Time For FFXIV Classes And Jobs School!

Here’s the deal. Some of you might be a bit confused about some of the terms used in the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (FFXIV) relaunch. While Square Enix does describe many of the basics on their MMORPG’s web site, some gamers are still a bit confused when they see that there are both FFXIV classes AND jobs.

Here’s what I thought I’d do to kind of help you out. Today I will just cover the basics and the differences in FFXIV classes and jobs. Once you have that down, you may want to keep your eyes peeled to Gamerbreaker because each day I will be adding a FFXIV Classes and Jobs specific guide to spotlight the many types of play FFXIV hopes to offer you. If you have questions along the way, feel free to post them below! :)


FFXIV Classes And Jobs

Ok so what’s the difference between classes and jobs in FFXIV? Aren’t they the same thing in most games? Yes my friends, they normally are the same. There was even a time when the FFXIV team considered doing away with the distinction between the two, but in a FFXIV Live Letter Yoshi-P decided to keep the distinction, and I am kind of glad he did. 

FFXIV Classes break down into four major types:

  • Disciples of War – Masters of Weapons and Combat
  • Disciples of Magic – Casters (kinda obvious)
  • Disciples of the Hand – Crafters
  • Disciples of the Land – Gatherers

For example, all of the FFXIV classes available for gamers interested in playing as a Disciple of War are:

  • Gladiator
  • Pugilist
  • Marauder
  • Lancer
  • Archer

The other three types have multiple choices as well. (I’ll spare you the FULL lists since we’ll be covering each of them over the next 2 weeks or so anyway, but you get the idea). Don’t misunderstand though, you are NOT locked into any once class. You are free to switch classes on the fly simply by changing your weapon. Yes you have to level each class separately, but hey, it isn’t supposed to be easy now is it? :)

Here’s where things get interesting. If you level, say, a Gladiator and also level your character as a Pugilist, you can mix and match their abilities a bit and use them regardless of which class you have currently equipped.

That’s a fair amount of customization to play style but it doesn’t end there. Remember, this post is called FFXIV Classes AND Jobs! So what’s a job then? Thank you for asking!

A job is a more specialized version of a class. Right now the ratio of class to job is still 1 to 1, but Yoshi-P has alluded to the possibility of multiple jobs for each class in the future.


Perhaps an example would help. Quintlyn loves Dragoons. Can she play as one in FFXIV? Yes. She would start out as a Lancer class, level a bit, and along the way she will get the option to “advance” to the Dragoon job. We’ll talk specific requirements in each class/job breakdown. What happens though? Well, as with anything there is some good and some bad. By opting to advance as a Dragoon, Q will now start to open up Dragoon specific abilities and will create a more defined role for herself while in parties. On the flip side, she loses some of her previous ability to mix and match skills. Q has the choice though, she doesn’t HAVE to become a Dragoon, she can stay a Gladiator and walking around as a Gladiator with some Pugilist abilities may be better for her when solo.

Of course though, she can always continue to swap back and forth simply by switching weapons. :)

Got it now? It is kind of weird the way FFXIV classes and jobs line up, but that’s what I’m here for! Stick with me over the coming days as I’ll be breaking down each class and the jobs available in those classes for you as we get closer to actually being able to play FFXIV!

If you already KNOW what class or job you’re going after first, throw it in the comments below!

  • Gavin Vengeance

    Q would have to be a Lancer & Archer to become a Dragoon, Michael. To unlock DRG you first need to have Lancer at 30 and Archer at 15, At least that’s how it was in 1.0. Just wanted to let you know, so the article doesn’t throw off players, other than that, Great read, I look forward to your future coverage :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Byrne/100001642673542 Michael Byrne

      Yep! We’re going to get into the specific requirements for each job as I start breaking them down individually. Just wanted to get the concept described for the overall picture :)

      • Gavin Vengeance

        Really looking forward to the upcoming articles. I think Final Fantasy XIV: ARR coverage is going to start ramping up in the next month or so, which makes it a great opportunity for GBTV to get the jump on it.

