Live Letter V Already Looking Forward to a FFXIV Expansion

Time for me to off load even MORE Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) news, including a mention of a possible FFXIV expansion and timing of a potential release. Square Enix has finished up their latest Live Q&A with the MMORPG’s Producer and in total they addressed 46 questions. Now the full listing can currently be found here, but once they officially translate the Live event video they will post a stand alone letter and take this list down. I’ll be sure to throw an update below to link you to the official letter when ready.

A few questions stood out to me as really interesting, perhaps the most interesting being the potential content of the first FFXIV expansion. From the Live Notes, Yoshi-P addressed this question:

Q: This might be a bit early to ask, but could you tell us any plans for an expansion?
A: As we just mentioned before about the addition of a new race, we are looking into this for the first expansion, which we would like to release within two years of launch.

Not only does this show the future thoughts of the FFXIV dev team, but they are actually to a point where they are targeting a certain time window for the FFXIV expansion. While I like the forward thinking behind the reply, perhaps it would be better to focus on a successful relaunch THEN start plans for a FFXIV expansion.

Other questions of note that jumped out on my read through was a confirmation that housing is currently planned for the first major post release update, the summoner job will be included in launch (happy me, happy me), and the fact that fall damage won’t kill you but don’t have monster aggro when you do fall or you’re probably dead. Also of note (hold on to your hat Jason Winter!) the global cooldown has been reduced by 0.5 seconds since the Alpha!

On the mysterious side of the Live Letter was an allusion to train travel between cities (tracks are confirmed but trains themselves are not), pricing for housing is still a “secret”, and while FFXIV for the PS4 was not denied, Yoshi-P did state that currently the focus in on the PS3 release.

Finally, as if FFXIV expansion speculation wasn’t enough, allow me to drop a beautiful gallery of new images for you to flip through. Even Mr. Gannon himself enjoyed the pics! They certainly have me looking forward to the character creation benchmark which will likely come out just before launch as a final PR push.

Check out the Q&A and images and let me know what you think below!


UPDATE: The official Letter Summary has been posted here. While the subtitled video still has yet to be released, you can at least read the summary while watching some of the walkthroughs.

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