With the arrival of patch 5.1, two new quest hubs have appeared, along with new factions and quests, as well as a couple of new scenarios. GAMEBREAKER thought we would give you a first look at the new areas from the Alliance side.

Breadcrumb Quest: On first logging in to your patched game, if you are of an appropriate level, you will be greeted with an automatic quest similar to the one that opened the Mists storyline. This quest, if you are Alliance, will lead you to a previously rather nondescript area of the Krasarang Wilds, where you will seek out the Scout.

Spoiler Alert! This post contains spoilers about the new quests, scenarios and factions in 5.1 from this point forwards!

Opening Quests: Varian Wrynn arrives on the beach on the tiniest boat any player will ever have seen a faction leader on. It’s so ridiculously small it looks like a lego boat, but worry not, he has news for you of the arrival of the Alliance fleet.

The opening quests are not too bad, as opening quests go, simply in that they are short and sweet and mercifully devoid of bugs. There are some small gameplay issues, in that the two NPCs who players need to talk to prioritize fighting off the Horde over conversing with the player, unlike quest-givers, so on high-population servers and PvP servers this can cause problems with griefing and simply new NPCs arriving with every player. The NPCs are very weak in this area, as they are basically quest mobs, and on PvE servers players aren’t automatically marked for PvP, so the only fear of ganking for PvEers is the accidental AoE. Once completed, this short quest chain leads into the cutscene posted a while back for Lion’s Landing. Once the cutscene is over, players find themselves with the faction leaders in the center of the new area.

A Little Patience

This is the name of the scenario which comes with the new content. It’s the first on the Alliance side, and Varian Wrynn gives players a quest which pushes them directly into it. It, rather like so many of the other scenarios, is rather underwhelming. The scenario feature is such a good one that it’s a shame to see Blizzard waste it on content like this. The majority of the scenario is spent collecting and using items, rather like a quest, and killing the occasional mob, building up to a very straightforward and uninteresting fight with a final boss, the angry orc from the scenario’s accompanying cutscene. At least they have dodged the bullet of not providing lore, unlike the Theramore scenario. Alas, the content doesn’t match up.

Dailies: Regular GAMEBREAKER readers will know I’m not a fan of dailies, but there are a few in this new area that might just turn me around. The first are the ones where a player has to infiltrate the opposing faction’s base to kill NPCs. While the requirement to kill NPCs is nothing interesting, the PvP element is, although of course, if you play on PvE servers it will be less prevalent. Daxxarri and Nethaera have taken to the forums to confirm that Blizzard’s team have taken steps to ensure players on PvE servers aren’t forced into PvP.

But the main one I’m enjoying is not PvP related whatsoever. It’s a little arena, offering three opponents, a tiger, a crane or a crab. These can be taken on solo or as a group, and they’re hard enough to kill that it’s a fun challenge, rather than boring drudgery. It all takes place in one spot, the arena, Horde and Alliance each have their own, and there’s a graveyard nearby for when you die. Which, if you’re trying to solo these, you likely will! They’re really great fun, just because their difficulty is such that it likely is possible to solo them, just difficult! I’ve taken one down by myself, but I have a slight advantage as a caster. And they’re just as fun in groups!