        Your articles are very informative and I believe it encourages potential players to at least give the game a chance again, so keep up the great work, Michael :)

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Byrne/100001642673542 Michael Byrne

          Will do! Thank you for your kind words my friend!

    • Gavin Vengeance

      I make mistakes as well lol, it’s actually Lancer to 30 and Pugilist to 15 :P

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Byrne/100001642673542 Michael Byrne

        I didn’t feel the need to point it out :) All good my friend!

    • http://www.facebook.com/Mitsukakex Nick Tucker

      some something very similarto the original FF tactics job system correct?

      • Gavin Vengeance

        In a sense, yes. It’s pretty much, level a main class to 30, and a sub class to 15, to meet the pre-requisites for a Quest. By completing said quest, you are rewarded with a Key Item that allows you to “Equip” that job.

        For example, you want Paladin. You first need Gladiator to 30, Conjurer to 15, to unlock the “Paladin” job quest. Once you complete that quest, you are given the Soul of the Paladin “key item”. Now whenever you are a Gladiator, you can equip the Soul of the Paladin.

        When the Soul is equipped, you’re level will reflect the level of your Class, as a “Job” is just an equip in a sense. so if you have Gladiator to 30, and you equip the soul, you will then be a level 30 Paladin. But as stated in the article, certain skills will become unusable and only skills from the Gladiator and Conjurer classes will be able to be assigned, along with any additional Paladin skills you unlock by doing Skill Quests every 5 levels.

        I hope this makes sense :P it’s much simpler to see than I can describe.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alexander-Larsen/564825258 Alexander Larsen

    FFXIV’s Class/Job system is imo so much more fun and versatile than the typical 1 character = 1 Class. Meaning if you want to try out all classes the game has to offer, you have to make another alt character.

    I like to explore a lot. And quite often there was enemies blocking my path that I would not survive as a Whm/Blm or Monk etc. So I just equipped either my Shield and Sword to become a Paladin, or 2Handed Axe to be a Warrior and gain high survivability to get past the enemies blocking my way :)

    Being able to instantly change jobs by swapping mainhanded weapons, is such a fun feature, that I will probably not play another MMO unless it has 1 character can learn every class and profession in the game :D

    • http://flavors.me/wija Wija

      I have to agree, it’s great to have to do it. Because I’m the kind of person who can’t decided on just one… So I want to try all of them. At launch, I think I’ll go for the other classes I haven’t tried yet. It might become very tiring to have to level up ALL OF THEM, but if I ever needed any of them, it helps; like example, I wanted to get my armour fixed… I could just do that by myself by leveling up my Armorer class and I could fix my own armour without having to pay a Mender. Aside from that, other Land classes help you on your Hand classes, like I could use the Miner for my Weaver because crystals are limited, etc. :D

  • http://twitter.com/hkharpster Kyle Harpster

    The problem I see with this job system is that unless there is going to be some type way for players to know how to get to be a DRG and what needs to be done to get there. Many players are just going to get frustrated having to level every class, when there are other MMOs that you get to play the class they want to right of the bat.

    • Gavin Vengeance

      Classes aren’t really an advancement per se, they’re more or less activated by equipping an item you unlock. Your level will reflect the level of the relative main Class upon equipping said Key Item. For example, Level 30 Lancer, equips Soul of the Dragoon and then becomes Level 30 Dragoon.

      The Job Unlock NPC’s will specify the jobs you need leveled to unlock the quest required, for the relative Job. it’s rather simple, and I’m sure the community won’t mind helping new players determine what to level. We’ve been doing it since as long as I remember.

      • http://twitter.com/hkharpster Kyle Harpster

        That sounds and seems much more complicated and convoluted than a job system needs to be. Also Helping new players, have got to be kiddy; I tried to play FF11 could never get a group or any help at all because I wasn’t the right class or didn’t have some other class skills cause I didn’t care for the play style of that class so why would I level it. Only making me frustrated, and mad. Is this the help you’re talking about?

