An EVE Revenant Supercarrier downed on combat is the most expensive ship destroyed to date.

Some time late last night a member of the EVE corporation Habitual Euthanasia (alliance Pandemic Legion) lost his Revenant Supercarrier in a battle with members of Black Legion. For those of you wondering why this might be a big deal, the Revenant Supercarrier is an ultra-rare faction ship.  In fact, according the description on the YouTube video there were only three of these ships in game before the battle.

The loss of the ship is estimated to be somewhere between 280B and 330B ISK, which equates to around $8,000+ in US dollars. (For those of you who don’t follow EVE, ISK is easily convertible to real money due to CCP’s use of Plex. Therefore, in-game items do have a real-world value. **Note: My phrasing on this seems to have confused several people so while I won’t change it. I will explain: Isk is not intended to be traded back into cash, but you can do the math — “conversions” — to figure out what ISK equals in real money due to its relationship with PLEX. Therefore, in technical terms it is convertible to real money — mathematically.**) According to the kill-report on the total monetary loss between the ship and items contained within tallies out at 309,030,412,238 ISK with 290B of that being the ship alone.

So what happened?

Well, it’s a bit hard to tell at present, but listening to the Soundcloud file (provided below - WARNING very harsh language and comments) of Pandemic Legion’s communication after the event, it seems that several of Pandemic’s people had received a call to go help someone and complied. Whether this was a trap or just something that worked out to the advantage of Black Legion hasn’t been made clear as of yet, but there is question as to why anyone would risk taking such an expensive and rare ship into a potentially lethal situation.

That said, most EVE players know that simply logging in and leaving dock is risky and potentially costly. And there’s not a lot of point to having a ship that you can never fly. Where’s the fun in that? The only thing you can do is be as careful as possible and assess each situation to determine if it’s worth using the ship you’re thinking about taking. And… Not surprisingly. You’re not always going to be right.

Reddit link too!

Since I found out about this on r/games, I thought I’d drop the link here for you guys so that those of you interested can check in on the comments and see if any other fun information pops up.

  • dashawn thompson

    I havent played this game in a while, but this is one of the only games that gave me the feeling like i was in a real fight because of what’s at stake. I remember losing my Rattlesnake battleship once and i just sat their looking at my screen frozen unable to move because it took me awhile to build it.

    • Roger Means

      Yep this game definatly has the risk vs reward down pat.

    • Alberto Martinez

      Yeah I was doing a mission in 0.4 space in my Abbadon, after spending 30 min killing all the Battleship mobs I was down to the last one, 30% into armor and a Player Warped in on top of me in a Energy/Neut Battleship drained me dry and then he and the Last NPC blew me into dust…i was like..well glad I had just bought Gold Insurance before I went out……(..the thrill of losing all your stuff is what EVE is all about..still as soon as Star Citizen hits..i’m out

  • cj

    what a stupid ass game…

  • Roger Means

    and that grath man needs to log out once in awhile and go outside and get some sun or get laid one of the 2. :p

  • Priorities

    Wow a bunch of dots on the map… so worth losing 8k over. Sorry but Eve puts me to sleep.


    i see a lot of colored dots……. yea epic battle… ill take your word for it

    for those of you that dont quite grasp this: sarcasm

    • lordswift

      To be fair even the most high powered machine would struggle showing the high quality graphics of the fight of about 244 individual players if i read the local window correct.

      So unfortunately playing zoomed out on a fleet fight is needed


    whats the point of having all these cool ships and shit if the whole game is played so far zoomed out that all you see is colored dots…..

    • QuintLyn Bowers

      You get to look at your ship all the time. However, during battle it is important to see as much of what is happening around you as possible. Considering the massive scale of EVE fights, you’re going to want to zoom out.

      • PIRATE or NINJA

        yes i know this im just commenting on how much of a clusterfooked circle jerk the combat looks like

        • Laserzpewpew

          It’s more than that. In a fight like this, very few people have a computer that can handle the graphics requirement to be zoomed into the middle of that. Most players know when a fleet fight like this is going down and scale down their graphics to the lowest levels so they can actually function. That fight could have spiraled out of control like in Asakai where 3,000 pilots were slugging it out, mostly on one grid. In normal circumstances, Eve is a beautiful game- with one nasty stinger.

        • Jesse Martinez

          If large scale combat looks like a clusterfux, thats because it is… even in real life. I think that is something that Eve captured well, the feeling that large battles are actually large battles and not just 5 people helping a bunch of NPCs do their job.

    • lordswift

      Do you have a machine to display the decent graphics of 244+ players? all shooting at once?

