While at SOE Live, Gary managed to get a few minutes with Dave Georgeson and ask him some important questions in this EverQuest Next interview.

With SOE Live going on this weekend, everyone’s been excited for any news they can get about the — until now — under wraps game, EverQuest Next. We’ve been hearing the title for a while and Sony Online Entertainment has been dropping a few teasing hints here and there, but for the most part they’ve kept everything pretty quiet.

That was, of course, until yesterday when SOE showed off the game for the first time.

Changing the MMO game.

While not everything announced for EverQuest Next seems like a huge change from the current trends in MMOs (The class and leveling system are already somewhat familiar thanks to Guild Wars 2 and The Secret World.) There were definitely a few surprises. One of the bigger ones of these being the voxel-based nature of the game, which will allow for players to affect the world in a visible way. The most obvious of which will be in terms of destruction that players can wreak on their environment. Of course, there is also a creation factor, which is just as interesting.

Asking important questions.

Of course, we all know that there’s more to an MMO than just building things and tearing them down. So during his interview with Dave Georgeson, Gary asked questions not only about how the above mentioned systems will work but also about everything including crafting and how it works, if there will be an end game and what it will be like, how PvE functions and what players will be able to do in PvP. 

In regards to crafting, SOE is of the opinion that crafters are some of the most important people in the game, and they’re looking to give them plenty to enjoy. There’s some good information about the questing system, dungeons and more. Unfortunately, we didn’t get much in the way of info on PvP except that they “have it”.

  • ryan phillips

    Everquest 3 looks so delicious, the disney style Belle looking girls…just wow.
    this is the first game in a long time i’m interested in playing.
    here’s hoping all of this stuff doesn’t get cut.

    • InvaderMig

      I agree, love the art style. I’m not into fantasy anymore really, but god damn, that art style is just so freaking beautiful and what they are trying to do seems amazing. I’ll reserve judgement on everything until I see more, and those particle physics need to be turned down a notch, but from what we saw it looked amazing. Those facial expressions are just so whimsically entertaining. I love it.

  • Iadien

    One of the best interviews I have seen so far for EQN, good job.

  • Dularr

    Nicely done Gary. Great to see the interview.

  • Zachary Reidling

    Awsome job Gary! I see a EQN show in the future =p. I cant wait for this game!

  • Chris Catone

    It’s hard to accept that permanent change is the heart of the game when destructible environment reverts in a week as has been stated.

    • Gethe

      From what I understand, the permanent change is wrapped up primarily in the Rallying Calls. As you progress, that change will be permanent and won’t happen again

      The destructible environments would have to revert back over time; if it didn’t at some point nothing would exist.

      • dat

        It’s living story on steroids. I just don’t feel it is actually that innovative. They are getting warm, but as GW2 has proven ‘zone quests’ are a bust once the opening horde has zerged passed everything. There is only so much this voxel engine can manually produce.

        The Secret World tried level free gameplay, it went over like a bag of hammers.

        I loved a lot of what I saw here, but it just really sounds like Guild Wars 3.

      • Chris Catone

        Agreed. I’d be among the top bubble-wrap poppers. I’d be very interested to see how far they take it. I’d imagine there has to be more to it than that though. Gradual (at some point we’ll run out of places to build new cities) additions to the game can’t be the sole expression of the ‘heart of the game’.

  • Trollbelly

    I think the permanent change is just for the PQ’s that will tell the lore and history of the game as it moves forward. The world heals from destruction so that the entire world of Norrath isn’t a giant pile of rubble in the first week of launch.

    Also, BOO!!!! I hate GW2 class system! No tank or healer roles?! BOO!!!!

    • Jeremy Pfeifer

      I might have missed it but I didn’t hear anything about “trinity” or any other version of play. It sounds like the weapon system is GW2 style but there was no mention for or against a threat system. We haven’t heard anything about targetted or AE style healing. I think it’s too soon for any of that. We need to hear more.

      I loved the interview and was smiling the entire time during the press release yesterday. EQ was my first MMO so I hope it works. I love the direction they’re going but after playing MMO’s for 15 years I am going to remain pessimistic until they prove it to me personally.

      • Nick Bedo

        At least a few sites have reported (from the panels) that there is no trinity, and does support an everyone-can-do-everything system.

        • Jeremy Pfeifer

          I actually just watched the class panel that Curse recorded on Youtube. I am a bit disappointed tbh. I hated the way GW2 no class system worked. For me dungeons were more a chore with no real threat table and minimal heals. Now this was at launch, I’m not sure if it has changed at all. But we got to “endgame” and started farming explorable dungeons and it was more like chaos then the fun dungeon delving I was hoping for.

          After listening to the devs answer questions about these issues in that class panel, I hope they can fix the Neverwinter and GW2 problems. The idea of allowing people to play what they want is noble but the way I have seen these “no trinity” systems lately still leaves a lot to be desired. As great as doing whatever you want feels, it just feels chaotic with no threat tables. And I loved to play a healer and keep everyone alive. I hope there will still be dedicated healing spells that you can mix and match if you want. I will remain pessimistic until I can see more.

          • dat

            The no endgame statements are trite. Your endgame does not have to be traditional endgame, but dammit does it have to be there for content burners. Why not do what EQ did best and have a crap ton of end game at launch with a more challenging leveling system? Bring back quest free zones and grouping. Bring back sprawling areas and spawn camps, dungeons where people actually went into them to find groups, such as CT, CB, MM, etc. There are plenty of people that are wanting EQ HD, this game is already out and its called Guild Wars 2. Honestly.

            When I heard the sandbox talk, I was worried. We would have loved an SWG-EQ hybrid type game, but from a business perspective we know SOE is not going to greenlight that. I have no problem with the business practices of SOE and I have no doubt this is a hard working and passionate staff, I just don’t get it. They had this huge love fest for EverQuest at the beginning of the presentation and then just decided to poop on everything that made that game great.

            It just isn’t a real Everquest title. period.

          • Jeremy Pfeifer

            I would agree with most of what you said but I hope it plays out differently. I am still heroic raiding in WoW. I love running with my guild or small group of friends and doing both dungeons and massive raids on larger bosses. I never really knew what this was in EQ because I was totally new to the genre at that time and didn’t know anything about it. I got in my first 40 man raid in WoW and thought it was fantastic. I hope there are larger bosses or dungeons that will require a large group, even if it’s not instanced like a WoW raid. It would be very EQ, they had some of the earliest form of raids if not the earliest.

            I actually don’t mind the sandbox type. I mostly play themepark style but there is nothing preventing me from enjoying a sandbox. I am a huge RPG player in general. I could spend hours doing just exploration and I would definitely collect all 40 classes no matter how long it took. The tier system of destruction seems like an MMO version of Terraria, which I spend hundreds of hours doing with just a couple friends on our personal server. That would be fantastic to just explore or go do with a set plan on farming crafting materials.

