think that people are taking the incident too seriously. The Mittani himself is as diplomatic as ever. mmorpg eve online     Cyber Bully

The following was taken from his response on the EVE forums:

“It’s pretty funny that you have people watching a TV stream who have never been to Fanfest trying to wag their fingers and cluck as if this is Hello Kitty Online. This is EVE, and Fanfest is a drunken, shambolic revel – it always has been, if you’ve been to one.

Crying about people being drunk and partying at Fanfest is like crying about suicide ganking and nonconsensual PvP in the client itself.”

CCP has responded by unequivocally distancing themselves from any actions which could bring distress to players, the company is also launching a full investigation into the matter. CCP’s Ned Coker was quick to outline the EVE Online producer’s stance in a press release this morning:

“I want to reassure you that CCP in no way condones the harassment of players, especially those who suffer from depression or suicidal thoughts, as we understand the possible consequences of such abhorrent behavior.”

Though CCP have justly condemned such actions, it’s hard to see how the company can fully extricate itself from responsibility over the unfortunate incident. It was the CCP stage he was standing on while spewing such garbage, over a live stream broadcast worldwide.

Many people enjoy playing the role of arch-villain in games, but some need to be reminded that it is only acceptable up to a point.
The video of the panel can be seen below. Warning: It contains a lot of profanity and subject matter that is considered Mature.
The Mittani speaks around the 1 hour 8 minute mark. His encouragement to send messages happens around the 1 hour 12 minute point.

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A veteran MMO player of over 13 years, Scott is a writer, editor and educator with a passion for gaming. He can be found smiling blankly over his guardian in Guild Wars2, lane running in League of Legends, or pulling off audacious headshots in Battlefield 3. Scott is Editor In Chief for ZAM and a regular co-host on GuildCast.
  • john-scar

    guys a douche bag

  • Tom 紳

    Some people are douchebags, but then again, giving him attention is exactly what he wants. Fuck drama. Just ignore idiots like this guy.

  • Tony Golightly

    heh, i wouldn’t be surprised if CCP decides to remove this user’s account… news like this wouldn’t make me want to try their game.

    actualy i was thinking of trying eve… but if i have to deal with this guy, i’d rather not play. 

    • Andy Hoffman

      Unfortunately, The Mittani can not be banned. It would be cause more drama than any other event in EVE history. If you don’t play, you have no idea how much weight this guy pulls.

      • H S

         no one is worth the public outlash CCP would get if they don’t. With their new 514 game coming, they can’t afford not to boot him for good.

  • Jason Caswell

    Aren’t there special case laws that would result in rather serious consequences resulting from this sort of crap?  Not to mention the privacy violation that dick pulled.

    • Mattias_B

      It was his in-game e-mail (not that any e-mail is illegal to obtain). What he chose to share with The Mittani was completely voluntary and not subject to any laws. 

      • Jason Caswell

        I was referring to the douchebag that shared the victim’s email.  Regardless, what he did was promote harassment which is, in itself, a form of harassment.  I would love to see him slapped with some real legal consequences for this, but sadly, that’s not likely to happen.

  •ørgen-Helgø/541695917 Nils Jørgen Helgø

    Having played eve for a while on and off over the years. And being more or less a carebear I’ve had to deal with all sorts off griefers off various calibers. Until today I have never seen this kind off behavior from a EVE player. That don’t mean that’s there are other immature turds out there in the eve player base. But from my experience, players acting like this do not represent the majority off the playerbase.

  • 7BitBrian

    The Mittani has always been a jackass that makes the Eve Community look bad. He makes forum trolls look tame. Wish He would stop crying wolf and follow through with his threats to quit the game.

    Here’s a hint; we wont miss you budy, someone elsevwill take over goons or their territory and the game will move on without missing a beat.

    Ignore his ego, necause that’s all this and all his stunts are ever about.

  • Ricardo Velez

    If the kid actually commits suicide than this guy will go to jail. And then after that he will release a letter saying he doesn’t condone suicide.

    • Mattias_B

      Luckily free speech wouldn’t allow that. Sadly it has to go both ways, but in perspective this is sensational reporting. Just here to drive views.

      •ørgen-Helgø/541695917 Nils Jørgen Helgø

        Free speech does not cover going on-line and telling someone to basically go kill themselves. There are certain limits. Which is also clearly dictated by law in any country with a government that contains at least half a functional brain among them.

      • H S

         free speech doesn’t mean you are free from it’s consequences.

