Elder Scrolls Online UI To Be Minimal, ZeniMax Says

Another day, another interview with the Elder Scrolls Online design team.

The latest one comes from Lead Gameplay Designer Nick Konkle, who dives into the UI and hotbar of the game. Exciting stuff!

Seriously, Konkle says that the goals of ZeniMax Online‘s design team is to create a world in “which I look at the world, not at my hotbar. Not at numbers that are flying up.”

Game Director Matt Firor also says TESO has a smaller interface, designed to “make it very accessible to the player who’s only experienced the console versions of The Elder Scrolls.”

An interesting take when you consider that TESO won’t be launching on consoles.

Minimalist hotbar design does seem to be all the rage these days, as indicated by several newer games, like Guild Wars 2 and The Secret World. However, one commenter seems to hit the nail on the head in summarizing why long-standing Elder Scrolls fans are dissatisfied with what they’ve heard about TES Online so far:

Alternately, you could, I dunno, not even have a hotbar… y’know, like how the actual TES games did it? *sigh*