The EverQuest Next videos just keep coming, but this time you get to see the first thing that will release this year called EverQuest Landmark.

Hold up! There is another game coming out before EverQuest Next? What is this nonsense? We’ll take breath fellow gamers, as it is actually linked. You have heard rumours that EverQuest Next has similarities to Minecraft right? Well EverQuest Landmark is that similarity.

The videos display a very detailed voxel based system, that goes beyond anything Minecraft has shown. The size of the change is scalable from a very small voxel to larger ones more akin to Minecraft, allowing you the creator to be very specific on how you design whatever you plan to design.

From the understanding of all things EverQuest Landmark is essentially the tool system for EverQuest Next and I do believe the plan might just be to allow players to start creating now to fill that EverQuest next sandbox in the future.

What are your takes on this connection and do you see this as an amazing tool?

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  • Wes Whitacre

    I may have just jizzum’d mah pants a little bit.

  • scottsummer

    With the game being free to play and the cartoonish graphic, i fear EQN will be flood with teenage or even pre teen minecraft players.

    • Bebo


      Lol, all mmo’s have the same look about them now a days.
      One thing though EQNEXT doesn’t seem to be is cartoonish.
      It’s reminiscent of the graphics used in some of the more recent beat-em-ups.

      Definitely not what any other mmo looks like at present.

      Tbh, it’s a new direction that I am surprised hasn’t been taken before by other games companies.

      When you run out of ideas for making an mmo, let the players who will be paying for it, help make and vote on what’s going to go in it.

      Quite clever marketing.

      • Dularr

        Yeah, I agree with Cartooish. But, that could be due to the texturing on the models. Will be great to see where they take the character models before launch.

    • Justin Kennedy

      The cartoonish thing really throws me for a loop every time I see you all talk about the art style.

      That does not say “cartoon” at all. I guess it is just a difference of opinion, but I would seriously hate any MMORPG that tries to go realistic, as it would be old and bad looking before they even launched.

      • scottsummer

        Hmm..not sure if i agree with you.
        Stylized can be done in a more realistic way and still looks appealing years after released.
        Age of Conan still looks amazing, FFXIV looks amazing even 1.0 looks way better than stylized game like SWTOR. GW2 especially the humanoid characters looks semi-realistic and it looks just fine the list goes on with Tera, Aion, Lineage2…
        Maybe my expectation was too high, but take a look at Archeage, or Black Deserts Online, those games looks astonishing with relatively realistic aesthetic.

        • Justin Kennedy

          Alright, I can agree to a bit that there are other stylized games with a more realistic touch. On the other hand, you saw with the emotes etc, that part of their reason for the design was the character exaggerated animations. It is not for everyone though.

    • Mike Coulombe

      Omg! Vivid colors! Must be a cartoon!!

      Then you look at RIFT. I love it, but it tried to beat the “cartoonish” comments and, well, you have bland world in which a plain and a forest looks like what’s behind my backyard.

  • Michael Allen

    This is a great idea and a great way of getting the community involved in the game. Great job SOE.

    • Dularr

      Should be good at launch. Will be interesting to see how many worlds they create. I would expect to see alot of abandoned structures after a period of time. Wonder how SOE will handle the worlds.

  • Jason Quinn

    I really hate how you guys have to brand it “the new minecraft”. Seriously, always having to label something as the new something else.


    Soooo…how many penis shaped landmasses do y’all bet will be created by this tool?

  • RazrVII

    To the Penis question…ALOT! But will it be enough to deterr, I doubt it. I must admit that I was not even close to looking forward to this, but I am quite wowed at the potential of this game. Really hope to see more details on how this will play over a substantial amount of time and what kind of systems they have in place to provide longevity if the world(s) are destructible as we’ve seen.

  • Jack

    Finally an MMO is taking minecraft fans seriously. I’ve been preaching it in the Warcraft forums to no avail, only getting snark and mockery in reply. An MMO using something like minecraft as one of it’s meta games, for players to build with. This could be big, despite it’s grapics being outdated which still scares me off a bit. Maybe those everquest graphics will improve but… that’s what we all said about Rift and AION too and they’re still using graphic engines made 10-15 years ago.

    @the penis landmark question… yeah players are gonna make penis landmarks so what? Good laugh, that’s about it. Kids will be kids. If you take offense to a penis skyscraper in a video game then you’ve got a personal problem. However it would take some real skill to make a vagina landmark, the penis landmarks will just become outdated and be like level 1 accomplishments after a while.

  • notfrancois

    Very happy to see at last a ReadWriteWorld AAA MMO coming. For me it’s similar in importance to the Write feature which came with ReadWriteWeb and Social Web.
    I don’t expect this to be understood by the current MMO players who answer “to kill time” to the question “why do you play”. Creative people never have enough time. In the virtual worlds promise there where more than a time killing machine …

  • Aaron Cutright

    Q: What about TTP?
    A: Who care we are making a game that we want to; man interns these days.