        • Gavin Vengeance

          You have to take into account that FFXI has been out for over 10 years now and the majority of it’s players have at least 1 job to max level. It’s a very Veteran-esque community and all of the info new players need for that game is available on countless wiki sites online now.

          ARR however will only be launching this summer, and is a completely new game. So when you’re starting out, thousands of other players will be in the same situation as you. Community is strong in XIV as well, I truly believe you would be surprised just how helpful we actually are :)

          • http://twitter.com/hkharpster Kyle Harpster

            Umm, That experience I had trying to play FF11 was when it launched, so I don’t see how the new game is going to be any different.

          • Gavin Vengeance

            I can understand that it may be tough getting help sometimes, but on another note. Yoshi-P has stated there will be in depth tutorials to assist players as well, so maybe in ARR it will be much more simplified, but only time will tell for that matter.

        • Giel-Jan Ottens

          You pick the class you like at the start, yes? Your job is simply an extension and specialization of that class. If you’re not going to be interested in the white mage (the healer job), then why on earth would you have chosen and leveled conjurer (the corresponding class, also a healer)? The same is true for every class/job combination, the one exception might be Archer-Bard, since bard carries some buffs and support, but it still does a lot of ranged dps in the same way an archer does. (so you could ignore the buffs and play a bow-toting ranged dps)

          Classes are viable throughout the game in solo content and one-party dungeons, according to Yoshida (the lead on the dev team). Jobs are designed to give players more focus at certain tasks (for example, boosting your dps) at the cost of losing flexibility (so you trade a dps boost for survivability, since you can’t equip the heal or protect spell anymore). The idea is that classes’ flexibility carries you through the game, and the jobs allow you to focus your strengths for bigger party play (like raids and multi-party dungeons).

          The jobs aren’t suddenly completely different from your corresponding class. A Warrior is still going to feel like a Marauder, except this time you don’t get to equip your Conjurer’s Cure spell. And you won’t need to, because in situations where you would prefer your Job, you’ll be in groups with healers at the ready.

          • http://www.facebook.com/hkharpster Kyle Harpster

            Ok, but is there going to be even more advanced jobs? Like having to level two tier 2 jobs to get an even better job. Say like leveling a Paladin to level 50 and a Black Mage to 25 you get the Black Knight. That would be very cool if the system was this in depth.

            Also I am a bit confused about what a Marauder is.

          • Giel-Jan Ottens

            No there are no advanced jobs, each job is just a job, and more jobs will be added after launch. Marauders are the class that come with Warriors. A marauder is pretty much what the name implies: someone who marauds. It’s a raider, a plunderer. Think barbarian/viking, ish.

          • http://flavors.me/wija Wija

            Damn, this one’s a very good idea, and I wish they’d add that in… _(:3

          • Klicker

            It’s impossible to have black mage at lvl 25.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alexander-Larsen/564825258 Alexander Larsen

      Paladin, requires Gladiator level 30 and Conjurer level 15. Can use Marauder and Conjurer abilities.
      Dragoon, requires Lancer level 30 and Pugilist level 15. Can use Pugilist and Archer abilities.
      Monk, requires Pugilist level 30 and Lancer level 15. Can use Lancer and Archer.
      Bard, requires Archer level 30 and Conjurer level 15. Can use Conjurer and Thaumaturge abilities.
      Warrior, requires Marauder level 30 and Gladiator level 15. Can use Gladiator and Pugilist abilities.
      White Mage, requires Conjurer level 30 and Gladiator level 15. Can use Gladiator and Pugilist abilities.
      Black Mage, requires Thaumaturge level 30 and Pugilist level 15. Can use Pugilist and Archer abilities.
      Summoner, an upcoming job of A Realm Reborn, will be available to Arcanists.