        • Mattias_B

          This is a line from “The Wis’s” blog where he is venting after just having started using a new anti-depressant. It’s a blog-post mostly directed at his ex-wife. (Also note this was a while ago and he haven’t taken the post down, just explained in a later post why it got written)

          – It was the same arguments over nothing really that pushed you to poison yourself. All these are my fault.

          They both seem to be doing fine btw so you all can relax.

          So because there probably won’t be any consequences then it’s no longer illegal? Not that is my whole point, without the proper intent and action why should we classify it as a crime?

          • H S

             LOL, havent read some of the cyber laws lately. CCP will have no choice but to come down hard on this clown. Strike that, sociopath, otherwise they could be open to retaliation.

          • Mattias_B

            No you misunderstand. This is a quote from the harassed persons blog. If you really are going to apply eye for an eye as a bullying law, he got what was coming to him, if what he wrote that he’d put his wife through is true.

            If it is true of course, we can’t know, and making news out of one e-mail sent after the person have just lost several billion isk has about the same validity.

          • William Martin

             AND letting this slide does nothing to stop actual cyber bullying. This may be nothing, we can only speculate, but one day (has there have already been many in the past) someone will be driven too far and end their life. How many red flags have to wave around frantically slapping you in the face to get the hint that there might be a problem and the community should take preemptive measures to make sure it doesn’t get to that point.

            Im not saying dont screw people over in EVE or completely change the community, envoirnment, etc of the game. If thats what gets you your entertainment then so be it, but you cant actually sit here and condone cyber bullying. If the facts arent straight here and an investigation proves so then so be it, he is clear of charges. BUT that does not change the message of my point that this is something you have to watch out for and not take lightly and also shouldnt be condoned.

      • William Martin

         If the harassed player does commit suicide he and all those who e-mailed
        him will be held accountable for bullying and will be charged with
        manslaughter. There have already been incidents where people have done things of this nature of facebook leading to suicides and those people get arrested, and go to jail. I wonder how well his little punk ass would do in prison.

        •ørgen-Helgø/541695917 Nils Jørgen Helgø

           He’d be someone’s bitch in minutes.

        • Vladislav Perge

          It was not e-mail, it was EVE Mail. Everything happened in-game and guy just got scammed and now he tried to beg his way back.

        • Mattias_B

          There are plenty of acquittals as well as guilty verdicts, sadly the law can never really agree with itself since people never interpret it that same from case to case. On the guilty verdicts it’s usually a very very serious case with not only bullying standing as single charge.

        • H S

           In prison, we would call him the bunkmuffin.

  • Moramie

    This is not about community looking bad. If someone really has depression the smallest thing can make them take the next step. Imagine if anything happens to the person in question.

  • Mizzick

    “mildly insensitive” lol

  • H S

    This guy must be the byproduct of a Rush Limbaugh sperm donation.

  • Xilmar

    Guess that’s what something awful for ya. Having flown with him in the past, I know it was just epic goon trolling, nothing more.
    His problem was that people outside his alliance heard it and got offended and started feeding the troll. He’s an idiot and should be taken off the CSM, but primarily for other reasons.

    Like mr. Hawkes mentioned, he’s one of the best leaders in eve and more than half of the large battles and territorial warfare people heard over the last 2 years are because of him. Inside the game, inside his community, he’s a very good player. For fanfest, the csm and all that, he’s a bad influence.

    • get

      Bullshit. The possitive changes you’ve seen in the past few months have been a direct result of of his chairmanship of the CMS. You’re an idiot if you think otherwise.

      • Xilmar

        Yeah, i’ve seen the propaganda posters…they were pretty good, a lot better than last years

        The changes happened because people left the game last summer. You can’t honestly believe that the senior producer of EVE stepped down because of Mittens.

        I’m sure he and other on the CSM had some involvement once the heads of CCP made the decision to switch. Putting one of their 3 titles on a back burner and reorganizing the way they develop EVE internally, that’s not something for the CSM or anyone lower than “chief”.

