Naoki Yoshida discusses plans for the FFXIV:ARR beta phase 2 in his fourty-fourth “Letter from the Producer.”

The FFXIV:ARR beta is underway and the game’s producer, Yoshi-P has been been pretty busy with it. But, luckily for A Realm Reborn fans, he’s taken some time out to compose his forty-fourth Letter from the Producer.

According to the letter, the current phase of beta testing already hosts 100,000 players — which has been causing some serious congestion any time the servers are brought online. Of course, while this may be of some annoyance to people who just want to get into the game and play it, it also shows that there are quite a few people chomping at the bit to try out the game.

There is another upside to having players putting strain on the servers this early.  Yoshida’s letter states that this has allowed the team to see issues that they hadn’t noticed during the alpha phase and fix them quickly.

It should also be noted that this is still a limited group. More people will be allowed in during later phases of the beta.

Gamepad functionality

One of the big promises for XIV has been that it will allow players to use a gamepad to play — which kind of makes sense when you know the game will also be playable on consoles. And, as it turns out, gamepad functionality is slated to be tested during FFXIV:ARR beta phase 2.

In fact, the main focus of the second phase of beta testing is the control pad. So Yoshida warns players not to expect a ton of new content for it.


One bit of content that is being worked on at the moment is guildhests, which are based on behests from XIV 1.0. Guildhests give players an easy way to party with their friends giving them a way to take part in group play at early levels. Basically, this is pre-dungeon content.

Yoshida says that these will be available for players starting in phase 3 of beta testing.

Pretty pictures and more.

Yoshi-P was also kind enough to drop a few screenshots of the guildhests in action into his letter for players to look at.  And of course, if you want to read the full letter you can check it out here.

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  • Kevin Hawes

    I was in Phase 1, and personally just looking forward to Phase 3 and onwards, since that’s when the main content updates are being thrown into the game for us to test and give input on.

    Guildhests aren’t something I’m all that excited for, though. wtb Arcanist and Musketeer(maybe.).

    • Inkogni Alex

      isnt there an NDA or something? bad people will come and smack you for opening that mouth

      • MarcusKn

        Pretty much everything that is under the NDA has been made available to the public, as far as content and phase 1 are concerned. As for saying you are a tester, it is “ok” as long as you don’t prove it. :)

  • ZackForester

    Looking forward to this game going quietly into the night so we don’t have to hear about it anymore.

    • jurassicjerry13000

      Yeah, so we can all get back to all those other generic fucking MMO’s out there that people waste their lives on. LOL This is the only interesting MMO out there, aside from FF XI.

      See? I can be a troll and spout out nonsensical bullshit too! :D

  • Saeteurnkl

    please let me get in beta -_-

  • Deathstar2x

    “Naoki Yoshida discusses plans for the FFXIV:ARR beta phase 2 in his fourth “Letter from the Producer.”

    Typo: It should be fourty-fourth.

  • Picoman

    This is not a big issue but is there any chance that you don’t use 3 year old artwork for the title picture?

    P.S. Good to see you covering XIV properly, think the last time a Producers Letter was covered was about 40 letters ago. ^^ Also, how about XIV on the poll on the main page? hehe :D