      • Giel-Jan Ottens

        This is untrue. This is how it was in 1.x, but ARR seems to be matching jobs to classes 1:1, meaning a Black Mage requires THM 30 and nothing else. Of course that could change, but so far it seems to be a 1:1 type of deal. (And I prefer that, because I really don’t see what PUG 15 does for a BLM, or GLA 15 for a WHM for that matter)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Byrne/100001642673542 Michael Byrne

    Look at you guys just spoiling the requirements :) LOVE the discussion!

  • Kaolai Saeteurn

    Finally some FF love. Gamebreaker needs to show more love to Asian mmos :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/inkogni.alex Inkogni Alex

      we only have 2 from whole GBTV that kinda hate FF games, one is Gary and other one is MikeS. the reason why MikeS doesn’t like it is simple, the new game will come in metal boxes. think you understand what might happen later on.

      • http://twitter.com/Picoman Picoman

        Hmm, i dont recall Gary ever saying he hates the FF series. I know for a fact that Mike S is a big FF fan, from watching After Dark.

        • Kaolai Saeteurn

          Lol go watch the old ff show. David winter always say those Asian mmos with disdain :p

          • Jado Cast

            Do you mean Jason Winters? I think he is usually referring to the cheaply made free to play games that have terrible “grind” in past years. I don’t think he is referring to good Asian Triple AAA titles coming from Japan and Korea. In fact, in one video he has said he is looking forward to ArcheAge. You have to admit Asia Studios pumped out a lot of crappy grindfest MMO’s the past five years as a money grab.

        • http://www.facebook.com/inkogni.alex Inkogni Alex

          MikeS might love the game, but Gary’s hard copy is hurting him in the head :D Gary didn’t rly hate FF, but he was sour how the FF XIV came out
          WHATS IN THE BOX!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jan.strube.7 Jan Strube

    So, why arent they just using the FFXI System? it went basicly the same way (okay, not on the fly, but hey, things can change) and the classes were actually more FF then what we get here… i am sorry, but this class names dont ring a bell with me if i am thinking FF (the jobs do, but they are just the basics now.. huh?). Heck the look of the game feels like FFXI, which is a great (now dated) game.

    However, i didnt understand any of the changes they have done from the beginning, so i might be the wrog person to talk about (also, where is my thief?).
    I dont mind change, but this is just confusing me. i dont really get it, sorry.

    • http://twitter.com/Picoman Picoman

      Class system: Solo friendly, open cross-class skill access. Good for levelling.
      Job system: Party play, specialisation, unique skills. Good for end game.

      If you loved XI then you should have no problems here. Remember having to do skill point parties? Well those categories became what we know in XIV as Classes. To become a Job you simply need to do a quest line and equip the job stone, sound familiar to you? (In XI, do a quest to unlock Job, go to Mog House to change Job). Except XIVs system is just, simply, better.

      You want to go back to only Jobs and have to sit in Jeuno for 3 hours LFP?

    • Rutelor

      There was a developer communicate once that explained how they got to the class names (and don’t forget: “What’s in a name?”). The names in the original Japanese version are, literally translated just as sword-wielder, lance-wielder, bow-wielder, ax-wielder, fist-fighter and the intention was to make them sound very generic and preliminary.

      It wasn’t until the game got localized in the English language translation that the localization team decided to go with historical names, with Latin/Ancient Roman resonance, because they felt they would be easily understood in the west, and have some more epic appeal. Hence, we ended up with Gladiator (from Gladiator in Latin, which means sword-wielder. Gladius means sword), Pugilist (from Pugil in Latin, which means “one who fights with his fists”), Lancer (which is self explanatory, even in English, but also has Latin roots), and, finally, Marauder (which was used during the early Middle Ages to refer to the bands of roving, maritime, ax-wielding looters from the north (of which the Vikings were just one flavor).

