Revenant Supercarrier

An EVE Revenant Supercarrier downed on combat is the most expensive ship destroyed to date.

Some time late last night a member of the EVE corporation Habitual Euthanasia (alliance Pandemic Legion) lost his Revenant Supercarrier in a battle with members of Black Legion. For those of you wondering why this might be a big deal, the Revenant Supercarrier is an ultra-rare faction ship.  In fact, according the description on the YouTube video there were only three of these ships in game before the battle.

The loss of the ship is estimated to be somewhere between 280B and 330B ISK, which equates to around $8,000+ in US dollars. (For those of you who don’t follow EVE, ISK is easily convertible to real money due to CCP’s use of Plex. Therefore, in-game items do have a real-world value. **Note: My phrasing on this seems to have confused several people so while I won’t change it. I will explain: Isk is not intended to be traded back into cash, but you can do the math — “conversions” — to figure out what ISK equals in real money due to its relationship with PLEX. Therefore, in technical terms it is convertible to real money — mathematically.**) According to the kill-report on the total monetary loss between the ship and items contained within tallies out at 309,030,412,238 ISK with 290B of that being the ship alone.

So what happened?

Well, it’s a bit hard to tell at present, but listening to the Soundcloud file (provided below – WARNING very harsh language and comments) of Pandemic Legion’s communication after the event, it seems that several of Pandemic’s people had received a call to go help someone and complied. Whether this was a trap or just something that worked out to the advantage of Black Legion hasn’t been made clear as of yet, but there is question as to why anyone would risk taking such an expensive and rare ship into a potentially lethal situation.

That said, most EVE players know that simply logging in and leaving dock is risky and potentially costly. And there’s not a lot of point to having a ship that you can never fly. Where’s the fun in that? The only thing you can do is be as careful as possible and assess each situation to determine if it’s worth using the ship you’re thinking about taking. And… Not surprisingly. You’re not always going to be right.

Reddit link too!

Since I found out about this on r/games, I thought I’d drop the link here for you guys so that those of you interested can check in on the comments and see if any other fun information pops up.