      • PIRATE or NINJA

        pffft id rather play colony wars

  • Bryguy

    Whole bunch of idiots commenting here. Its an achievement like any other. Why do you zoom out? I dunno probably to assess strategy and assess scale? Go play CoD 95: Battle Ops: Penguin Edition and leave the cerebral games to adults.


      i know why you zoom out but it just looks boring. yes i know its all about strategy and bs but it looks way more stressfull than any game should be. herp derp everyone that doesnt get it must be a codkid herp eve players are far more superior than anyone derpidty we all have IQs so high that we dont need lives…..go play a text based game and scoff at how graphical interfaces are for pondscum gamers. and dont forget your klingon dictionary

  • tlgCallum

    Well, the comments section is a pretty telling indicator of GameBreaker’s average user.

    • Justin Kennedy

      We have quite a varied community actually and even some who play Eve or are just getting into Eve. I seriously doubt you can use a comment section of one article in the early morning to identify the “average user”.

  • Guest

    Yeah EvE is still one of the best MMO’s out there, some of the comments must be from people that like easy games and have no risk, but that’s what’s fun about it and I’ve been playing since alpha haven’t stopped.

    P.S. thos “dots” are actual ships but in fights like that you tend to zoom out pretty farm so you can see what’s going on, hence why they’re colored dots.

  • pomop

    Guys, this is no different than Starcraft or other games. You can zoom out to your hearts content, but you can still zoom in. Why do you zoom out you ask? Why the same reason you zoom out in starcraft.. to see more. What happened to “I just play for the gameplay. I don’t care about graphics. *hipster moment*”, all you people are complaining about not seeing the ship because the player is wanting to have the best gameplay experience. The player has seen his ship countless times, I’m pretty sure he knows what it looks like.

    • Addrake

      Ya that’s one thing I find people don’t really get about eve videos. It is a beautiful game, but the actual gameplay revolves around analyzing information as quickly as possible. That’s why you seldom see fleet fight video’s that are zoomed in, watching the individual guns on a ship track their targets, or focusing on explosions. The players are zoomed out so they can see something the instant it comes on field (the grid in space) so they can counter it. We seldom make these video’s for people who aren’t already players and are fascinated with the shiny graphics, we make the video’s for ourselves. We know what the graphics engine can do, we care more about the information regarding the fights.

  • Guest

    eah EvE is still one of the best MMO’s out there, some of the
    comments must be from people that like easy games and have no risk, but
    that’s what’s fun about it and I’ve been playing since alpha haven’t

    P.S. thos “dots” are actual ships but in fights like that you tend to
    zoom out pretty far so you can see what’s going on, hence why they’re
    colored dots.

  • Guest

    Yeah EvE is still one of the best MMO’s out there, some of the
    comments must be from people that like easy games and have no risk, but
    that’s what’s fun about it and I’ve been playing since alpha haven’t

    P.S. thos “dots” are actual ships but in fights like that you tend to
    zoom out pretty far so you can see what’s going on, hence why they’re
    colored dots.

  • Tristan Cuschieri

    I believe the reported cost of the ship is in error. It’s closer to 30B, not 290B. It’s been reported this way on a number of sites due to an error in the calculated value on one of the killboard sites it was posted on.

    • Raze

      No, that is a super carrier, it’s worth more then 30B and is far closer to the given range.

    • Kullen

      Minerals might be worth 30 bil, but the blueprint was worth 300.

      • Tristan Cuschieri

        Didn’t consider the BPC. If that’s indeed the case, then I stand corrected. Thanks, Kullen.

    • You’re Mom

      The Revenent supercarrier sells for ~300B because of the scarcity of the blueprint its built from. Compared to your bog standard supercarrier (common as dirt and around 30B fitted properly), its performance is underwhelming … but performance is not what you’re paying for. You’re paying for the novelty of having one of the only three in existence.

      290B is the correct hull price. This has been documented in the sales subforum when the guy bought it.

      • Tristan Cuschieri

        Thanks for clearing that up.

    • Shadowvyper

      You are clueless please don’t write like this again. He paid 310 billion isk for the HULL alone. Thats not even counting the mods which puts this vessel very close to 340 bil isk. A regular super cap is going for almost 50 bil atm. Facts man Facts, they are good for you just like vitamins.

      • Tristan Cuschieri

        Ah, here we go. I’ve incurred the wrath of the internet. No need to be like that, my friend. Read my comments below – I’ve already stood corrected.

        • Shadowvyper

          That doesnt show up in the feed so be mad about it…


    im guessing the entire group of people that got their ass handed tot hem in this are going to now come here and try to redeem themselves by telling all of us how dumb we are for not being eve players and making vague comments on how we are lower forms of life

  • Cruorpunxis

    all the tasty rage

  • dope_danny

    Tried the game, found it bland and uninteresting, LOVE reading about the rage and wars and stuff that ensue in it however.