            I hope you’re wrong about your last statement. I fell in love with EQ before WoW came out with open accessibility to bring the masses to the market. I would love to have a new EQ that doesn’t suck. The devs speak with passion and seem to have fun showing off this game. I hope they still have something for us “raiders” to do with our guilds as well as bringing in the exploration, crafting, and casual fun stuff as well.

          • Dal Latee

            Their intent is not having a healer staring at health bars the entire fight. They seem very much against that kind of gameplay. Dedicated tanking can’t work because (according to them) their monsters are intelligent enough not to remain focused on one “tank” shouting insults while the rest of the party kills it. That said, you can make characters that are more defensively oriented.

          • Jeremy Pfeifer

            I guess we’ll just have to see how intelligent their AI is. I want to have another EQ to play. I get their intent but the couple MMORPG’s that I have played that have no threat system or real healer were just annoying to play. I love their ideas about not having to wait for a tank or healer but I haven’t seen it work yet. I have heard terrible stories about Neverwinter and I played GW2 at launch. The dungeons just weren’t fun. We just dodged a lot, ran away a lot and used our heal every time it came off cooldown. And lots of running back to the boss while the couple people in your party tried to stay alive until you got back to continue the kill.

            Let’s hope we see more about the defensive, CC, and support abilities in the future. And they did say that they had systems in place that would make it different than those games I mentioned. But that could just be PR talk because 3-4 of the audience questions were repeats about having bad experiences with no trinity system in place.

          • Dal Latee

            Well, running back to the boss while a few people tried to stay alive hasn’t been an option in GW2 for a long time now, which (I like to think) has forced players to step up their game a bit and move away from completely chaotic fighting.

            I like structure as well, I’m just not so sure it should be automated (which is what happens when you have a mob locking onto a tank at the push of a taunt button).

            Everyone wants mobs to fight smarter, but it’d be nice if players fought smarter as well. They don’t *have* to run around like chickens with their head’s cut off. They could always just (wisely) slot a few more defensive/support abilities instead of trying to cram an offensive move into every slot on their power tray.

            Is the game the problem, or the way they’re trying to play it?

          • Jeremy Pfeifer

            The threat system really is dumb when you think about it. I only mentioned it because it seems to work even with the issues that come along with it. I agree with you that a “taunt” is a terrible idea. I was just wondering if there was some attack abilities that add enmity or something like that. A one button taunt is terrible design.

            Even in heroic raiding in WoW it’s basically the same things with extra movement now. They keep adding layers of AI but as long as you move out of red circles, heal those bars back to full, and tank swap that about sums up WoW raiding.

            I agree that players need to change the way they play the game. I can focus almost 100% of my professions, min/maxing gems/enchants, etc to be a cannon. But that is because WoW allows you to do that and guilds enforce it or you can lose your raid spot. With essentially no threat problems for dps nowadays it is basically don’t stand in stupid.

      • dat

        They talk about revolutionizing the genre, but make something very iterative. That’s the thing. Also, like with so many other games, once they figure out voxels just get trolled they will limit them into being insignificant, and will likely have to nerf the game into the abyss. I feel like the genre needs to be changed slowly so that these systems can be felt out, there is a lot of back peddling coming, you’ll see.

  • Divalicious_Diva

    Great interview! Looks like EQN is going to be the game I have been wanting for years. Looking forward to a regular EQN show ;)

  • Crazed Zealot

    I hope the crafting takes some large chunks from SWG. I can’t wait to get more info on EQN, they are hinting at a lot of cool things. i hope they live up to what they are talking about.

    • scottsummer

      I am not sure how a robust SWG like crafting system cope with in game cash shop and F2P community to be honest.

      Btw, i am not a fan of SOE but Dave is a good public speaker, they should let him talk more than John “I am always drunk” Smedley.

      • Crazed Zealot

        depends how they do the in game cash shop, most other games there is nothing like a Pay to win. Just cosmetic or side grades to items you get by playing.

        If they do a resource system like SWG had with components created from the resources, i can’t see a cash shop affecting it in any way. What they could do is sell things that let you color armor or weapons differently or maybe give you a small boost to crafting efficiency.

  • Magnar Moland

    Dribble… This is gonna be awesome, to bad its a faar away;/

  • Franz Ferdinand

    No classes means that after a long period of time there won’t be a little number telling players HOW FAR they’ve come and WHAT to do in their game. I love the concept of horizontal progression, but this definitely will be a rough awakening for some people. No handholding and (in the best possible outcome) no possibility of playing through / beating a MMORPG, cause it’s no ordinary game.

  • JasonFabok

    Excellent interview. You asked all the right questions. I think SOE is really going to surprise us with the answers to all the unknowns in time. From what they are saying about this game, the possibilities for adventure are infinite. You can literally log in, meet with a friend and wander the world and adventure will come to you. It’ll feel like adventuring in skyrim. See a cave, explore it, who knows what you’ll find there, who’ll you’ll meet, rescue, kill ect. I hope that the quests or adventures don’t take the form of the guild wars 2 hubs. If a barn is being burned by orcs, and I come across this, save the farmers and kill the orcs, I want that event to be done and over with and not to happen in 5 minutes from now. But it seems to me that the emergent AI will account for this and essentially make up quests or react to situations that actually happen. I’ve never been so pumped for a game as I have been these last 2 days. Gary, EQN show is needed. Time to go back home to Norrath.

  • scottsummer

    The combat system sounds identical to GW2.

    • Jfabs

      Curse entertainment has 2 videos up on the class panel today. Watch those, especially the Q and A. You can tell that these guys don’t like a lot of what was in guild wars 2’s combat system and they are going to make it better. I have hope for this. They also haven’t released all the info on combat and roles in a fight. They specifically said they will be releasing lots of juicy info soon on this. Yes, it sounds like gw2s combat, but im betting its going to be something unique and much deeper than we think

    • dat

      It all sounds a lot like GW2 with a slight twist. Not to be overly skeptical as I will still play and love it I’m sure… The whole horizontal progression thing is just very limited. And with content eaters not being taken into consideration you could run into trouble. The problem is, while it is not a theme park MMO, it really doesn’t fit the sandbox mold either, so perhaps a hybrid? How limited will the exploration be? Why not make old school cool again, and make a more modernized EQ? That’s what I don’t get.

      • ScottHawkes

        I trembled at the sound of horizontal progression. But the verticality of class tiered progression, the importance that gear will make and so on makes it sounds much more like there is progression and it will make a difference to you, it just won’t be 1-50 level grind.

    • Dularr

      How so? I liked GW2 combat, but GW2 was still basically a tab target system, with auto attacks and a couple of skill shots. EQN seems to be much more positional, with most attacks focused on the ground. With even a more limited action bar.

      The big test will be the EQN ranger combat system.

  • Steve Harmon

    I have high hopes for this game although i have never played and EQ game. I have played a lot of mmorpg’s i could list them but no one would care. My only problem is getting so excited about a game only to be disappointed. I will continue to collect them all tho and i cant wait to see more on EQ Next. I hope you knock this one out of the park! I would really like a game to capture me like they did 6 years ago.