      Perhaps the names don’t resonate with players of the series, but they will from now on. They are based on the weapon specialization principle, at the heart of so many of the games, and they’re just a prelude to tantalize us with the traditional FF Jobs, coming at level 30. The strongest traditions never shy away from new blood; Put new wine in old caskets; What doesn’t change, doesn’t live.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stradus.woods Stradus Woods

    All that is great but the combat has to be good other wise it all breaks down for me. Unless there is something you can do full progression without combat.

    There still going for a sub aren’t they? Think that is going to be a huge mistake. After all its already been seen that there fan base won’t hold there game afloat.

    • GamerEnvy

      I don’t think going sub is a huge mistake. There definitely is room for a sub model games out there. IF a company takes this route however, they better damn well have a killer game coming. As much as I love the FF series, SE is definitely not making any strides to market this in the western side. Perhaps they’re relying on word of mouth from the players.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.hornsby.7 Jonathan Hornsby

        If Square wants to win back some old fans and make a billion dollars in the process all they have to do is make a HD remake of FFVII. But for some reason they seem to really, really not want to do that. And at this point a lot of people would kill for a third Parasite Eve game (Third Birthday DOES NOT COUNT!).

        • GamerEnvy

          I do agree on some parts of your statement. Some where down the line, even after considering the language barrier, Square Enix has lost its sight and communication with it’s general audience. Though I do believe making an HD version of VII would bring in some money, it wouldn’t be enough or “long term” enough to keep them afloat. As I recall they did do a re-release of FFVII not too long ago as well. Personally I believe they’re making the same mistake they did back when FFXIV was on its first release. It seems like they’re banking on FFXIV: ARR to be the company’s golden egg considering that FFXI has been the biggest game to bring them revenue. As for Parasite Eve, well … they’re having a hard time trying to bring out FF Versus or the next Kingdom Hearts as is. Doubt they have room for another IP.

        • Jeff Slaughter

          they don’t want to do it until they can make a single player FF game that beats FF7 in quality and sales, which they have yet to do.. so we could be waiting for FF7 remake for quite some time if FF15 and on follow FF13’s lead

      • http://www.facebook.com/stradus.woods Stradus Woods

        Only if there game is good. I do however think players are expecting the next step to better gaming(what ever that may be) and no one has found it yet.

  • Jado Cast

    I would love to do a Trial on this game, but I won’t pay a sub.

    • http://twitter.com/Thaguf Thaguf

      It will have a sub. I can pretty much guarantee that.

  • GamerEnvy

    Glad to see more ARR information that doesn’t have fans killing each other in defense of the game. The picture got me giddy the minute I opened up GBTV site. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.hornsby.7 Jonathan Hornsby

    Needlessly complicated.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alexander-Larsen/564825258 Alexander Larsen

      Different people, different view :)
      I would say WOW, Rifts and any other MMOs that goes by the class system of:

      1 Character = 1 Class. If you want to try other classes, make a whole new character. I am not an Altoholic, so XIVs class system fits me perfectly :D

      • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.hornsby.7 Jonathan Hornsby

        It isn’t that you can try out multiple classes with one character that is a bad thing; it is how it is done here. You have jobs within classes within disciplines. This is needlessly complicated and unfriendly to new players.

        “Hey I want to play a dragoon, how do I do that?”
        “Oh you need to level up Lancer first.”
        “Lancer? How do I become a lancer?”
        “Oh you need to be a disciple of war.”
        “So why can’t I just pick Lancer? Why do I need to go through this other list?”
        “Because Square designed all these pretty menus, so by god you’re going to flip through them.”

        Seriously this whole thing is nothing but the most convoluted way to implement a rudimentary “advanced class” system. I like the job system; it is one of my favorite aspects of the older Final Fantasy games. But this is just a lot of unnecessary window dressing to make it look more innovative and deep than it actually is.

        • saxophone15

          Being a disciple of war or a disciple of magic isn’t something you actively choose (in fact, those categorizations can be ignored completely). In this case you just pick Lancer, which just happens to be under disciple of war.

