Looks Like Bethesda Has Answered It’s Console Fanbase

It seems all of us that watched Sony’s E3 2013 Press Conference live got hit with a “Fus Ro Dah” to the face! Who would have thought the Bethesda Softworks would be partnering up with Sony and Microsoft to release The Elder Scrolls Online for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4!

That’s right, Sony randomly dropped this news in it’s conference in addition to revealing a new gameplay trailer. Now pay attention to this bit. A bit after the reveal, Bethesda released a post on their site that they will be releasing ESO on the next gen consoles (PS4, Xbone), PC and Mac for Spring 2014. At last! We finally have a specific date range. It’d be nice if they gave us a specific date but hey, I’ll take what I can get!

Game Director for The Elder Scrolls Online Matt Firor said that “We are thrilled to bring this game to consoles, in addition to the PC and Mac. It’s something our fans have been requesting since we first announced the title, and something our team is excited to offer. Everyone will be able to play The Elder Scrolls Online the way they want to play”. So it looks like that Bethesda doesn’t want to exclude it’s console player base by offering an alternative that’s accessible for them. Let’s be honest, on average, console players usually don’t have the greatest PC on hand.

Although I like the idea opening more options for your fan base, I’m an MMO player. I expected to play ESO on a PC and most definitely will if I pick it up. Since ESO is similar to past Elder Scrolls gameplay (from what I’ve seen at least), I can see it working on consoles somewhat but there will probably be an aspect of the game where a keyboard and mouse would be better.

So… No Sub Fee?

So after the announcement, this was the big question that began springing up in some people’s minds. At first we didn’t know if ESO will have a subscription fee or not. This was when we thought ESO was just for PC. Now it seems the speculation, at the moment, that ESO be at the worst Buy to Play.

What do you make of all this? Do you think that it’s worth putting The Elder Scrolls Online on the next gen consoles? Let us know in the comments!