  • Bjorn Bearmantle

    Gary I have a question for you to ask next time you get a chance.

    After watching the Ashfang area video I see there is a green Portal past it. Is that a zone line or is the world seamless?
    I figured it would be seamless maybe a few instances for certain things, but after watching that video it sure does look like it is broken up in zones like the Old EQ and GW2.

    • ScottHawkes

      No zone lines, it’s a seamless world.

      • Bjorn Bearmantle

        Thank you Scott! :)

        • ScottHawkes

          Nae worries, Bjorn, my pleasure.

  • flagonwiththedragon

    I’m just really impressed with SOE in general. They’ve kept a lot of games around and going, albeit minimally, in situations where other companies would have cut them lose long ago.

    I reserve judgement for EQNext until I play it but honestly I’m really pulling for this game. I think SOE is really trying to do something innovative here and I think it’s good for players and the genre as a whole if they produce a success. Come on SOE, you’ve got our good will and we are really rooting for you.

  • Michael Allen

    Excellent Interview Mister Gary. All the right questions. You can tell that David G has put is heart into making this game. I never not been this excited to play a PC game in a long time. I am super pumped that crafting will mean something in this MMO.

  • Bluebones

    Yes combat is GW2 system with less weapon abilities this is what is running me off the most as well as the visual queues they are showing, it seems lazy on their part and I don’t care for another watered down combat system…

    • Iadien

      We know very little about classes, let alone combat. I wouldn’t jump to conclusions so soon.

      • ARandomGuy

        But I already setup the jump to conclusions mat

      • Dularr

        Classes and combat seem fairly clear. You can pick and choose from the different classes and a very limited ability bar based on weapon. With combat being positional.

        • Iadien

          When EQ1 launched there were 8 abilities on the hotbar… We have not seen the AI in action, all we have seen so far is mobs standing around and high end characters blowing stuff up. That lava “boss” was being controlled by an SOE employee as well.

          • Dularr

            But, this has horizontal progression. It will be very interesting to see what defines a high end character. Could you really contribute to any encounter with some basic gear and a limited number of talents.

  • Dagaz Futhark

    Sounds Great! I love the fact that MMOs are becoming more about visual queues, and action combat. The days of making a Macro and walking away while your game played itself was always annoying to me. I’ve never been much of a crafter but I’ve always wanted to see a game give them a real reason to exist. I also love this horizontal progression! Not having to Level just to get to the actual game is great! I love the idea that this game will be fun from the get go, with out any change at “End Game.”

    • ARandomGuy

      I hope they take a lot from SWG crafting, that game did it perfect and is the only one that got me into crafting in a MMO. Strangely, it’s the reason I left too. I was only person in my guild/player city that would make and sell heal kits. It was nice being rich, but it sucked HAVING to log in every day to manage factories, harvesters, and vendors to provide the empire and their fight against the rebels.

  • Jason Quinn

    “Hints and tips on the ground”, Wildstar definitely coined the best description of these.

    • Cirai

      I was thinking that too. How the “new” future games coming out have a very ‘visual’ system to clue you to mechanics at least in regards to eqnext and wildstar. Im now really curious to see when Wildstar launches how much eqnext will be watching consumer reaction to the ground cuing systems.

  • Shadowvyper

    EQ Next has become my unexpected love out of nowhere. I’m still in the shock an awe phase of how much new gameplay Sony is introduction in just 1 game. Regardless of how polished it is at release I forsee myself playing for 3 months easily. If it is anything at all like Eve Online I will not need to own anything except Eve Online and EQ Next. Between the 2 that is everything I need to be happy long term. I wont call this a (blank) killer because I don’t care about that game anymore but people who are looking for the next evolution and tired of the same old things will be watching this one. #takemymoney

    • Shadowvyper

      I will hold my breathe on PVP and how it fits in. For me it isn’t make or break as I tend to wander more towards the PVE side as much as I have blood thirst it isn’t the driving force for me in MMORPG’S. As long as they keep PVE/ PVP servers seperate I don’t think I’ll care to be frank. Being able to build structures, craft items, and truly socially engage with other people is the core of my gameplay. Anything else is extra to be honest.

  • Robert Caliolo

    Man we got’s to have Raiding. What is EQ without Raids?

    Got to have endgame also…what happens when you have done everything? They add in more things to do?

    • Dularr

      Do you think the world quests will be enough end game?

      • Jeremy Pfeifer

        Depending on how the rallying calls play out I don’t think that is enough. If they are something similar to daily quests. If you have a set number that you can do each day and then you are done, I wouldn’t consider that enough. We really need to see more, but if what I mentioned is the case you will just come back daily. I think it could be an awesome system but if you just dip in do 5 things that day and are capped for the day, you can’t really just live and breath the rallying call.

        In a sandbox I’m not sure that traditional “raiding” can work. I doubt they will have instances that you can farm for bosses, especially with destructibility and those massive partical effects. That would be interesting to say the least. The entire raid falls into a hole and Bob’s computer blows up. I do want some traditional endgame. I am still heroic raiding in WoW and want something for guilds to do together, in the dungeon sense. Maybe world bosses or massive dungeons that would require a larger group is possible though. The old EQ was built at max level on raiding. Now I know they are redesigning the lore and the map, but EQ is full of dragons and a full pantheon of gods that were raid bosses in the past. It could be full of amazing raids and larger than life encounters that require a large group/guild.

        I’m mostly a themepark guy but I have no issues about trying a sandbox again. I haven’t played one since SWG so it would take some getting used too again.

        • Talis_Redstar

          I haven’t been through all the posts, so if someone else had said this i’m sorry. However, Raiding as WoW would have it, remember came from other games. Guess what EQ, camelot and etc, Ultima they were the originators. not WoW. I never played EQ, but I did learn from people that did. Raiding in EQ was huge groups of people taking on huge monsters.

          I heard stories of boss fights that would take so long that guilds had to take turns in fighting the boss, while one guild or group fought, the other was resting, living life, and/or sleeping, and then next took after. Hell, wasn’t there was even a boss that was “supposively” unbeatable? however, somehow people figured out how to kill it.

          They have said there will be dungeons, so that leads me to believe that Instanced Raids are possible, but I would not be shocked if more of the “guild raiding” will be out in the world.

          • Dularr

            Well that was an odd rant. Wasn’t sure what was the point of going on a anti-WoW tirade regarding EQ Next end game. Especially considering the previous post mentioned his personal experiences.

            My question was about world quests in Everquest Next as being end game.

            Some of the interviews mentioned different servers will progress through the world story at different rates.

            Do you think SOE will release world bosses and open dungeons that may be difficult, so some servers are unable to progress the world story? Or will they design the story, so it can progress without killing a major figure? Or will end game simply be collecting mats or other items to complete a structure.