          • http://twitter.com/Picoman Picoman

            Yeah, good old Johathan seems to be adding an extra thing to make it sound bad.

            Its freaking easy.

            Buy a Lance, level up, do a quest, be a Dragoon… How the hell is that complicated??? More so than Rift? Gah…

        • Rubicon Vale

          As complicated as Final Fantasy 1. Level up, do a quest, get an equip-able item, BAM! you are now the advanced class AKA Job.

        • Chan Mac

          ..ALL FF have introduced newer battle system, class, and skill set ups. EVERYONE playing a new FF always has to learn how it plays each time. Something Fans like…

          If you feel this way about just classes then GL. To play the game period non FF players will need a FF to MMO dictionary. (That’s how diff it is)

          • Chan Mac

            Really how is it that hard…
            DoW = Non Casters..
            DoM = Casters..
            The rest? Main class to lvl30, Sub Class to 15 Unlocks the Job (advanced Class) Of which you have 45+ LEVELS to do before even considering or learning about the Job (advanced Classes).

        • J

          its so simple I cant tell if that was a troll comment or not…

  • http://www.facebook.com/rasmus.nielsen.75491 Rasmus Nielsen

    Alas, too bad the game plays like a game from 10 years ago, gameplay and combat are both clunky, slow and hopelessly outdated. But, it’s definetly a HUGE improvement over the old version, and FF XI, so, maybe it’ll get better, smoother and more interesting with time.

    • Rutelor

      And how the heck would you know how it plays and feels, praytell?

      • Jerkin

        Because he probably played the original and can’t come to grips with the fact the game is completely overhauled and won’t play the same.

        • Rasmus Nielsen

          See, It could also be for another reason, that I could or couldn’t tell. -shrugs.- Of course. As I said, it’s a massive improvement over 1.0 but, then again, if they’d shut the game down instead of ARR, it’d have been a massive improvement. When I talk about slow combat, I don’t mean the graphics, or lag, simply the way the game plays, and it plays in the archaic style of Pre-WoW Actionbar MMO’s, something that while some people enjoy it, it’s not really modern or fancy, it’s simply standard, which, is what ARR is, in every way, It’s standard, it’s mediocre, it’s a huge improvement over 1.0, but that says nothing.

          There’s nothing ground-breaking, nothing amazing, nothing fancy, it’s simply another MMO, with Final Fantasy tagged onto it, that’s frankly sub-par to most MMO’s now, in both flow and feel of combat mechanics, wether they are Action Based, or Hot-bar based, even with the reduced GCD’s from Weekend 1, to now, the game still feels and plays clunkilly, positionals and chains don’t flow naturally, and while as you level, you cut down on GCD, it feels *slow* and old fashioned, which might appease a lot of people who prefer that sort, but it should be mentioned, it plays as fluidly as FF XI did, or DAoC or any of the Genre of Hot-Bar MMO’s from the early 2000’s do, which is to say, it looks fine, it’s got animations that flow. In other words,

          It’s a huge improvement, but it’s not anything but mediocre and completely standard in every single way an MMO can be.

          • Waseph

            So I said the exact same things when I started out in the beta, namely “it’s got nothing special”, “mediocre at best with today’s standards”, “feels old and brings not much new to the table”.

            BUT I gave it a deeper delve anyway and when I started unlocking dungeons and experienced the group play in this game, I was blown away at how awesome it actually was. There is actually alot of dynamic and strategic gameplay behind dungeon runs and even some F.A.T.E.s can get intense when there’s no abundance of players hacking away. Though I still go with the fact that it doesn’t bring many new things into the genre, I was completely wrong about everything else and it’s plain and simple fun.

            I recommend giving it another shot because I suspect you just didn’t go deep enough to realize how well done it actually is at the core.