  • Feyd Darkholme

    One of the several good reasons that I quit EVE after several years is because it not only allows but encourages sociopaths like this to flourish in their game. It’s not about being a man and hardcore PvP it’s about being a person that doesn’t deserve to breath the same air as me in real life. The fact that Mittani not only leads one of the most reviled corps/alliances in any MMORPG but he was “elected” to represent the player base of EVE?  This guy and his ilk are not douchebags, no that is an insult to douchebags. They are sociopaths that need to be locked up or otherwise removed from the gene pool… and no, I have never had any run-ins with Goon Swarm that have been personal. People that get off on this sort of thing have no business playing what is supposed to be a social game. In real life we medicate them and lock them in a room, which at the very least is where this person belongs…

    •ørgen-Helgø/541695917 Nils Jørgen Helgø

      Actually, the game is very much about hardcore pvp, but its also about politics, even down to the underhanded behind closed doors kind. Yes, this also has the side effect off people with asshole attitudes can flourish. But I think its safe to say that what he expressed on the csm panel, and his attitude towards the whole situation it has created, there aren’t alot off eve players that will support. By all means stick it to the guy, hell I’d join you if I thought it would do any good, but don’t pull his attitude and opinions down on the head off the community as a whole.

      • Feyd Darkholme

         I know exactly what EVE is, I played it from 2003 until 2011 and participated heavily in a large 0.0 alliance for several of those years. I even flew with Seleene AND against him early in my career. I have seen more examples of the type of attitude Mittani displayed here in EVE over those years than I can possibly count. I know that not everyone in EVE is like that, otherwise I wouldn’t have played the game for so long. However, a large enough portion is just as sociopathic as he is, and is allowed to flourish in the game especially as time has gone on. I know that for the most part trolling is taken as harmless, but it’s an insidious thing and I am always wary of people that like to take it to those extremes. That having been said, EVE is an extreme because it’s playerbase is fairly small compared to some theme park games, and there are still far more good people playing EVE than people like Mittani. I can’t really say the same about say, the player-base of WoW. There are just far less opportunities to REALLY be a douchebag in a game like WoW.

        • Feyd Darkholme

           Just to clarify, by saying “it’s not about hardcore PvP…” I was referring to the type of behavior that Mittani exhibits, not about EVE in general. Saying that that is just how it is in EVE is just an excuse to act that way and it does not excuse anything. It’s about being a sociopath and trying to justify it with role-play or by saying that it’s just a game…

          • Buddah Cjcc

             I agree with this guy. CCP should take a look at their playerbase. This should be a wake up call. Imagine what it would have been like to have one of those D&D style unbalanced sick people finding The Wiz and going after him IRL rather than in the game, looking for kills.
            It happens for less reasons all the time.

  • Hoigwai

    He would be just as culpable as everyone who mailed the individual, if this person did commit suicide.

    That said, Alexander “The Mittani” Gianturco is clearly a waste of oxygen.

  • ChimericThought

     When a carebear loses all their stuff you get all kinds of responses, a lot of the time you’ll get a guilt trip evemail from them to return all their stuff or a pitiful request to ignore them the next time you see them in local or some other BS, that’s not how EVE is, its a PvP game first and foremost.  Its survival of the best-fitted and everyone learns that within the first 24 hours of playing.

    The truth be told you gradually ignore those types of things because its blatent self-indulgence of a carebear, not even a carbear most of the time, people just get too comfortable playing their own way in EVE and when they get blown up and can’t adapt it seems you get pitiful responses as seen here.  

    The thing that bugs me most is that everyone in EVE knows about Goonswarm, everyone, even the non-english players, to send them an evemail like that is baiting.  If CCPGames really does investigate and finds a 15 year old laughing his ass off, I won’t be surprised, but I may just be a bitter vet.  

    Everyone has all gone off on their injustice rants, but this isn’t actually news until we know something of the real life circumstances of the player.

  • Vladislav Perge

    Mittani just gave them his EVE Character name. I see no problem with that on a law side of things. Also his mail never mentioned suicidal thoughts – he just said “to leave this game” :D Am I wrong? I watched 2 times the panel.

    •ørgen-Helgø/541695917 Nils Jørgen Helgø

      There’s more to this than what solely happened on the stream. And suggesting people mail someone else suggesting that person go kill himself. Sorry, not covered by law. And I’m not even bringing the moral or ethical implications off this into the picture.

  • Darkfire124

    I would love to see someone hack this guy’s account, delete his toons and see how much of a tantrum he throws.

    • Mattias_B

      He’d buy another character or just quit? A hacked account isn’t un-common in this game, especially not when you’re controlling as much power as he is. It’s even how they defeated “Band of Brothers”, their biggest adversary. 

  • Mattias_B

    -“…possibly The Mittani himself” from the video isn’t accurate as you can clearly hear Alexander describing what someone else did to this guy.

    -“.. suffered from depression and even suicidal thoughts” Also not true, at no point is any of this mentioned in the e-mail. In the same sentence that he says “All I want to do is die” he also refers to that he’s been doing that a lot, in-game.