          • Hoigwai

            It is my hope that they have both instanced and non-instance raids and dungeons. GW2s’ public events and encounters are fun for on the fly impromptu epic fights but there are times when you want quiet, thoughtful encounters or you want to push yourself either with a small group of friends or do a lil solo adventuring thru a dungeon or even amass your own army to lay siege to that castle or destroy that dragons’ lair.

            Everyone has days when they want one of those things, it would be nice to have that.

          • Jeremy Pfeifer

            Oh I know WoW didn’t create raiding. I was just commenting on does instance raiding fit in a sandbox setting? I’m more familiar with themeparks as opposed to sandbox so I would have to heard from others in that regard.

            In the style of player built worlds and in their theme of permanent change farming raid bosses seems broken. If they stick with their guns and push permanent worlds as their core idea, even the old EQ style of raiding would not work. Killing Naggy or Vox on a 7 day(or whatever you want) timer would not fit. And I’m not sure why a development team pushing new content would even bother with a world boss that you can only kill once and you have to make a whole new boss. That seems like a lot of work for possibly a small minority of players. WoW style raiding works because it is built on loot and you can farm those bosses for 6 months until a new tier of loot pops in.

    • Franz Ferdinand

      When you have done everything?
      How about you can not do everything? You have no little tool telling you how much of the world you have seen. How about you are playing a real mmorpg which is not intended to be beaten or played through? They do not include questionmarks over npc’s heads, they are not telling you what to do or showing you where to go.

      I hope it stays that way. No list: “You have completed 5 of 25 quests” in the zone. No GW2 % for the overall map. I hate those things! Give me exploration, give me surprises behind the next corner, but don’t EVER tell me how far i have come. That is a huge turnoff in a game like a mmorpg providing a world bigger than any singleplayer game.

    • InvaderMig

      Ever heard of Eve? This game seems to be trying to be a sandbox, and as such community driven. It sounds like what they are going for and if that is indeed the case, this won’t be anything like what we’ve seen even from them, short of SWG that is. As they said, they seem highly dependent on the community to create content because devs simply can not create content at the rate that it is consumed. So these months long server wide open world events will be what is in theory suppose to hold the server together, coupled with open world PvP in the scope of player made city sieges. He didn’t come right out and say that, but he said use your imagination and smiled big when Gary mentioned SWG, so yea.

  • Dat

    It is sort of Guild Wars 2-esque this worries me a bit.

  • Stone LX9

    Sounds like Final Fantasy, Guild Wars 2 and Minecraft had a baby and they named her EverQuest Next. Sounds interesting. Looking forward to learning more about the PVP stuff. If I let my imagination run wild, it could be god-like.

    This could be a game I could really sink my teeth into.

  • Hearthless

    Think I’m going to need to work a day or two to save up for some games! Man there are going to be so many great MMO adventures ahead to be had!

  • moof

    Hopefully we can have hardcore servers with proper loss and item condition so it’s more crafter based like SWG. I just wish they did more of the DWB like stuff in SWG where you needed to do it to craft certain items.

  • moof

    Oh god, GW2 combat sucked.

    • Shadow

      actually not, but it lacked structure.

      a way to grab aggro would have been usefull.

      • theunwarshed

        I agree, at least a temp way to quickly grab it if only for a second or 2.

    • Dal Latee

      I actually like GW2’s combat. I’m not sure why some players are against personal responsibility for their character’s safety. I think one character being able to grab a monster’s attention and hold it while 39 other players tear away at it is such a silly concept.

      And this is coming from someone who always plays “tank” characters. I may enjoy making monsters focus on me while I play the role of a meatshield, but that doesn’t mean I ever thought it was a good design. I’m glad developers have been trying different things.

  • Ironplague

    From what i’ve seen in the video the game looks good, but i am not big on the world destruction. Depends on how it is in the long run, if the damage lasts, the whole world will become a pile of rubble in 2 days after release, and if it’s just temporary, it’s a useless gimmick. The combat should resemble GW2’s, because a MMO such as this needs a combat system that has some meat in it, to feel the hits as they land. The “end game” will make or break this game, looking back at all the MMO’s that pounded their chest that they “don’t need” end game, faded into obscurity a few weeks after the release. In the end this MMO will be for those that miss the good old days, but looking at how the whole industry has changed since then, i have little faith for this game since shiny graphics and destructable objects will only keep people for a little while.

    • zed

      The world will heal itself, we just don’t know how long it will take.

      • ScottHawkes

        It’s currently set at five minutes but that isn’t necessarily what it will be at launch.

    • Dal Latee

      Yes, the world repairs random destruction over time. It has to, or we’d likely be living in a virtual wasteland within weeks of the game going live because some players will do nothing but run around and purposely destroy things. You can chalk this one up to “why we can’t have nice things in a multiplayer setting”. Would you prefer that, or for the local militia to heavily fine you for destruction of property every time you broke something?

      I fail to see how self-repair makes destructibility a “useless gimmick”. If a large monster is beating you, and you take temporary refuge in a smaller structure long enough to get a few moments of recovery before that structure is destroyed and you’re forced to take a different action.. what’s the gimmick there, exactly? In that moment the structure served its purpose, and now it’s been removed as a tactical option from the battlefield. What does it matter to you in that moment if it re-appears 24 hours later when you’re somewhere else?

  • Men_In_Tights_Too

    I for one am very disappointed right now. What we have been shown so far is basically Guild Wars 3. Arenanet should consider taking out a lawsuit .

    • Jeremy Pfeifer

      If that was even possible, WoW would have been sued into bankruptcy 6 years ago for new iterations on old ideas.

      • Dularr

        I haven’t checked on Worlds Inc. lawsuit vs ActivisionBlizzard.

        Worlds Inc. has the granddaddy of patents on MMO dating back to 1995.

        • Jeremy Pfeifer

          I hadn’t heard anything about it either way. I guess I was just ignorant of the entire lawsuit. I didn’t even know you could put a patent on iteration or a main idea. Games have been reiterating on old ideas for decades now.

          • Hoigwai

            All they have is a patent on client/server architecture. It’s not some kind of patent on the MMO game structure. Honestly reading an article on it sounds like total BS. If there was merit in it they would have gone after Everquest or even UO since both of them pre-date WoW ( 1999 for EQ 97 for UO). No, it’s a matter of deep pockets.

            Now the trick is for them to prove that the software that Blizzard uses to run client/server architecture is the same as what this company has a patent on. Good luck with that. As if no one could possibly come up with their own software.

            Depressing crap imo.

    • theunwarshed

      So far I’ve seen one concept (the skill bar/ui) taken from GW2 and that makes EQN GW3? I’m not seeing that. I see a horizontal, deck-building progression system similar to games like TSW with better combat, better animations, and hopefully more customization. The cartoony graphics are a little too close to WoW for my taste, but I learned to not let it bother me when I played SWTOR, so I can probably get past it in this game as long as the rest of it is compelling enough.