  • Dude

    i never played this game before… but i feel like im glad i didnt (maybe?) little purple blue green and red flies shooting to each other…. makes no sence at all…

    • Ur Stupid

      It makes sense when you play the game. Those different coloured dots are just how friendly those ships (players) are to you.
      EVE is beautiful when those graphics are turned off, which you can do.

      • Abraham The Wise

        Come on everyone knows eve battles are just mouse click micromanagement. There’s 200 ships gathered around each other somewhere in empty space not moving at all just shooting at eachother. there’s no flying, no formations, no running and chasing. it’s boring.

        Eve pvp excels at small group pvp and is amazing at 1vs1, but these huge battles not only go on for hours on end, but they are boring and bland.

        • Ammzi

          You are literally retarded you fucking piece of shit. They sit still? What the fuck do you expect to happen when your ships sit still? No FC worth 1/10 of his title is ever gonna let you sit still while engage enemies or just let them run off without a chase when you have the upperhand. You FUCKING cunt.

          • Ale

            calm down

          • Laserzpewpew

            Except this is a capital engagement. Among them are 50 dreadnoughts. Dreads go into siege cycles that direct the ships propulsion systems into it’s weapon systems. The strategy is in where to place them, as their damage is incredible, but must be placed properly with a large amount of forethought.

            TLDR: The excitement is in the strategy and what is at stake.

          • Ammzi

            He was referring to EVE battles in general you insolent shit stain.

        • Chu Rai

          LOL we got a butthurt carebear here :)

          To non-Eve players: This is typically the response and argument of those who either did not PvP in Eve, or did so VERY badly ;)

    • José Astolfo

      It makes sense, but its just boring.

    • Ur Septim

      It make sense if you played it or understand the concept. But it’s cool that you did not try, Eve is not for everyone.

    • Dularr

      Not sure, but the screen shot is more of a region map.

    • Chu

      Very few complicated things look simple or nonsensical at first glance.

  • Abraham The Wise

    There is no way to convert PLEX to Real World Money therefore ISK has no real life value. Yes you can buy PLEX with money and yes you ca sell it for ISK, but it’s a one way transaction. It does not work the other way around.

    It means this article is only a trick to gather more viewers. There is no 8000 $ in a super carrier in EVE.

    • Jack Milzoz

      They are not converting isk back and forth they’re showing non eve players how much isk to real world dollars the ship loss was. too many “smart a$$es” on the net…

      • Abraham The Wise

        Isk to real world dollar? There is no such conversion. There is only Real world dollar to ISK. Did you even read my post?

        • Tomasz Guzik

          So if I put 8k dollars into the game, bought ISK with that I wuld have enough to buy that ship? Then I see no problem with equating the values.

          • Unkle Tickles

            exactly my point

          • Christoffer Rydström

            Just because you pay 8’000 USD for in-game currency and buy ships and equipments with it, does not make said items worth 8’000 USD. As there are no real-world market for them (Any legal market that is) you can not re-sell them, which in turn makes them worth exactly 0,00 USD.

            That’s why the title is misleading. It’s items that is bought with an in-game, one-way exchange, currency, that in turn was bought with 8’000 USD. But after that they are no longer worth that sum.

            Compare it with a car. If you buy a brand new car with 250’000 USD, it will no longer be worth that sum when you leave the shop. That’s because its now a used car, and no one on the market (or at least a vast majority) will buy that car again for 2500’000 USD.

          • Eligamer

            When you go out to dine, how much is the entree worth?

          • Christoffer Rydström

            That depends on the price that is written in the menu. But that’s the entrée they give me. When it have reached my plate it’s worthless, as long there isn’t any bum who wants it. Then it’s worth whatever the bum wants to exchange it for.

            So to answer your question: The entrée on my plate is usually worth nothing, but sometimes it could be worth a half empty bottle of cheap methylated spirits.

          • Eligamer

            Dine and dash?

          • Christoffer Rydström

            No. I pay what it says on the menu.

          • Chu Rai

            You’re saying that anything that cannot be traded back into a currency legally has no value? If I buy $8000 of cannabis, does that mean it didn’t have real world value? I can’t sell it back legally.

            If I buy $8000 of virtual currency it has a value of $8000 to me. The fact that I have to break the law to change this back to legal tender is irrelevant.

          • Christoffer Rydström

            No, I don’t say that anything that isn’t legal have no value. I just excluded the black market for the simplicity of the discussion.

            Yes, if you buy something for 8’000 USD its quite possible that you don’t want to exchange it for anything less. But that’s your own subjective opinion, and I don’t think that anyone on the black market are willing to pay more than what they can get legally.

            So no. Your 8’000 USD of ISK are still not worth the 8’000 USD you paid, even if we take the black market into account.

        • Unkle Tickles

          Don’t look now Mr. Smarty Pants but you’ve replied twice to your own comment while trying to reply to me. I find this pretty apt because when Ur Stupid replies to Ur Stupid and has an angry little boy argument with himself using absolutely no thought processes neither Ur Stupids win.