    Seriously this is like FOX News level of making stuff up.

    Just so you can chill out a bit and get some perspective (mainly the hosts who don’t really seem to have done any research). This is the “suicidal” persons blog “thewis.posterous (dot) com”. He seems to be doing just fine.

  • Sk33tsk33t

    Did you guys actually watch this video?  The Mittani read a mail of some guy crying about losing his ships to them in THEIR space!  Nowhere in that mail does he say he is going to commit suicide and it sounds like a typical crying carebear who was trying to get rich mining with no consequence.

    This guy was either:

    A.  Trying to create a guilt trip so they would leave him alone or,

    B. Retarded.  What kind of person who has been playing EvE for so long to have 23 accounts and mines in low security or 0.0 space thinking he could do so without being ganked?  You need friends in this game if you want to live outside the safety net of high security.  He WOULD know this having played the game more than a month.

    People in this thread should know the facts about EvE.  Your report on this makes The Mittani seem like a bad guy but he is just making fun of a carebear.  Moral of the story to newcomers… stay in high sec and mine if you don’t want trouble, otherwise bring some friends to protect your ass.  EvE is hard.

  • Khanhrhh

    Watch the fucking video, guys.

    He never said he was depressed.

    He never said he was having suicidal thoughts.

    He said “lately all I want to do is die, and I have been doing that a lot in this game”

    Mittens never said to “drive him to suicide” – he said “If you want to drive the guy to kill himself, here he is..”

    Which was said after the presentation, in jest.

  • Sk33tsk33t

    Yeah for real Mike and Scott… for shame.  Get your facts straight.

  • Khanhrhh

    Watch the fucking video, guys.
    He never said he was depressed.

    He never said he was having suicidal thoughts.

    He said “lately all I want to do is die, and I have been doing that a lot in this game”

    Mittens never said to “drive him to suicide” – he said “If you want to drive the guy to kill himself, here he is..”

    Which was said after the presentation, in jest.

    • iamthemikeb

      I just want to quote you on this..
      Mittens never said to “drive him to suicide” – he said “If you want to drive the guy to kill himself, here he is..”

      • Mattias_B

        Think you missed the important part of his post though

        Which was said after the presentation, in jest. 

        Also that’s a post in a comment board. I’d think all the factual errors in your own pundit video would humble you a bit. 

        [21:10:18] Xeross155 > Heya[21:10:22] The Wis > Hello[21:10:29] Xeross155 > Getting swarmed with interviews I can imagine[21:10:50] The Wis > No why?[21:11:57] Xeross155 > With this BS and all —–link—–[21:12:21] Xeross155 > Pretty sure the name Mittani called out was “The Wis”[21:12:31] The Wis > Oh I will have to check that out.. What is going on?[21:12:58] Xeross155 > You sent him a mail when you got scammed and your Mackinaws destroyed or smth[21:13:41] Xeross155 > Or at least one of his alliance mates[21:14:13] The Wis > Could have.. been a long time. Might have been when they had the safe mining offer when you guys were doing your anti ice thing.[21:15:08] The Wis > I did have someone ask me if I was ok.. Becouse he said that I had killed myself afterwards and he thought it was funny.. I did not see it so I have no clue what was said.[21:15:52] Xeross155 > Basically some idiots are all butthurt and are calling for him to step down from CSM and ****[21:16:51] Xeross155 > Basically, enjoy your 5 minutes of fame, multiple gaming press websites are putting the story up[21:16:58] Xeross155 > Leaving out your name though[21:16:59] Xeross155 > one sec[21:19:54] The Wis > Well I am not sure what is going on.. I know I have had some people say I should put a pentition in. Witch I have not. Since I have not seen the video or anything. But that would also explain why the goons are moving into my system now and starting[21:19:57] The Wis > ganking here.[21:24:54] Xeross155 > —-link…….[21:26:17] Xeross155 > That’s basically the snippet that people are upset about for some reason[21:29:34] Xeross155 > Anyway, CCP is doing an internal audit and **** about it, 3 game news websites have reported it so far, basically tagging it cyber-bullying[21:30:50] The Wis > Ok.. Well that is nice. Hmm.. wait.. If i do kill my self they might arrest him and prosicute him since he is in the US.. That would really be bad for him.[21:31:01] The Wis > Just kidding of course but a thought.[21:31:20] The Wis > Fly safe. I have real life stuff to do now.. ANd to watch for goons in system.. Fun Fun. 


        That’s just some guy, did you guys even talk to him? Or try to find his blog?

