Just because your favorite MMO doesn’t have millions of players doesn’t mean it’s going to go away.

Take EverQuest II. Sony Online Entertainment just announced a new update for the title, which will go live on April 17. Game Update 63: Skyshrine will introduce a new outdoor zone, a level-cap increase, several new instances, and more.

EQ2 launched just a couple weeks before World of Warcraft in 2004, and so never achieved the heights that were likely predicted for it. Yet it’s still going, seven-plus years and 62 (soon to be 63) updates later, which bodes well for pretty much any mid- to upper-level MMO. Other than Star Wars Galaxies, which was a special case, MMOs of any moderate status these days never seem to “die.” They might get smaller or have fewer updates/expansions, but it seems like you’re pretty safe playing just about any game out there and knowing it’ll be around for a good long while. Keep that in mind the next time your friends tell you your favorite game is going to die.

Jason Winter has held several positions in the tabletop and video-gaming industry since 1996, including writer, editor, marketing coordinator, and game designer. He's the former editor of Beckett Massive Online Gamer and almost considers himself competent in PvP. In addition to his work with Gamebreaker.tv, he also blogs about video games at http://jasonwinter.wordpress.com.

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