      Players having meaningful impact on the world and having to make meaningful choices with long term ramifications are what interest me. Together with player interaction and interdependence implied by the crafting and rally systems briefly talked about. I just hope that the game gives players multiple reasons to form guilds and encourage communities to play together rather than just play alongside in a shared world.

  • Talis_Redstar

    My only worry is SOE. After they demolished SWG, I’ve never looked back at that company for anything. That is while i’m a bit torn, i’m finding myself getting excited about Everquest Next, yet I shall never forget the “CU” and “NGE” that took the best game I had ever played up to then, and destroyed it.

    • ryan phillips

      you’re confusing best with favourite;
      if you haven’t played a better game, by 2013,
      than SWG, i feel for you.

  • Men_In_Tights_Too

    Infact thinking about it some more i might suggest a class action by Arenanet, Trion Worlds and Funcom.

    • Iadien


      Nobody has borrowed any ideas from Everquest, right? What a joke.

    • Dularr

      lol, forgot to include Mojang.

  • gamerRazmus

    Have to say I’m really excited about this game. I really hope they can pull it off because nothing would please me more than to return to Norrath in a new game that’s fun to play. I still go back to EQ2 from time to time, but really prefer the GW2 type of combat. No levels… that worries me a bit, but I guess we’ll see how that goes.

  • Carlos Navarretti

    This guy gives me a Steven Tyler vibe. Cool dude.

  • Cirai

    Like previously said below – awesome interview. I kind of feel I’m not alone in saying I feel like a kid who just opened an awesome present on Christmas (sadly also being told I have to wait to play with it later). Up til now I’ve been wandering through MMO’s and f2ps (or new sub games going to f2p) and waiting on Wildstar, but I’m definately gushing to my friends about these shows (twimmo and soon this) and everyone I’ve spoken with is like “I want to play this now!”.

  • Depravity

    This Dave Georgeson dude seems like an enlightened human being struck by morning acid trips, weekly ayahuasca developer meetings and weed dispensers at every station in their headquarters. Which translates to preposterously next-gen and innovative. Think the Darpa of gaming having a baby with a Sasquatch.

    I’m not entirely sure the game is going to relate to the usual MMO addict (or vice versa), but then again… who gives a fuck? Consider me interested, a lot.

  • Josh F.

    Definitely looking forward to this game.

  • bq3

    “we dont like whack-a-mole combat. so we put whack-a-mole combat in our game, but with less abilitys than your average mmo”

    that’s not a good thing. literally dumbing a system down is not a good way to go about it

    similar to gw2 “we dont like the holy trinity, so we removed it”

    how about comming up with something new instead of dumbing down/removing concepts and systems from earlier games?

    • Vortok

      Think of it like the Monster Hunter games (extremely popular in Japan), which also use positional targeting instead of tab targeting. The actual attacks/moves you have available with a specific weapon in that game is a pretty small list.

      The variance comes from enemies – they all fight differently and have different patterns, so even with a few moves of your own the game is pretty fun and engaging since how and when you use those moves successfully can change from one enemy to the next.

      Or even Pokemon that can only have four moves at once (drawn from a much larger pool – similar to how they’re describing their multiclass system in EQN), yet is popular for both casual play and for highly competitive battling. Throwing 40 abilities at the player that are all available at the same time isn’t a requirement for a game to be interesting for more than just casual players.

  • Ravenstorm

    Screw combat, I’m gonne build the biggest enterprise possible, and sell a shitload of stuff, get loaded, then hire pc’s to guard my caravans, whilst creating a nice homestead on a piece of land. Jobs done. Work work work.

  • mojo

    Gary Gannon the man. Thank you for this.

  • Torguish

    While this game looks very intruiging i still have a feeling this will not cater to the old-school mmorpg players. This seems like a fun place to spend time with and explore but the end-game (which is not there) might get a bit.. meh.

    Will keep my eye on this. Hopefully they make it like you have no quests and just find them and have a journal etc. That would be awesome. :) Seems like a fun game with friends tho..

    • InvaderMig

      Good they shouldn’t cater to the old school MMO players. Most old school MMO players are older and don’t have the time to devote wholeheartedly to an MMO like we used to when we were younger. This game should cater to anyone looking for a sandbox and or likes to build stuff. I’m not even into fantasy anymore and I’m very intrigued. Not even huge on sandbox games, but even still, that art style is just beautiful imo. Stylized enough to give it longevity while having enough graphical prowess to give some of the most detailed facial expressions I’ve ever seen in an MMO. Looks very interesting. Hope it turns out well.

      • Torguish

        The graphics are not a problem for me in any way, just to get that out of the way. :D

        I know they shouldn’t but there are people who like the old-school vibe in the game. They are catering to people that don’t like leveling, large raiding and whatnot. They are catering to people who just want to jump in/out whenever they want.

        What i meant by old-school players i meant that the players that play those types of games. A couple of relatives of mine play Vanilla WoW on private servers since they love raiding and and very hard-to-get parts like gear grinding and these old school types of games.

        Not to mention, i’m an old-schooler mmorpg gamer. I like the system and while i don’t have the time i used to, i still like the old system where i have to raid and really get time to actually get the best gear or something else with that hardcore aspect. I like to have a goal which i need to be invested in long-term to achieve and these goals should be so hard that not all players are going see them.

        It’s pretty much like comparing skyrim to dark souls, there is an audience for hardcore, old-school mindset type of mmorpgs. I know a lot of people who are younger than me that prefer RIFT or AoC over any other game. There just hasn’t been a solid game to call for those people.

        I will keep an eye on this game but i don’t see myself playing it that much like let’s say… Wildstar, assuming the game holds up to it’s promises, purely because that game gives me that long-term determination i’m after.

        If EQN is what i’m thinking it is, i’ll play it yes, but i’ll play it like i play Guild Wars 2. I hop in, do something cool that i have in mind at the time, see something my friends want to show me or just run around and do something random which i feel like doing at that time. The mindset in this game is very interesting and i’m stoked to see how it plays out, specially since i don’t know a lot about this game.

        But i have to say, i’m a little underwhelmed in this game, some answers they gave were a bit ”ehh… i suppose it can work…” :P

      • Torguish

        This will be my game that i go into to chill out and do something to pass time, explore and all that. Wildstar will (hopefully) scratch my ”hardcore” side.. :P And if this game does scratch my hardcore side, i’ll be very, very surprised.. :D

  • LusitanGaming

    Why was the guy so vague and afraid to answer two simple questions?

    Will we have PvE raids? and is the the combat tab or action based?

    • Dularr

      PR and legal departments. Also, someone will bring out this video in two years.

      • Kichwas

        Yep, the Guild Wars 2 devs have been bitten over and over by every time they ordered toast in a public place being carted out as a promise they made to someone somewhere… :P

        This guy has things he’s been cleared to say, and I’m sure a longer list of things marketing is still finding the right phrasing for.

    • ScottHawkes

      I heard the term “raid” used at least ten times by the devs, I’d be stunned if there were no raids.

