Looks Like Bethesda Has Answered It’s Console Fanbase

It seems all of us that watched Sony’s E3 2013 Press Conference live got hit with a “Fus Ro Dah” to the face! Who would have thought the Bethesda Softworks would be partnering up with Sony and Microsoft to release The Elder Scrolls Online for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4!

That’s right, Sony randomly dropped this news in it’s conference in addition to revealing a new gameplay trailer. Now pay attention to this bit. A bit after the reveal, Bethesda released a post on their site that they will be releasing ESO on the next gen consoles (PS4, Xbone), PC and Mac for Spring 2014. At last! We finally have a specific date range. It’d be nice if they gave us a specific date but hey, I’ll take what I can get!

Game Director for The Elder Scrolls Online Matt Firor said that “We are thrilled to bring this game to consoles, in addition to the PC and Mac. It’s something our fans have been requesting since we first announced the title, and something our team is excited to offer. Everyone will be able to play The Elder Scrolls Online the way they want to play”. So it looks like that Bethesda doesn’t want to exclude it’s console player base by offering an alternative that’s accessible for them. Let’s be honest, on average, console players usually don’t have the greatest PC on hand.

Although I like the idea opening more options for your fan base, I’m an MMO player. I expected to play ESO on a PC and most definitely will if I pick it up. Since ESO is similar to past Elder Scrolls gameplay (from what I’ve seen at least), I can see it working on consoles somewhat but there will probably be an aspect of the game where a keyboard and mouse would be better.

So… No Sub Fee?

So after the announcement, this was the big question that began springing up in some people’s minds. At first we didn’t know if ESO will have a subscription fee or not. This was when we thought ESO was just for PC. Now it seems the speculation, at the moment, that ESO be at the worst Buy to Play.

What do you make of all this? Do you think that it’s worth putting The Elder Scrolls Online on the next gen consoles? Let us know in the comments!

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  • INKS

    So push back, which I kinda figured. And now on consoles. Makes sense but from my understanding XBone and PS4 will have their own separate mega servers. meaning none of the platforms will even play together. Does this mean when there is a patch or DLC we have to wait for it to be ready on all platforms? That could be annoying.

    • Bob Dobalina

      Yes it is annoying. I’ll be skipping this one, even if it was F2P. This Massively post sums up my feelings precisely…

      Multi-platform has four major problems:

      1) Games are designed for the weakest system. Short clipping planes, low-poly models, lack of visual effects and customization, etc.

      2) Controller-based UI. Interfaces are designed for controllers–endless tiered menus, jumping confirmation boxes, and, as seen in Defiance, a severely lacking chat system which just kills social interaction.

      3) Console patch cycles. Instead of quick client patches to fix major problems or add content, PC players have to sit and wait through MS/Sony patch certification and accept that patches will be few and far between (both due to the certification and the cost).

      4) Segregated playerbase. You also see this in faction-based games, though to a lesser extent. Sony and Microsoft won’t let developers create cross-platform worlds/servers, so your playerbase gets chopped up into thirds. “Cool, you play Game_X too? Let’s group up! Oh, you’re on Xbox. Nevermind.”

      Simply put, consoles drag good PC MMOs down.

      • Mallareon

        This was designed for an above average pc first so the console ports would be downgraded to fit the system, also the new consoles run the same base architecture as above stated pc (give or take) so the porting process is much easier then the current gen consoles…if the server shards are seperate pc players wouldnt have to wait for MS/Sony to certify a patch. ESO also stated that the UI would be very minimal to keep the feel of old ES games, while not being completely controller friendly it was possible but better experiance being mouse/keyboard
        Ever heard of FF XI? that was multi platform when it launched pc/ps2 it ran great on both, pc version being supperior, in no way did that degrade the game. And it was quite a successful MMO, still running and I believe still sub based. The only thing I see holding the game back is the lack of cross platform and that I think is in part of the console patch cycles (I dont know how FFXI copes with that now its also on 360 and the upcoming release of rebooted FFXIV) and the style of massive pvp it will contain, as good as the new console specs look it will still rank lower then a high quality gaming rig (ES has a tendency to lag and load badly on consoles) it wouldnt comunicate well in that situation with 3 platforms the weakest systems would drag everyone down. Its bad enough in other pc games when you notice your lagging or someone else is since it still effects everyone. Its unlikly the consoles will drag this down people will play it for the system they want it gives people more choice thats all provided the servers were to stay seperate (unless they found a good high fuction way to group them without downgraded another platform experience), just sucks if some friends have xbox/ps4 version and cant play with the other or pc friends.
        Lots of worry for nothing IMO