        • Chris Brooks

          This is just simply not true. Dollars can buy plex or ISK. You can also sell your ISK OR plex for money. It’s not a one-way exchange.

          • Christoffer Rydström

            Where can you exchange your ISK/PLEX for an real-world currency?

        • Enma

          > Implying you’re wise and not a complete idiot

    • Unkle Tickles

      You’re silly. It’s simple math. If a=b and b=c then a=c. When you buy PLEX(b) with $8,000 of real money(a) and then use that ISK to buy a Revenant(c), that Revenant cost you $8000(a).

      Also if you think that there is no way to convert ISK to real world money you are very sadly mistaken. It happens often, especially with Null Sec players and botters.

    • Chu Rai

      So let me get this right. You’re saying that anything that cannot be traded back into a currency legally has no value? If I buy $8000 of cannabis, does that mean it didn’t have real world value? I can’t sell it back legally.

      If I buy $8000 of virtual currency it has a value of $8000 to me. The fact that I have to break the law to change this back to legal tender is irrelevant.

  • Unkle Tickles

    By my calculations, the USD amount of what was lost in that battle is $15,000.

    Also, you only see little purple, blue, green, and red squares when you are completely zoomed out. Otherwise, you see the ships, missiles, explosions, turrets, effects, etc. And the game is bland if you are looking for instant easy gratification like most MMOs. It takes time, effort, and often it takes skill.

    • whatever

      Time, effort and determination. You cannot put skill in a piece of software ruled by countless formulas and equations, latency, hardware spec and so on.

      I see people like you flaming in FPS games all the time. There is no skill, there is only math and luck. Skill is when we both have the same knowledge, same tools, same environment, but somehow one of us makes a better product or solves a problem better. This is not the case with video games so please grow up.

      • monban

        Woah who pissed in your cheerios? I think math is a kind of skill. Knowing what gear to bring, what character attributes to work on, and the when and how of engagement is skill. Yes true, sometimes you end up in a fight against someone you have no chance against, but you might argue that a point of skill is not being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      • Unkle Tickles

        Oh I get it. Either you don’t play EVE or you play it poorly. In PVP situations in this game it often takes actual skill to survive. Simply pressing the “orbit” button against a smart player will get you killed almost every time. Knowing when to do what to gain the advantage against a supposedly “superior” ship class is clearly a skill.

      • Nicholas Jennings

        Silly proficenctcy is a skill fairness doesn’t dictate skills it’s not fair that LEbrons 6′ 8 270 pounds and can run a 4.4 but he has tremendous skill at finishing at the rim. Fairness is an illogical standard to determine skill.

      • Lexar

        Have you played EVE? I would amuse if you have you would know not everyone has the same knowledge. The skill in EVE is not just how to fly, fit, and use the guns on your ship but to also predict what people will do. Not to mention Deceive and manipulate other players with spys. It’s not just spaceships going pew.

        • Lexar

          amuse = assume

      • Dev20

        Games do have a certain amount of skill in them, real life is dictated by physics(countless formulas and equasions) so saying there is no skill in games is similar to saying there are no skill in real life. I tell you what, you play a game of Starcraft against a pro player and then tell me there no skill involved.

    • QuintLyn Bowers

      Is this for the full battle or just the one ship plus its cargo? The reports I looked at gave an approximate total for 8-9k for the ship and it’s cargo. Nothing else.

      • Laserzpewpew

        7 other motherships died in that fight, each worth ~25-30b. That pushes the total loss that Pandemic Legion suffered to about half a trillion ISK.

        • QuintLyn Bowers

          Ahaha! That info wasn’t available when I was writing this. Or, at least I missed seeing it. TY

  • Athanor Ruthoern

    Just to clarify you cannot convert isk to real money but you can buy plex(game time) for real money and sell it ingame.

    • Erathur

      yes, the article is misleading. I generally hate this pseudo-worth thing about isk, as ISK have NO real money worth as they can’t be changed into real money (legally)

      • Unkle Tickles

        “legally” being the important term here. It happens a lot more than most players think but it isn’t legal and will get you banned if you get caught.

        • Laserzpewpew

          They ban the seller, but the buyer they do not. They simply remove double the ISK bought from the buyer’s account, more than often sending them into the negatives. WOLOLOLOL

          • Unkle Tickles

            very true. it’s a risky proposition to do it but more than just a handful of people do it.

          • Laserzpewpew

            Some people prefer to use real money to buy their ships. If your job pays more than you can make in eve per hour and you’d rather work your job than generate ISK in eve, more power to you. And I thank you for paying for my eve subscriptions for me =)

          • Dularr

            I do like hearing about that feature in EvE Online.