        “Bad taste” itself isn’t news, unless you consider for example UKs The Guardian or FOX News, news. 

        If your going for a discussion at least get your quotes right. I did react when I was listening to his presentation during the weekend and maybe it was a little bit in bad taste but none of those things makes me right, or allows me to take offence, so I didn’t and moved on. I’ve been bullied plenty in my life but never in a million years would I consider me being bullied as news, and even if I might get hung up on something someone says that still doesn’t mean I’m right.

        Free-speech demands bullies or we might as well outlaw Religion while we’re at it, a 1800 year old book deciding someones morals, now that’s bad taste.

        • Feyd Darkholme

           I am the last person that derives his moral compass from religion of any sort but that is not really the point. Knowing the difference between right and wrong is simply something that any sane, rational, ethical and empathetic human being just understands instinctually. Being harassed and bullied to that degree, in real life AND in a social game is not something to be taken lightly and it is not acceptable behavior from anyone. The fact that you people think that being like this to other human beings is perfectly fine and normal speaks volumes about what direction your moral compass points…

    • Connor Grogan

      Pubbies bashing on Goons bro. Just laugh

  • Frank Walters

    All I see is sad group of people trying to act as lawyers, interpreting this guys words. “Oh he never said he was suicidal, he just said `all he wants to do is die’ get your facts straight.”  

    Suicide means to kill oneself, saying “all i want to do is die” is exactly having suicidal thoughts.

    The fact that you think you have some sort of valid argument regarding this matter is pathetic.

  • Kendal Erickson

    Really?  Because we voted for him we must all just be terrible people who support this?

    Have you considered that maybe we voted for him because he’s actually done a lot to really improve EVE as a game? No, instead you’re just coming in on this for easy views and sensationalism.  He messed up, we all know it, but don’t paint EVE players in a bad light because of it.

  • Deathstar2x

    0:57:30 Alexander “The Mittani” Gianturco speaks.

    Hope this helps.

    • Deathstar2x

       1:11:30 for the 23-accounts-person.

  • Englisheart

    After seeing this vid I am real happy I could not get past the overwhelming entertainment that is the eve tutorial.

  • rhastia

    Regardless of the exact wording used, the message sender clearly indicated a desire to die. Unfortunately, its impossible to infer the sender’s intent behind the message, so one has to take it at face value.

    The Mittani then gave out the sender’s contact info and suggested that people tell him to kill himself. That is bullying at the very least (whether in jest or not), and indeed identifies the Mittani as a sociopath. Were the message sender to actually kill himself, there would be serious repercussions for the Mittani.

    In my opinion, no matter how influential he is in game, this poorly thought out attempt at humor will have more of a detriment for CCP in the long run if they don’t do something more than denounce him.

  • Revanhavoc

    There is a great deal of
    offense to be taken from all over the world. One could lose oneself in rhetoric
    and mistake it as cruelty just as easily as one could mistake kindness for an
    act of sanctimonious superiority.


    I find it hard to equate this
    incident to the case most recent in my memory, of the college boy in the US who was
    filmed during an intimate encounter with another man on webcam. The resulting
    embarrassment caused the young boy to commit suicide some time later. The
    person who filmed it was a roommate and was in fact found guilty of several
    charges including invasion of privacy. This is an example of a form of bullying
    that resulted in suicide.


    Back to case at hand. I would
    have to agree that it was inappropriate to release a private e-mail to the
    masses, return address included.


    I also have to comment on the inappropriate
    nature of how this conversation seems to be framed. There is no place for
    encouraging others to commit suicide – in fact it is illegal in many countries,
    however next time someone decided to spill their guts and deep inner problems
    to notoriously harsh Game Developers, hoping in the end for special treatment,
    perhaps they will think twice. There are vast resources available, and many of
    them free of charge, to those who need advice about their life issues, or just
    need to talk – how about people in real life being #1. on the list.


    We don’t know a damn thing
    about this anonymous supposedly suicidal player. And I’m not sorry for saying
    this although some might not want to hear it: the problems going on in your
    life don’t EARN you special treatment.


    This is a problem with
    entitlement in today’s generation. How about people start getting up off their
    asses and start doing something with themselves, not using fake feelings as
    excuses to lose themselves in fake games and then make up more fake excuses to
    get special treatment from fake people like that guy in the video, who
    obviously thinks he is way cooler than his reflection would care to admit.


    I don’t think there is any
    room for bullying or cruelty to one’s fellow man or woman.


    That said, I don’t think there
    is any room for the kind of pretentious grandstanding that is going on in the
    above article and some comments below.