    • Hoigwai

      I think it’s more that he didn’t want to say Raid because people think there is only one kind of raid. The endgame EQ/WoW style and maybe they have other ideas.

  • Andrew

    If I had one question to ask, other than self choices, what other restrictions are out there, such as religions/races.

  • elstan2

    Hmm…. the whole “there is no end game” answer kinda worries me. That’s exactly what GW2 did and, for me at least, it didn’t work out. I had a great time getting level 80 and 100% world exploration, but after that, there was no driving factor to keep me playing.

    • jfabs

      I can see why you’d think that, but you need to think outside of the modern MMO style of gameplay…In a true sandbox with the crazy kind of AI they are talking about, you will never run out of things to do, because the AI itself is creating content on a regular basis. In this game, you simply log on and do what you want. Enjoy the world and let the content come to you. Could be amazing! This game will reward those who explore and simply play within their world! Cant wait!

  • Fist of the Empire

    Besides PvP (the LIFE BLOOD of our guild personally), I’m curious if they’re going to use the resourcing mechanic from SWG. For instance in SWG where two crafters could make the same item by name, the two end products could be VASTLY different based on the resources used by the two crafters. This opened whole new commodity markets, because the best resources kept constantly changing where they spawned. Where as in most MMOs (such as WoW) if you mined copper on one continent, it was the exact same copper you mined on the opposite side of the world and would make the exact same item with the same stats.

    • Fist of the Empire

      I’m also hopeful that they implement a system to hire NPCs, specifically merchants. Auction houses are sooooo impersonal IMHO. Where I knew who’s stores had the best selection and quality during my time in SWG. This also enabled those merchant players to charge other players rent to allow them to place their smaller merchants in the same towns, thus creating player made and run malls if you will…

  • Theyrealone

    When Garry asked about the end game i was like, “There is no END GAME!” and he confirmed it :)
    Hmm… it could become a problem if they don’t put the world too well or advertiseexplain that it’s they way the game works…

    what can i say, looks like EQ Next is an MMMO-RPG (Minecraft Massive multiplayer)

    • Brokinarrow

      I dunno, if it works the way it sounds like it works, people will just kind of figure it out. Running around a day or two into the game you might see a giant army or a giant ogre and ask around “wow what is THAT?!” and the response would be “oh yeah, that buggers been wreaking havoc lately, two guilds have tried to kill him and failed”

      To me that sounds a LOT more fun than WoW style raiding.

      • Theyrealone

        I can see myself becoming frustrated from this kind of game… but still sounds very fun way to play!

  • Ardyfact

    I am still looking for that MMO that will keep me for few years not a few months. For me at least there have to be a few things and they have to do them well.

    PVP “you can imagine what pvp could be”. If a guild can claim land, make a castle on it. Then my guild can come and break any wall, kill, fix, then claim it. Giving a EVE like PVP sense. That will be fun. That’s my imagination, We will see if that happens.

    As far as open world PVE and Raids. It sounds like Minecraft with some better dungeons mod. (in the setting of EQN) If that is the case then i will be happy with that. As long as there are some rare super hard bosses that will take a good sized guild to take down.

    Last but not least End game. Now i know he said there is no “end game” But in my my mind. End game does not have to be dungeon after dungeon to get X gear. End game can be me and my guild trying to take over the server (and never doing it because x guild is bigger then mine.) End game can be me making a huge city with my friends (EQ landmark). End game can be me making my home better looking than yours with more rare things hanging on the walls. (thoughts from my SWG days) It just has to be fun.

    If EQN does this than great if not some one will. If not I will release date 2023 :)

  • Kevin Bruce

    Please lets all petition to retain the OPTION of the holy trinity. PLEASSEEEE lol

    • MrGutts

      The Holy Trin will come to EQ Next when GameBreaker stops using Facebook plugins all over the place and the other 40+ scripts running on the site.

    • Kichwas

      I won’t leave if it does come… It guarantees me a spot as I always play tanks or healers (mostly tanks) in trinity games. BUT… I would much prefer it not be there… The “tanking” I do in Guild Wars 2 feels a lore more like it should than the tanking I do in WoW.

      In Guild Wars 2, I use my skills to keep my allies alive and the boss bouncing back and forth between me and a few others – tanking becomes about controlling the flow of the fight.

      In WoW, I stand there and yell out “Yo Momma So Big, She Got Her Own Zip Code!” while holding a cardboard sword and sealed tightly inside a solid-steel unbreakable vault with legs… and the boss then ignores all my friends holding Uzis and killing it to instead hopelessly beat on me: the person who is immune to it, and who also cannot hurt it.

      Trinity gaming, needs to go…

      There are problems in the Guild Wars 2 design that make it too damage focused… but that’s fixable. City of Heroes was the ‘partial’ good example: it was all about control (too much so though – enemies had no counters, so you could lock them down with ease).

  • Namai

    This interview may well be enough to stop me even trying this game, if what I understand is correct, and if it stays as I understand it.

    No raiding in a fantasy MMORPG is an absolute deal breaker for me, and the fact that he kind of dodged the question on raiding by talking about the (lack of a) leveling system says to me they have no intention of adding raiding at all.

    The 8 ability system is not in because they want to avoid whack-a-mole combat, it is there because the PS4 has a circle, square, cross, triangle, L1, L2, R1 and R2 button. To try and pass it off as a design decision to make the game better is actually personally insulting – you may as well just outright admit your utter contempt for your potential playerbase.

    A destructable world in an MMO sounds awesome, but only if it is combined with combat that is enjoyable in and of itself.

    • MrGutts

      I think he dodged the question because people would and do get the wrong idea because shocker, it’s the jaded internet. He said no end game, but we the players have labeled everything with the Raiding / End Game tag. What is raiding really, it’s a group effort to kill and take down a huge ass mob or mobs right to get super cool loots.

      So what if you have a big ass “rallying call” dragon army you want to go kill then and it takes 20 or 40 of your buddies to take them down right? Maybe that huge dragon army is just roaming around the lands burning down towns and you just need to stop them. To me that is a raid, and it can change and not be the same depending on the day.

      Maybe they don’t have the same old instances like every other game does, that has the same mob in it, which has the same tactics and you go into to fight that mob on Mon/Wen/Friday. Rinse and repeat right? That has become boring as hell.

      • Namai

        You have the wrong idea of raiding.

        Raiding is a group of 20 or more like minded people attempting to work on a range of progressively harder encounters, encounters that require teamwork, communication, co-operation and at times sacrifice, as well as the loot from previous encounters in that progression.

        The notion that raiding is about loot is the single worst aspect of MMO’s that WoW introduced to the world. Loot is a tool to continue raiding, not the end goal of raiding. The notion that raiding *needs* to be instanced is likewise something that WoW introduced, and I can say with absolute honesty that the best, most exciting, unique raid encounters in both previous PC EQ games were not instanced.