          • Konkel

            Real money can be converted into isk via the Plex system. so $20 USD can get you around 530 million isk currently at the jita market price. so in a way it does have a “Real Money” Value.

        • Thanatos

          I’ve been trading “illegally” for years, and never have been banned for it. If it wasn’t such a lucrative area, then there wouldn’t be such a multitude of “entrepreneurs” out there. EVE is cut-throat, you do what you do to insure success……even if it means pod killing your mother’s ass away in low-sec. Want morals, play Candy Crush on Facebook or something. Just think of all those Chinese political prisoners who would have nothing to do each day, if not for mining ISK and Warcraft stuff to sell to us?!

      • Lexar

        But I can spend $8,000 on PLEX and “buy” isk. so yes isk has a money value.

      • Chu Rai

        If I buy $8000 of cannabis, does that mean it didn’t have real world value? I can’t sell it back legally.

        If I buy $8000 of virtual currency it has a value of $8000 to me. The fact that I have to break the law to change this back to legal tender is irrelevant.

        • Dularr

          Yep, that would be illegal.

      • Dularr

        It’s not illegal to sell the items. It is only a violation of the TOSA. While the publisher can apply penalties(temp, perma-bans), it is not illegal.

        Where this becomes a legal issue is if you sue over the civil contract or fail to report any taxable income.

        • Erathur

          Oh come on, you know what I mean :)

    • Skippyity doo

      you can then sell the PLEX for real money for less than what it costs from
      the EVE market. PLEX costs 20 bux… so you buy it in game with ISKY and then sell the PLEX for real money.. say even 12 bux to players who dont want to buy a sub for 15 bux a month. so while its against EULA, its not traceable. and why would CCP care… they get paid for it either way

  • Porucznik Borewicz

    “Let’s just go play Chivalry or something.” This is how you play video games ladies and gents. Rage over pixels is so 2009.

    • Ken

      Thank you! I was about to say the same thing. He was super cool about the whole thing. I can’t say I would be so calm after one of my corp mates lost such a ship. Especially if I lost my Titan. While I may not side with PL, and am blue to goons, props to that guy for being so gracious about such a hefty loss!

  • Kevin Joyce

    Its fine. He can go mine some minerals on low sec for 3 years 24/7 and make another one. no biggie.

  • Ale

    could someone explain me whats going on in the video?xD no f***ing idea. Someone dies or smthing? when? do i have to read the chat or what? xD

    • cpjontek

      Those colored squares you see are markers for ships. Different colors customizable for friends and foes. Helps to give a tactical view when camera is zoomed out or ships are far away. Top-right you can see the ships that the player is currently targeting showing the HP of the ship’s shields, armor and structure. The ship that is the focus of this article explodes at 1 min and 21 secs into the video.

      • Ale

        thank you for the answer, very nice of you :)))

        • cpjontek

          No problem.

  • Martin Andersen

    those of you who don’t follow EVE, ISK is easily convertible to real
    money due to CCP’s use of Plex.”
    Wrong! Its the other way around, real
    money is easily convertible to ISK via PLEX, but PLEX does not convert back into money. What some people do with their isk illegally with the help of shady backroom dealers is not something that reflects the whole game and the playerbase, just FYI.

    • John J. Mercieca

      I was just thinking this. There is no legal way to convert isk to $. the plex you buy with isk is redeemed into game time or nex but back to real life $ that would be breaking the eula.

    • QuintLyn Bowers

      Mmm.. But you can do the math (conversions) to figure out what ISK equals in real money due to its relationship with PLEX. Therefore, in technical terms it is convertible to real money — mathematically.. Just not physically.

      • Martin Andersen

        Indeed, its just the way you worded it may give the wrong impression. :)

        • QuintLyn Bowers

          Made the adjustment in the article to clarify. Blame it on lack of caffeine and trying to make sure I pulled info from every available source.

          • Colin Wilson

            I’m actually wondering if that 8K figure is low.

            The kill report states the total value was 310B, plex currently trades at up around 550M, meaning that ship was worth ~560 PLEX. Buying in multiples of 2, 6, 12 or 28 (I find it funny that buying two is the same dollar/PLEX as buying 28) at 17.495/PLEX, that’s 9.8K USD. That is a lot of money to see explode so quickly.

  • Shadowvyper

    I was there!! Haha one of the greatest setups ever. On top of this TEST their allies were getting destroyed by our fleet.

  • stfu

    All saying the title is misleading are wrong. Legally you can not convert your isk back into RL money. LEGALLY being the key term. It happens more than you think , and yes there are corps who have an open paypal account and sell bigger ships for RL money.

    When it says the guy lost 8k….he lost 8k. Yes it is a big deal.

    • Sally Bowls

      Is legally actually the correct term?

      You certainly can sell your ISK for RL$ and that is certainly against CCP’s TOS/EULA. They can ban you and would if they found out; they might could try a civil suit.

