The latest dev blog from CCP  — as noted by our good friends at Massively  — covers the forthcoming first-person shooter set in the EVE Online universe. Dust 514 is an intriguing attempt to blend together different games on separate platforms into one universe.

The new blog concerns the weapons being developed for the sci-fi shooter. For example, the Minmatar personal auto-cannon has all the usual bleeding-edge, sci-fi cool mixed with gritty practicality that you would expect from EVE Online. Nevertheless, its most interesting facet is how — for the developers — it turned the heavy dropsuit from a lumbering anti-vehicle operator into a more responsive, flexible threat.

There are things about Dust 514 that puzzle me — its initial PS3 launch exclusivity for starters — but it’s hard to deny that the CCP art designers do beautiful work.

If Dust‘s gameplay can match its looks, CCP could have a gem on their hands.