      • Dularr

        What is interesting is the horizontal progression. If you can create a character, earn/learn a couple of key skills, purchase the best crafting gear available and then go kill a world boss with 40 of your closes friends, is that raiding? End game? If you defeat the big ass “rallying call” dragon army on your first day in the game, are you done? What happens if the “rallying cry” dragon army is defeated while you are log off? Does the dragon army attack at regular schedule times? Do you have to log in at 3AM to see if the dragon army has respawned? Do you have to defeat the dragon army for a month before the story progresses? Do you then wait for the next “rallying call” event?

        What happens if your server gives up on the “rallying call” events or experiences an event they cannot defeat. Does the world story stop? Do you fall behind the other servers? Do you transfer servers? Reroll?

        While I understand many players will want to explore, craft and max out skills. Others simply want to end game raid.

        Very interesting game design questions.

        • Brokinarrow

          And if all people want to do is the big raids, it sounds to me like they can totally do that. Instead of exploring, crafting, and maxing out skill, your guild focuses on finding and taking down the most challenging content in the game (which will probably require some exploring, crafting, and maxing out skill to be able to do it).

          • Namai

            What exactly is it that makes you think there will be raids? They have not said there will be, and the one time they were asked about it (in this video), they dodged the question.

          • Brokinarrow

            What exactly is it that makes you think there won’t be raids? They have not said there won’t be, and the one time they were asked about it was very early in development, so there’s a lot things they can’t talk about yet.

          • Namai

            We know there is crafting, even though they can’t talk about it yet. We knew crafting existed before anyone had a chance to ask for it, so why not simply say “yes, raiding exists, but we can’t talk about it yet”?

          • Brokinarrow

            Maybe he meant to but it slipped his mind. Either way, I feel that people are too quick to judge a game a “failure” when it’s still way early in development.

            And, watching some of the videos for the other panels (think it was in the class panel) I did hear the word ‘raid’ used.

          • Namai

            I never said it will fail, I said that if EQN doesn’t have progressive end game content, it will simply not be more than a passing interest for myself, and I am fairly sure I could also add many thousands of players who like raiding to that as well.

            This game could well succeed with no raid content at all – Neverwinter is making that attempt now (I no longer play Neverwinter, incedently). What I don’t get is, why would any MMO developer spend tens of millions of dollars on a game and not court the segment of the community that has the highest loyalty levels? SOE should be standing on rooftops yelling about all the awesome end game content they are going to have.

            As for it slipping his mind, when you are asked a direct question, such as was done in this interview, the answer doesn’t just “slip your mind”.

      • Jonothan

        end game is raiding the “end” content of the game/expansion at max level, i.e. at this point in Everquest (1) killing Avatar of War is not end game.

    • Kichwas

      He said no leveling, but of course have dungeons.
      – So… your endgame will be the whole game. A bit like Guild Wars 2 claims, only I suspect better handled. And yes: some have found this to result in no endgame for Guild Wars 2, while others join Guild Wars 2’s endgame the moment their toon leaves the tutorial.

      It will please as many as it annoys.

      That said, I think SOE has the time and ability to take this meme from Guild Wars 2, and fix it. And not having levels at all will make that much easier to do.

      • Namai

        This is exactly why it is not end game. End game is something to work towards.

        The entire point of MMO’s, to a very large portion of the playerbase, is progression. Having no end game means no progression, having no progression means no end game. Saying you can progress horizontally is kind of pointless – if I can roll a new character and be 100% effective in any group as a wizard, why would I bother getting a cleric class as well? I’d rather just leave the cleric’ing to my cleric friend. If I can only have 8 abilities at once, I see no real need to get more than that, unless the 8 I am given are rubbish.

        Don’t get me wrong, progression doesn’t have to be level based at all. In a traditional MMO, you create a character and start leveling. If you come across a level 10 knoll when you are level 5, it will likely pound you in to the ground. Come back at level 8, and you have a fairly good chance of beating him, at level 10 you will be pounding the ground with him and all his friends. This is progression, and this is good.

        When you hit the level cap, it changes. You may come across an earth elemental that pounds the ground with you, but then you go off and get some better gear, come back and settle the score (and wait around for a few respawns just to make sure it knows who’s boss). This is also progression, and is just as good.

        The developers have essentially taken the first form of progression out of the game, which would be fine if the second form of progression made up for it. So far though, there has been nothing said at all about this, and when asked directly, the question was dodged. It doesn’t bode well for anyone that wants to progress.

        The thing developers often seem to forget, in order to progress, us players first need to be introduced to a mob that we are unable to beat in our current form. If we can roll a new toon and join any group in the game for any content, there is no progression, no end game, and ultimately no longevity to the game.

        • Targeter

          This MMO is not for you, and that’s ok.

          • Namai

            Thats a bit ill thought out as a reply, don’t you think?

            It should be fairly obvious that many people, maybe not a majority, but many people, like end game content above all else in an MMO. As I have said, if someone is spending tens of millions of dollars creating an MMO, they would be absolutely foolish to ignore this section of the playerbase. This becomes especially true when you consider the dedicated, long standing top end communities both EQ games have had in the past, who for the most part would love to come back to Norrath.

          • BDD

            Tsk, tsk. Look to the future. I get it, you have your comfort zone, conditioned upon you from years of playing the same game. As he said in the presentation, its time to get new ideas into this genre. . .and its been far too long coming. Why do you think games keep pushing away from trinity, from the older systems? They have been slowly creeping in this direction. Why? The majority of players have been asking for it and looking for it, even if they enjoy traditional outdated MMOs, they have still been adamant about change.

            Who says they are ignoring raiding? He said there will be dungeons? Who said they will be ignoring progression? He stated there will be progression.

            Progression through items and class collections.

            “if I can roll a new character and be 100% effective in any group as a wizard, why would I bother getting a cleric class as well? I’d rather just leave the cleric’ing to my cleric friend. If I can only have 8 abilities at once, I see no real need to get more than that, unless the 8 I am given are rubbish”

            . . .You dont get it. They system I mean. Who says you’ll be 100% effective as a wizard? Its a physics style combat, not rotations. This means its based on player skill, not gearscore. So maybe you’d be terrible as a wizard, so you try a rogue and are really awesome, however you like magic and really want to be a wizard. So you start collecting classes and spells to combine with your rogue and make a shadowcaster, which fits your style and flavor and you’re actually good at it, and it turns out your different from every1 in your group because of your imagination, but not just different, because you planned and used strategy you are also 100% effective in your group with your own build as well

            Look, they even compared it to Magic. If you’ve played Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh (trading card games) you’d have a better understanding. Ill use Yu-Gi-Oh. There are 1000s of cards, but every1 knows a good and skillful player only uses 40 in his/her deck. Deckbuilding is an entire skill, separate from playing skill. You build your deck, now can you play it well, call bluffs, save certain cards for the right time, etc etc.