        • Patrikules Vunderbar

          Exactly… Lots of worry for nothing.

          And uh…. the last what… 3 or so ES games were on consoles and pc… so because they said “MMO” they are supposed to ditch all their console fans? H – E – to the double hockey sticks no!

          Too many subjective not enough objective thinkers.

        • Senael

          You obviously didn’t play FFXI at all. You won’t find an active player that has subscribed the last 10 year that won’t give you a nasty rant about how the PS2 version held the game back. Updates were kept extremely far and few between with little added because of the limitations of the PS2 hard drive and the need for licensing from Sony. The game never received a graphical update because the original game engine was already pushing the limit of the PS2 and they weren’t about to give PC users an update just for them. The controls are the most asinine thing ever implemented into a video game. They originally designed it for the PS2 controller having people use a virtual keyboard for communication. The mouse and keyboard controls were a total after thought and never really worked well, especially the mouse. You wound up stubbornly learning to use the horrible keyboard controls anyways because you didn’t want to have to switch between game pad and keyboard every time you wanted to talk. Worst of all though it’s against the EULA to use any add-ons or mods what so ever because Square feels it gives PC users an unfair advantage so even though dedicated players have tried to fix the console limitations on their own to use these fixes puts your account at risk.

          I loved FFXI, the game could have been bigger then WoW if it wasn’t for the single retarded decision to bring MMOs to consoles. Worse then that Square didn’t even learn their lesson as they made all the same mistakes with FFXIV, giving us a horrible UI and controls with the PS3 in mind instead of PC like actual MMO players want. It was such a flop they are trying to re-release it but I hold no hope for it as they are again very focused on making the PS3 version happen.

          MMOs DO NOT BELONG ON CONSOLES! You are not a fan of this game type if you think consoles have a place. Go back to your action-adventure game if you’re stuck on being a console fan boy. Stop dumbing down our PC games.

  • Rasmus Nielsen

    All I can think of as I hear that Video, s that the narrator is Dumbledore…

    • Peter Fenwick

      Yes, it’s Michael Gambon. Well spotted :)

  • Miljan Stanojevic

    spring 2014…sad face

    • DoctorOverlord

      That is too bad but far better they push it back than release the game before it’s ready. I hope they take all the time they need.

      • Miljan Stanojevic

        well I have to agree on that, and I hope its gona be B2P

    • Jeremy Keat

      I wanted a good open world MMO that doesn’t play like WoW, having to wait that much longer is killer. Games like GW2, Neverwinter let me down in that they are still target limiting vs actual aiming and so on, gauging the distance and positioning being important whether ranged or melee. All other games that do a more “action combat” or what I like to call more physics emulating tend to have sucked in design or are still quite limited.


    • Jeremy Keat

      I wanted a good open world MMO that doesn’t play like WoW, having to wait that much longer is killer. Games like GW2, Neverwinter let me down in that they are still target limiting vs actual aiming and so on, gauging the distance and positioning being important whether ranged or melee. All other games that do a more “action combat” or what I like to call more physics emulating tend to have sucked in design or are still quite limited.


  • Patrikules Vunderbar

    There has been quite the gripe about having to pay a sub for TESO (if there is even going to be one). So I thought I’d look into how long I played and how much I payed in total for the previous ES games.

