The Elder Scrolls Online Showcases The Aldmeri Dominion

The second part of the Aldmeri Dominion “Ask Us Anything” info dump is now up on The Elder Scrolls Online‘s site, and while it doesn’t have anything quite as juicy as the first installment — cannibals, yo! — it does have a few game-affecting details in addition to plenty of lore material.

New players in the Dominion won’t be starting in a major city, but rather on an island called Kharnathi’s Roost, off the south coast of Tamriel. And the faction’s leader, the recently introduced Queen Ayrenn, seems the type to take an active hand in conflicts, meaning you’ll almost certainly interact, if not fight alongside, her at points.

As for the Dominion itself, described as “racist authoritarians,” those impressions will also be dulled somewhat — at least if you ask a member of the Dominion. And you’ll probably be able to get your hands on some skooma, you druggie, you, if you can get your hands on some unrefined moon sugar from the khajiiti province of Elsweyr.

If you’re a lore fanatic, check out the whole post, and send ZeniMax Online your questions about the next faction to be put under the microscope, the Daggerfell Covenant.