            They have brought that complexity to an MMO. So instead of the 1000s of cards, you have over 40 classes, each with at least 4 abilities (so over 160 abilities total) and you can have access to ALL of them. However, you can only use 4 at any given time, and they have costs. They explained gear will affect your abilities as well, for instance the example given was a shadow teleport, but its energy cost was too high so you couldnt have that and a Whirlwind on your warrior in the same build, unless you were wearing a ring that reduced the cost of all Teleports. So the progression and builds are FAR deeper than what you’re thinking.

            Now your other statement: “If I can only have 8 abilities at once, I see no real need to get more than that”

            Should be answered from the above. But I’ll give my own thoughts. Why have more than that? Whats the need? To play completely to your own playstyle and what will make you the best at your character. Some ppl like to teleport and avoid alot, others like rushing in, others like playing the ranged game, others like debuff, others dots, others like to HoTs themselves and dps, etc etc. Have a wizard, then decide you want some illusions spells as well. Or maybe you want to be a battlemage, so you add some warrior abilities. Or maybe you want to be a shadowcaster, so you add some stealthy rogue abilities. The possibilities are endless here.

            So dont think linear and expecting the old “Im the wizard” and try to look at their goals. Like everything else its player choice and player controlled. What does that mean? You CREATE your own class. There it is, everything Ive summed rolled into 1 sentence. Create your own character. Then create your own class. Want a different or better class/char, go out and collect other classes.

            “Why would I need to go out to collect others?” To be a better and more skilled player. With over 40 classes, to say the 4 abilities for starter classes is all you’ll want is just asinine. You dont know what you’d want to build because no1 has given you the choice before (besides perhaps TSW).

            Now lets look at the other 4 abilities, they come from your weapons. And you can swap weapon sets as well, so depending on the class you build and the weapons you have, you can really have some unique builds out
            there. But one thing they mentioned is crafters are going to be a BIG part of the game. They also showed a weapon sheet, explaining that you build your weapons and all the pieces on it, and that changes the weapon. Not sure how to take it, but if they are suggesting you can craft your own unique weapons, or change the abilities on your weapons based on how its built, then that would another customization for players(not saying this is the case, but be looking for it)

            In any case they are silent about alot of things still and based off what has been said I say the above. Take it how you want. Sorry if it felt like a rant, but either you were trolling or really just missing the points based off your statements so I wanted to clarify some things.

    • Andrew

      Like he said with PvP is that they are not telling us a whole lot on the subject and I believe that is the case with raiding. Raiding is what made Everquest well eEverquest. They wont simply throw raiding out the window. They would loose to much of a fan base.
      And based on ur 8 ability system..EQ1 had the same system with limited abilities an to be honest the game was 10x better that way. Not being able to use all your abilities made the game more challenging and more interesting. You got to see what all the classes could do with such little abilities and how people built their classes. Now in EQ2 at level 95 you have about 6 hotbars with about 60 abilities/items on them. Every class is the same and uses the same abilities. Gets really old after a long time.

  • Daniel Sahlén

    They are realy serious about trying something new. I bet alot of people feel uncomfortable with all these changes. But im looking forward to try the “next” great game.

    • Brokinarrow

      Yeah, I’m happy to see devs taking some risks and trying new things instead of sticking to the same old tired formula. Definitely will be keeping my eye on EQ Next.

    • Targeter

      I agree!

      The howling about this game and its ‘WoW-graphics’ is amazing. Firstly, the character models look more like Fable and Kingdoms of Amalur than anything else. Second, they are taking real chances. I respect that. It’s not another ‘grind to max, raid raid raid’ clone of of the original EQ. Thirdly, if they deliver on half of what they promise, this may change the genre.

  • Bisso

    I’m very skeptical about this game, looks great, though it looks very early in development. They shown only a few places, so small that it could have been made a week before the presentation just to prove they have done something. Characters look cool, fits my taste of art style, but animation was clunky, really clunky. So unless they take 3-4 more years to make this game, I doubt it will feel polish once it’s released.

    what scares me the most is their whole “make the world with us” gimmick. It’s obvious they want to bring some hype and want to have players interesting early in the development of the game. But it translated to me as a excuse to have players make the game for them. Why build a huge world when we can have our playerbase do it for us, for free.

    I’m all good with the idea of being able to build a house, wall or a castle in-game after it has launched, but having some kind of contest for players to “populate” the world with structures seems like a way to save money and development time.

    The whole super AI behavior of monsters that answers to specific rules (like orcs moving from place to place depending on their current environment) looks great on paper, but might end up being just some generic behavior that will be foreseeable sooner than later. If the game is totally made out of conditions instead of design, the game will become boring, very fast, as there will be no story told, but only random events with generic quests being poped on the fly by generating scripts.

    if Ogres are in region, then make new quest on NPC to kill 10 ogres. ZzzZZzzzzz

  • Kichwas

    These things sound amazing to me:

    1. No levels – bout time somebody in the MMO world played this card.

    2. Weapon swap is a skill swap, like in Guild Wars 2.

    But that’s just the tip of the amazing “potential” here. Hope they don’t mess it up.

    • Amikris

      1. Ultima Online wants to say hi.

      2. Weapons swap was the lamest part of GW2. I mean honestly, unlocking all your abilities so early in the game really gave me (and this is my opinion) no motivation to keep moving forward, other than just to explore. I kind of missed having to look forward to new abilities at a later date..

      On a side note, I’m looking forward to EQN and I find it kind of funny that they’re moving in the direction of their old-school rivals (Asheron’s Call and Ultima Online) than EQ1. Especially since I enjoyed UO and AC way more than I enjoyed EQ1.

  • Jonothan

    I simply LOVE Everquest (1) and to hear there will be no leveling and no end game.. I’ll probably pass, unless they give us a hard game again like EQ was in its glory days, not the dumbed down crap it has become, i.e. no corpse runs, summoning corpses, undinging levels

  • Ryan Weckbacher

    What I got from listening to some of the ideas that Everquest Next is trying to do, is that in most of the changes they are going for what Guild wars 2 tried and seemingly failed to do.

    Though, on that account, I believe SOE is trying to do what Guild wars 2 tried to deliver; but do it right.

    The no endgame idea, and less action bar keys was precisely what GW2 did though failed. Yet EQ Next is going to be a sandbox game, and GW2 wasn’t, along with redoing how exploration will be done.

    I honestly believe that Everquest Next will be what Guild wars 2 should have been.

  • Yashamaru

    This game looks absolutely amazing. Every idea basically resonates with what I have been looking for in an mmo from the horizontal progression to the sandbox and minecraft-like elements, and some of the effects even at this early stage look fantastic.

    I hope they keep up with the positional “action combat” system and implement some robust pvp systems- not just battlegrounds but also an open world pvp area(s).

    Thanks for getting this interview!

  • DMan88

    i have goosebumps everywhere my hair is standing on end…this game may be the game that changes everything and if any game could do it i had no doubt in my mind that it would be sony because i mean come on everquest online adventures was one of the major game changers that basically ignited the mmorpg gaming industry