    We don’t even know all the
    facts, we just pull quotes, and the next thing you know we are running the
    Travon Martin case on CNN and condemning another man without due process or a
    fair trial.


    Let’s all just cool our heels,
    and try not to take so many things offensively. There are many greater battles
    to be fought – real kids with real issues, and no one, I mean no one, is
    printing news stories about the real plights, like hunger, education, violence.
    We are stuck in suburbia on bullies…


    I understand that Scott and
    Mike B want to bring attention to the issue of bullying and suicide.


    Well I say this: let’s focus on
    that. Let’s have a discussion about that. The above story can set the stage but
    how far it’s being taken is dilutive nonsense.




  • Naseem Shanbour


  • Buddah Cjcc

    I lol at stuff like this when ppl say Goons arent sociopaths, cause theyre just players like everyone else…. right?

  • Buddah Cjcc

    It IS kinda funny though, he is resigning CSM6… he got voted in on CSM7 with his 10k so yeah… BIG, HUGE sacrifice on his part right? And I like his apology. So sincere, my ass. He’s sincerely sorry he got in trouble

  • Buddah Cjcc

    Also; if Mittens DOES get banned, the Goons will WRECK the game

  • ChimericThought

    To follow up on this.

    The Mittani has privately apologized to the individual, publicly made an apology, sent his
    entire wallet to the individual in question (over 10 billion ISK) and
    resigned his chairman position before CCP had made a decision.

    Cyber bullying described under law
    and/or government policy is what happens between youth, both
    individuals involved were adults. As such the proper term is

    EuroGamer article was written after
    Goonswarm (the Alliance for which The Mittani is leader) enemies sent out letters to the press about the alliance
    panel, about what the Mittani said and pointing out that he is the chairman of the CSM.

    CCP has banned the Mittani for 30 days
    for breaking the Terms of Service, even though what he said was said
    outside of the game. Ganking players is allowed, its a core mechanic
    of EVE, so ‘killing’ players in game is allowed, putting players in a
    position where they need to suicide their own character, is allowed.
    What was not allowed was the harassing language, that is a violation
    of the Terms of Service.

    The governing white paper of the CSM
    states that no banned individual is eligible for the CSM. The
    Mittani is no longer eligible for CSM 7. The Mittani can run again
    for CSM 8 next year if he so chooses. Of the 40 candidates, The
    Mittani had won with 10,058 votes in the election, 17% of voters.

    On EVE-Radio last night (Mar 30), DJ FunkyBacon
    said he had been in contact with the individual, he is alive and still playing EVE. We
    also found out he never sent a petition to CCP over this to report
    the Mittani or anyone about any harassment at the time of the
    original incident or afterwards.

    DJ FunkyBacon also reported that the
    individual had all of his accounts banned, CCP had been in contact
    with him to try to get him to rename his character and move to
    another region. This is unverified, it may be CCP’s policy to do
    such when an individual in game is being targeted with harassment.

    Brendan “Nyphur” Drain from
    Massively was on the EVE-Radio program and apologized to the Mittani
    for his inflammatory tagging of his article and the fact that pairing
    the Mittani’s real life name to the term cyber bullying. (Which may
    be defamation of character, but I’m no lawyer)  Both the Mittani and Mr. Drain said this incident resulted in some press coverage that unjustifiably labeled the EVE community as a whole as assholes, which is blatantly false.

  • Bob Saget

    ty, I guess my decision has been made. Mittani gets my vote. In fact , CCP owes him some money for all the free publicity they’re getting, because after all, there is no such thing as bad PR.

  • jtab

    this Alex guy has the words ‘cyber-bully’ erased from his articles. not to mention his apology if followed by tons of posts like “WE LOVE YOU MITTINS” and “YOU DID NOTHING WRONG.”

    I find it PATHETIC and bullies have this support system that enables them to ABUSE people relentlessly without consequence. Alex got a thirty day band and resigned as chairman of whatever? not good enough. This is cyber-bullying at it’s worst and Alex deserves fucking jail time for assault and abuse.

    CYBER-BULLYING IS NOT ACCEPTABLE IN ANYWAYS. There is NO WAY to make up for it. it’s disgusting that people are protecting this scumbag, spineless piece of shit. IMO, Alex should kill himself because the world is a much better place without bully-kings who sit on their throne and get to treat people however they want without consequence. I’m glad this is on video; now there will be good evidence to present to congressmen and lawmakers about this behavior, and maybe new laws can be implemented to ever stop this from happening again.