      IANAL, but I don’t think it is illegal as in against some law. Spamming WoW jokes in local can get you banned but that is not against a RL law either.

  • Dularr

    I could never play this game, but do love to read about it.

    • AnonEVEr

      You could play this game ^.~ You’re just a click away!

  • Zeyran Fera


  • Fucking idiots

    Its worth about 25k, the hull is worth 800b because the kb is wrong you fucking nuggets

  • Bigchols

    As the author of the video, I’ll explain the context of the situation a little bit. The Pandemic Legion. Revenant pilot and his friends were intending to hotdrop (ambush for all intended purposes) 2 capital ships (high isk value ships). They were then counter hot dropped by Black legion VoC and other various friends to help take down the Revenant that was baited into the entire situation.

    • Chu Rai

      Props to the guy for using it to be fair though :)

    • Dragon Shadowlaw

      Chols I love you man. lmao Black Legion! Black Legion! Black Legion!

  • Hearthless

    I have no idea what this means.

  • John Doe

    I can’t understand, someone invested 8.000 USD into a game ?
    because that would be i don’t know strange

    • Playos

      someone… in theory… could spend $8,000 to get enough game time tokens (PLEX), sell them to other players for in-game currency (isk), and then buy this ship and it’s fittings… though the ship and most of it’s items aren’t easily attenable even if you have the isk for it.

      • Garviel

        Not really.

        If you bought that many plex you would crash the market.

    • justsayin

      Put it into perspective they took a ’98 Honda worth 8k and crashed it while trying to get their friend from gangland. Make sense?

      • John Doe

        If for you buying a ship in a video game for 8.000 USD or buying a Honda in real life is the same because for me it’s not.

        • Duhhhh

          Dude… Seriously.. reread it.

          It ain’t that he bought the ship. the value of it equals 8k in real money for comprehension purposes.
          He probably worked/stole/scammed his way through the game till he could afford it with “game” money.
          The comparison was to only give an idea of how big a deal it was to lose the ship.

          Shoot me in the head- why do I bother explaining this shit. I guess im bored and drunk.

          One good thing, we know he aint an EVE player if he cant comprehend that.

          One good thing I love about this game is that even if there are idiots like this guy who lost his ship. at least they are smart idiots, unlike this John Doe guy, who can’t grasp a concept in an article.

          • John Doe

            But if you cant buy it with real money the value of the ship is 0. Unless we wanna make a huge deal out of nothing. Anyway who the hack cares.
            PS Duhhh i asked justsayin if for him is the same to buy a car or a ship in a game, no need for insults. You reread what i asked before going balistic.

    • AnonEVEr

      Short answer: No. They’re just taking the value of the lost assets and doing the math to show how much they would be worth in real world dollars. It’s not likely that this asshole invested 8000 USD into a video game.
      That would be silly ^.~

    • Lordofmath

      read the article again please…

  • theunwarshed

    this is how a form of “entertainment” crosses the line and becomes potentially harmful. do you hear the rage in that guy’s voice over losing his ship/investment? “i hope you all fucking die!” when real world money and virtual currency become (essentially) the same thing what’s supposed to be a fun form of entertainment is more like gambling on a high risk wall street investment. the stakes get higher and consequently so do the emotions. a devastating virtual loss suddenly becomes a very real one.

    never push into the pot what you can’t afford to lose.

    i hope that guy calms down and gains some perspective on the situation before something “real” gets lost. i guess it’s not “just a game”.

    • Ra

      Eve is not “just a game”. That’s why we play it.

      • Laserzpewpew

        There is a mantra most smart players and coalitions use. “Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.”

        • Herp

          PL can, in fact, afford to lose this.

          Though not exactly every day ::grins::

          • Ra

            True. It should be more like “Don’t buy what you won’t put on the line”. Nothing worste than buying a pimp ship and then not using it. Hats off to PL for that and their top notch supercap fleets.
            The problem with PL is that every capital/supercap pilot joining them is regarded as risk averse (read: pussy) since it is easy to join the best organized supercap fleet in the game and then pretend to be boss while sitting in basically zero risk supercap fleets, so a lot of people enjoy when they actually lose some.

    • AnonEVEr

      Internet Spaceships… serious business.
      One of the major sayings we have in the EVE universe is “Never fly what you can’t afford to lose”
      You’re right. He’s pretty upset. But everyone knows it’s his own fault. Even him, I’m sure.

