Patch 5.1 has brought several updates to the Darkmoon Faire, most notable of which is a free buff that grants a 10% increase in reputation and XP gain, simply from riding the carousel at the Darkmoon Faire. The buff received for riding the carousel is called WHEE!, and the duration ramps up and up towards 1 hour as you ride the carousel for longer and longer. 1 hour’s buff takes about 30 seconds to build up.

In order to get onto the Carousel you need to obtain a book of tickets from Kai Te, who can be found by the entrance tent. These cost 49 silver for a book of 5, and should not be mistaken for the almost identical Darkmoon Prize Ticket, which is used to buy mounts and pets. Once past Kai Te and the requirement for a ticket, the player only needs to be near the carousel itself to get the buff to stack.

If you mount one of the carousel’s mounts, and are unable to dismount, simply type /leavevehicle into chat.

Apart from the carousel, there have been a few other adjustments. A Darkmoon Pet Battle daily has been added, which awards Sack of Pet Supplies, and has a low chance to drop the rare Darkmoon Eye battle pet. The Darkmoon Glowfly and Crow can be captured simply by battling them wild on the island, and the Darkmoon Hatchling is purchaseable with Darkmoon Prize Tickets.