    • Chan Mac

      You mean same as every MMO around right now? Would you prefer it to be Action Based? They are burning dry 10X faster then the traditional ones…
      Lets get this straight… Its not the same, its an evolved version of a Traditional set up. Lets not forget FFXI was around the same time wow and Gw1 were all battling it out. WAY before wow was wow. My point its XI evolved on its own, has had TONS of content and a stable community to date…

      In FF Mobs have special abilities which you can learn the name or animations of. These moves mingled in between normal moves can actually be avoided. It wont auto face you and continue the ability. They also can have devastating afflictions such as a strong poison or Paralyzing you (effectively stunning you every 3 sec for duration.) Mobs also react differently.
      Aggro for example: Some mobs will aggro via sound (are you walking or Running) Some via LoS, etc.

      FFXIV has a lot of character that other games do not have. Its night and day from 1.0.

      IF you were playing at this point its as smooth as a baby’s arse…
      I mean are you talking 1.0 because thats what you are describing.
      You obviously know nothing of ARR.

      • Rasmus Nielsen

        Every single MMO around right now? Someone obviously hasn’t played a lot of MMO’s ;)

    • Brian

      You mean it has a Final Fantasy type combat feel to it? Thats what I would call it, and thats what it is and was intended to be. Its not wow, so if thats what you are looking for then go play it.

      • Rasmus Nielsen

        No, I mean it plays like a sauropod, slow, clunky and old, and mostly extinct, it plays nothing like Final Fantasy does, there’s absolutely nothing Turn Based, or Menu based, or any form of RTB idea about it, it simply plays like an old MMO from the early 00’s, dated.

        • Brian

          Now you are arguing just to argue. Please stop lol. Final Fantasy has been a game that is always evolving. Like the combat system, which isn’t really turn based anymore and is more time based. And this is a different genre (MMORPG). It won’t be as good as it could be in the beta, nor the first year of release. Just like World Of Warcraft, not one MMO will ever come out as polished as it will be 10 years or so from the release date. EVER. Now, considering FF hasn’t really been turned based for quite some time now, you can come up with another valid reason on why it doesn’t have more of a Final Fantasy feel to it?

          • Joey

            im sorry bryan your wrong Rasmus was being entirely objective in his discussion not saying FFXIV is bad just saying it appears outdated and while i love the game and will continue to play it he has a solid point one that cant be ignore or set aside by your clearly blind favor of the final fantasy title in general

  • http://twitter.com/DanforthWright Danforth Wright

    “It’s kinda weird the way FFXIV classes and jobs line up,”

    Weird is one way to describe it. I’ll definitely take weird over what all the other idiots calling this game: a WoW clone.

  • bobrichmond

    The only problem with having multiple “fighting” classes on one character is leveling the secondary “fighting” classes. Once you do all the non-school quests on the primary they can not be used to level your secondary. That gives you 1 school quest every 5 levels, the hunting logs, guildleves with time requirements, and FATES to level with. On the other hand the secondary crafting and gathering classes seem to level quite well using only the above.

    • DevasNi

      don’t forget that different classes start in different areas so you can always do the quests of a new city to level a class or job not to mention the guild quests and the leve quests and the dungeons, and the guild hests and the fates and hunting logs etc. trust me tons of ways to get your levels running out of quests in town won’t matter.

  • Jeff Slaughter

    so… i could theoretically make a Red Mage type character specializing in white magic and black magic? or a Spell blade (sort of) using a gladiator/marauder black mage combo?

  • PortaPunch

    I am hoping there will be more than one Jobs per class. Looks like the Arcanist is the only one so far to do that, but looking forward to see how it all fleshes out!

  • Prince Ali

    My plan. Start around as thaurmaturge, lvl a warrior, run around as a sword weilding magic throwing beast. I only hope u can cast spells on yourself, for enchanting your weapons with fire etc. the other way I could have gone was start with a paladin but the look of the thaurmaturge armour with a flaming sword in hand is far to exciting. Any chance this will work?

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