EverQuest Next EverQuest Landmark

The EverQuest Next videos just keep coming, but this time you get to see the first thing that will release this year called EverQuest Landmark.

Hold up! There is another game coming out before EverQuest Next? What is this nonsense? We’ll take breath fellow gamers, as it is actually linked. You have heard rumours that EverQuest Next has similarities to Minecraft right? Well EverQuest Landmark is that similarity.

The videos display a very detailed voxel based system, that goes beyond anything Minecraft has shown. The size of the change is scalable from a very small voxel to larger ones more akin to Minecraft, allowing you the creator to be very specific on how you design whatever you plan to design.

From the understanding of all things EverQuest Landmark is essentially the tool system for EverQuest Next and I do believe the plan might just be to allow players to start creating now to fill that EverQuest next sandbox in the future.

What are your takes on this connection and do you see this as an amazing tool?

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