  • imsosly

    You don’t pay for items with actual dollars. Every item in the game is manufactured by players. From single missiles, projectile rounds and the turrets and launchers that fire them. As well as the ships themselves. ALL made (crafted) by players in-game. You mine asteroid belts for the resources used. This ship in particular was most likely built over a month from resources gathered by a group of corporations over about a week, depending on the size of their mining fleets and durations. Ultimately this ship could have, for all intents and purposes been free dollar wise, but it would have cost a lot of in-game man hours by a lot of people. On average an in-game PLEX will get you about 525,000,000 ISK. If you were to buy PLEX from CCP it averages to about $16 per PLEX. Depending on which part of the EvE Universe you are the in-game cost was avg 300,000,000,000 (three hundred billion) ISK. Nobody invested $8k into the game for a ship. It is just a real world value for the time, minerals and rarity of this particular ship that you would have to spend if you wanted one NOW!

  • nwwapiti

    So if a dollar value can be conceivably assessed to online items then the question to ask is does the theft of online items constitute an actual crime? If someone could profit in real dollars by the act then yes it is a crime and we’ve crossed a threshold in MMORPG’s. Seems that game designers are going to have to tread carefully relatively soon I’m thinking, anyone know of any court cases that have been brought under the concept of virtual items having real world value, after all doesn’t intellectual property already have real world value?

    • imsosly

      Theft, scamming, uninvited violence.. This is EvE.

    • Orizul

      no because you cannot actually convert/sell the in game items in US currency or convert the isk back to USD. It is simply a math conversion to determine that if using USD it would be $8000+. Theft, violence and the sandbox is Eve :)

    • Ra

      You can convert real money into ingame money – not the other way round. And as soon as you convert real life money it is a game item which falls under the EULA of the game. So: No.

      • Ra

        To further elaborate: In almost any other MMO nowadays you can buy ingame items for cash. While this is not directly possible in Eve, you can buy gametime and sell it ingame for ingame money.
        The crucial difference is that, unlike in most other MMOs, loss in Eve is permanent. You can throw hundreds and thousands of dollars at the game, but if you don’t know what you’re doing (or you get set up by another player like in this case) you will likely end up on a hilarious killmail and lose it all.

    • Mail Drone Ted

      No, nothing in EVE is worth anything in the real world. Everything in game is owned by CCP, when you buy PLEX you’re buying 30days worth of Game Time when you receive it it becomes an ingame item like anything else and you can either use it to extend your game time or sell it for isk for someone else to extend their game time. Either way the transaction is cash for game time not cash for ISK.
      People in game are able to save enough isk to buy a PLEX with out ever having to use real money, infact some people never pay real money for the game; they buy PLEX off the market for ingame ISK, therefore, someone else pays for their game time.

      If this guy was to buy enough PLEX to get the isk to buy this ship he would have had to buy 590 Plex’s which is 20 transactions of the maximum amount of PLEX buyable at one time which turns out to be roughly $8,000.

    • correction.

      monetary value does not equate to ownership, even if the sale of items in game for real money was sanctioned by ccp, the fact would remain that you do not own anything in eve, ccp claims the rights to all of it and they thus have he ability to allow people to do what they (ccp) feels fit.

    • Jedward

      Your completely misunderstanding how this works. In order to gain a Plex (the time card used to work out the value) in game you have to pay for it with real cash, this can then be added to the account for game time or sold on the market for in game money. This is a one way transaction, at no point can anyone then reverse this and convert plex back into cash. Thus, you can never legally profit from accumulating in game items or cash. This is simply a fun way of adding a real world value to a ship if it were possible to convert said cost from the equivalent in game items into the cost of Plexes. It is silly to think that the person that lost this ship would have actually purchased $10k in Plex’s in order to afford it.

  • mijie

    I salute that Revenant pilot. At least he was using it!

    • Shadowvyper

      Too bad it wasnt his…

      • diver0129

        He was allowed to fly it though right?

        • Shadowvyper

          Yeah. But just think how pissed the owner was to hear this other guy lost it. The epic tears and rage to follow.

  • ReAlIzEr

    In the sound clip around .50 and .60 secs he uses the words “Its not going to be worth 500 bill…” did he give a price tag there of actual dollars or did I hear it wrong and it means something else?

    • Mr. Obvious

      Yes you knob, it was worth 500 bill real dollars.

      • CasyJ

        What a toolbox

      • ReAlIzEr

        I don’t play EVE, so not so knobish as I don’t know the lingo.

        • AnonEVEr

          500 bill in ISK. Stuff doesn’t get worth more than a few thousand in real dollars.

          • Bobmcgee

            incorrect, Look at the monetary loss in the battle of Asakai… Way more then a “few” thousand dollars

      • Dularr

        Please get your insults correct. Did you mean to call him a “noob” because he didn’t know a slang term as used in the game?

        Or did you really mean to refer to him as an obnoxious person. (or penis)

  • Len Hobbel

    This is cute….so much mouth and so little life to back it up…SO cute…So silly a mouth of muscle it would feel good toss him a 20 and unzip lol

  • Inkogni Alex

    Hey, hey… i was there. :D

  • David Hogan

    You can absolutely convert ISK to tangible Real life money but the practice is a serious violation of the TOS and grey area illegal due to money laundering laws. It has been done before.

