PC Gamers May Prefer the FFXIV Gamepad Controls

I am in my FFXIV GLORY today! After about a month of almost NO FFXIV information, today Square Enix dropped a bunch of goodies about their upcoming MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (FFXIV). In addition to the benchmark reveal and a world walkthrough video, Square Enix also gave us an in depth look at the FFXIV gamepad control scheme and how it fits in with not only PS3 players, but (surprisingly!) PC gamers.

During the almost 14 minute FFXIV gamepad walkthrough we get to take a peek at a standard left and right joystick combination for movement and the camera, D-pad model targeting, party specific targeting and, of course, hotbar usage. MMO gamers familiar with DC Universe Online‘s gamepad scheme are sure to be at ease with the FFXIV gamepad control scheme.

Yoshi-P, Producer, also shows off combat using the gamepad. Targeting seems natural and even movement between certain skill chains seems to work very comfortably. Skills are chained together pretty easily through switching hotbar sets and using L2 and R2 buttons to specify sides of the hotbar.

All in all the FFXIV gamepad control scheme seems smooth to me and of coure it is fully customizable as well. Even though I am traditionally a mouse and keyboard kind of guy I think I’ll give the FFXIV gamepad  a test drive. My wife certainly liked the video since she is looking forward to playing FFXIV on the PS3…I know, don’t judge me, I can’t get her to play on a PC for the life of me. :)

What are your thoughts? Is mouse and keyboard the only way to go in your book or did the video show you enough that a controller may be a viable option for you?