XIV Classes and Jobs

Time For FFXIV Classes And Jobs School!

Here’s the deal. Some of you might be a bit confused about some of the terms used in the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (FFXIV) relaunch. While Square Enix does describe many of the basics on their MMORPG’s web site, some gamers are still a bit confused when they see that there are both FFXIV classes AND jobs.

Here’s what I thought I’d do to kind of help you out. Today I will just cover the basics and the differences in FFXIV classes and jobs. Once you have that down, you may want to keep your eyes peeled to Gamerbreaker because each day I will be adding a FFXIV Classes and Jobs specific guide to spotlight the many types of play FFXIV hopes to offer you. If you have questions along the way, feel free to post them below! :)


FFXIV Classes And Jobs

Ok so what’s the difference between classes and jobs in FFXIV? Aren’t they the same thing in most games? Yes my friends, they normally are the same. There was even a time when the FFXIV team considered doing away with the distinction between the two, but in a FFXIV Live Letter Yoshi-P decided to keep the distinction, and I am kind of glad he did. 

FFXIV Classes break down into four major types:

  • Disciples of War – Masters of Weapons and Combat
  • Disciples of Magic – Casters (kinda obvious)
  • Disciples of the Hand – Crafters
  • Disciples of the Land – Gatherers

For example, all of the FFXIV classes available for gamers interested in playing as a Disciple of War are:

  • Gladiator
  • Pugilist
  • Marauder
  • Lancer
  • Archer

The other three types have multiple choices as well. (I’ll spare you the FULL lists since we’ll be covering each of them over the next 2 weeks or so anyway, but you get the idea). Don’t misunderstand though, you are NOT locked into any once class. You are free to switch classes on the fly simply by changing your weapon. Yes you have to level each class separately, but hey, it isn’t supposed to be easy now is it? :)

Here’s where things get interesting. If you level, say, a Gladiator and also level your character as a Pugilist, you can mix and match their abilities a bit and use them regardless of which class you have currently equipped.

That’s a fair amount of customization to play style but it doesn’t end there. Remember, this post is called FFXIV Classes AND Jobs! So what’s a job then? Thank you for asking!

A job is a more specialized version of a class. Right now the ratio of class to job is still 1 to 1, but Yoshi-P has alluded to the possibility of multiple jobs for each class in the future.


Perhaps an example would help. Quintlyn loves Dragoons. Can she play as one in FFXIV? Yes. She would start out as a Lancer class, level a bit, and along the way she will get the option to “advance” to the Dragoon job. We’ll talk specific requirements in each class/job breakdown. What happens though? Well, as with anything there is some good and some bad. By opting to advance as a Dragoon, Q will now start to open up Dragoon specific abilities and will create a more defined role for herself while in parties. On the flip side, she loses some of her previous ability to mix and match skills. Q has the choice though, she doesn’t HAVE to become a Dragoon, she can stay a Gladiator and walking around as a Gladiator with some Pugilist abilities may be better for her when solo.

Of course though, she can always continue to swap back and forth simply by switching weapons. :)

Got it now? It is kind of weird the way FFXIV classes and jobs line up, but that’s what I’m here for! Stick with me over the coming days as I’ll be breaking down each class and the jobs available in those classes for you as we get closer to actually being able to play FFXIV!

If you already KNOW what class or job you’re going after first, throw it in the comments below!