  • 7BitBrian

    I’ll leave the rest of this comment section alone, there seems to be enough EVE players in here setting the stories and facts straight.

    I do however want to point out, since it hasn’t been; as rare and awesome as this ship and kill were, that’s a drop in the bucket for Pandemic Legion. Barely a noticeable isk loss, it’s only notable for the rare ship really. And expect to see numbers like that keep popping up and even getting topped in larger battles as this war continues.

    I freaking love this expansion. It’s an Odyssey alright, an Odyssey of war!

    (also the pilot took it like a boss! “Let’s go play some Chivarly,” …… Indeed)

  • 熊伟

    it’s crime…

  • Carlos Navarretti

    When I read “very harsh language” I thought it was going to be way worse lol. But yeah… I can understand the rage. I guess if WoW made you drop your items and titles when you died and I had finally been able to attain the what a long strange trip it’s been achievement only to have it stolen by someone else I’d probably be pretty pissed as well. Likely would have quit playing it.

  • LOL.

    By Eula that every player accepts, this ship had no monetary value.

    • Brandon Evans

      2 things here, Even Entropia Universe stats this in there EULA and it is a real cash economy MMO. Beyond that, one PLEX equals a one month sub which you can sell on the Auction House for ISK or use yourself if you want to pay CCP an extra 5 dollars a month for your sub. I don’t think you can sell it for real world money with any in game system. Last thing, there are plenty of people out there willing to pay big for certain virtual items. So no matter what any ones EULA says, in game items have monetary value as long as the item can be traded and some one is willing to pay for it.

  • Steven Opie Wallace

    “Let’s just go play chivalry or something.”

    The most intelligent thing said in that whole sound clip.

  • Dreddlin

    Grath’s rage is SOOO hilarious, pop a brain vessel buddy, ha ha ha.

  • Agent Smith

    she said ‘assess’

  • P duder

    it was basicly a rouge member want postal on his teammates and lead them to their death:P

  • mobber

    hotty toddy… was checking the article, saw the author. congrats, haven’t seen you since yocona.

    • QuintLyn Bowers

      Okay.. You have me at a complete disadvantage, what with the user name and all. ^_^ But thanks!

  • DoctorOverlord

    The rage and anguish of EVE players feeds the Elder Gods.

    They are sated this week.

  • Capricamper

    BTW this is a very low ball estimate

    Current prices of PLEX are 529 million ISK in game. He paid 310 billion for the ship a few months back in a Auction, the Fittings and cargo on the ship were around 20 billion. So total loss was 330 billion. You would need to buy 624 plex (52 years of game time) to get equal value to be able to buy the ship in game. 1 plex costs 19.95 USD so total value around 12448.80 USD. Now using Plex special deals you can shave around 10% off putting it at ~11200.00 USD

  • random

    you should give credit and not steal the video of the original uploader.

    • QuintLyn Bowers

      Because I didn’t link to his YouTube channel and use a direct embed of his video, so that he would get all credit for views, at all. Perhaps actually reading the article would have helped you there.

  • Eveplayer12345

    Grath needs to get a grip, i mean the SOB might as well be called Midas with how much money PL is rolling in…. All this did is put a blemish on a useless killboard that means Nothing… Gave their enemies a few jokes to throw at them… But in the long run its done absolutely nothing to the alliance as a whole…. You’d have to kill like 50 more of these ships to start making a dent in their wallet… And considering the ship wasn’t his, i just fail to see the reason to get so damned angry about shit like that… Attitudes like that is one of the main reasons i refused joining PL… The quickest way to get me to quit a alliance or corp, is having someone Yell at me for losing a ship that i personally paid for…

    • zephiris

      The reason he is pissed (and he has all the rights to do so) is that Pandemic Legion is a ‘professional’ organization that values skill quite a bit. They don’t like these retarded/stupid encounters on their killboard.
      Grath is the FC Capital commander or something, so its his duty to set things straight with players who put PL to ‘shame’. Ofcourse you can debate the way you approach a situation… I mean if he would talk to me like that it would have a adverse affect, because I would just mute him and unmute after 30minutes to see if he is still raging or not.
      But, the point is that he has every right to be angry, and point them at their stupid mistakes. The way he handled it could be more civil. I mean in the end its just a game.

  • MeepoOP

    Real Life not found? What a loser srsly.

    • David James

      who needs a life when you have ships worth 8g’s?!

  • Eddie Johnson III

    Angry Video Game Nerd Syndrom

  • Jortiz3

    Is there a true market for $ ISK exchanges? Where anyone at any moment could sell ISK at any price? Or are there only services like iskmarket, where there is one buy price and one sell price set by the middle man?