EverQuest Next

While at SOE Live, Gary managed to get a few minutes with Dave Georgeson and ask him some important questions in this EverQuest Next interview.

With SOE Live going on this weekend, everyone’s been excited for any news they can get about the — until now — under wraps game, EverQuest Next. We’ve been hearing the title for a while and Sony Online Entertainment has been dropping a few teasing hints here and there, but for the most part they’ve kept everything pretty quiet.

That was, of course, until yesterday when SOE showed off the game for the first time.

Changing the MMO game.

While not everything announced for EverQuest Next seems like a huge change from the current trends in MMOs (The class and leveling system are already somewhat familiar thanks to Guild Wars 2 and The Secret World.) There were definitely a few surprises. One of the bigger ones of these being the voxel-based nature of the game, which will allow for players to affect the world in a visible way. The most obvious of which will be in terms of destruction that players can wreak on their environment. Of course, there is also a creation factor, which is just as interesting.

Asking important questions.

Of course, we all know that there’s more to an MMO than just building things and tearing them down. So during his interview with Dave Georgeson, Gary asked questions not only about how the above mentioned systems will work but also about everything including crafting and how it works, if there will be an end game and what it will be like, how PvE functions and what players will be able to do in PvP. 

In regards to crafting, SOE is of the opinion that crafters are some of the most important people in the game, and they’re looking to give them plenty to enjoy. There’s some good information about the questing system, dungeons and more. Unfortunately, we didn’t get much in the way of info on PvP except that they “have it”.