    Morrowind – $60 for the box, $30 – tribunal, $30 – bloodmoon ($120)
    Oblivion – $60 for the box, $30 – Shivering Isles, $25 – Knights of the Nine ($120)
    Skyrim – $60 for the box, $20 -Dragonborn, $20 – Dawnguard, $5 – hearthfire ($105)

    The three of those games I played for less than a year racking up over 600 hours of played time each.

    Typically subscriptions for MMO’s can run you anywhere from $120 – $180 depending on your payment plan. Include the box price and you’re looking at a $180 – $240 investment for your first year of playing. Assuming you are playing the game for a full year. And we all know played time in MMO’s just goes through the roof.

    In conclusion, there is very little difference in price per days played between the DLC of the older games and a subscription plan for the new one. Except with a subscription plan you choose when you pay. Example: TESO has been out for about 6 months, they’ve added quite a bit of content since release and you purchase the game and start your sub. That is almost like getting dawnguard for free while just buying the game.

    So just think about how much you are willing to pay, and how much you are going to play.

    • Dularr

      Won’t this make for an interesting multi-player/MMO.

      If you assume, the typical MMO player will play an MMO for years. How many and how often will they have to release DLC for this game. Will they get to a point of saying, no more DLC for ESO?

      Then the big question is when Bethesda releases the next chapter in the single player Elder Scrolls series, will the hardcore ES fan abandon ESO to play the new single player content. (play surprised chipmunk video)

      • Techkey1

        very good point. let just hope that TESO will have mmo aspects that will keep the mmo’er sustained.

      • Patrikules Vunderbar

        That depends on what bethesda wants to do with the series. If TESO is a success, why not produce the next chapter as an expansion?

        The biggest thing I can see helping out TESO and the future of ES in general would be if they made them playable offline. I think that opens more doors than it closes. Kind of like Diablo 2 but on consoles as well as pc/mac.

  • Michael

    I think it will still have a sub.

  • Dularr

    Gameplay footage seems to be all multi-player.

  • Magnar Moland

    Looking good;)

  • Sally Bowls

    I was always puzzled at the thought that any MMO would require a sub. Those days are gone.

    Does the benefit of more people playing the game make up for the downside of crossplatform development? At least they can’t have a “needs a naga” combat system if it is going to play on a console.

    /rant I seriously take issue with your “It’d be nice if they gave us a specific date” Have you no experience with software development? What if they said “8 AM April 15, 2014″ They do not even know what features will be in the game. They know the currently planned features, effort and ship date but reality will turn out differently. It’s not that they won’t tell you the date, it’s that they can’t.

  • Quiet

    So in other words, ESO is going to be dumbed down in gameplay depth, combat, chat and partying mechanics, and will have terrible UI menus so that console gamers can play too? Man, I am so excited.

  • Ravenstorm

    Dumbledore lives ! I heard im speak just now.

  • Jason Quinn

    This is barely a gameplay video, don’t call it gameplay if there are less than 10 seconds total of first or third person footage.

    • Dularr

      Yep, waiting to hear from the folks who get hands-on at E3. I’m hoping we get video of the gameplay, along with the commentary.

      If the Gamebreaker hosts get more hands-on time with the game, but they leave without video of their gameplay or sample gameplay, I just don’t see the point of them talking about gameplay during TWIMMO. (Yes, I understand the problems shows are having with Youtube.)

  • Bebo

    So pushed back to 2014 /shock horror
    A lot of us said it would need to be pushed back if they stood any chance of releasing a game that could live up to the hype.
    Ever since that leaked footage, it’s gone backwards.
    At least this way, the hype won’t be anywhere near what Gbtv would have continued to make it.
    Whoever you were Mr/s leaker, I thank you.

  • tony

    as far is I am concerned there can be no subscription fee on console’s as your ps+ or xboxgold is meant to cover you for all your online gaming