So, you know that Roman orgy game we’ve talked about a few times?  And I’m sure you remember we said we’d keep you updated?  Well… here we are with some more news on the game.

It seems that FoxySoft has decided to change the game’s name to something a little less obvious than Orgia Romanus.  The game will now be called Venus Rising — which ties in with the game’s lore and setting in the city of Venusia.

The team have also released a new trailer showing off some of the lore and art.  It might be a tad NSFW.  Okay… It actually is NSFW.

For those who are interested in getting into the game, FoxySoft has announced that a playable demo of the game — featuring inter-character relationships, economy, combat and some quests — will be available on Dec 1st.

  • Inkogni Alex

    so is this the title that Mike might have sex with or is it the old one?

  • scottsummer

    WoW killer.

  • Josh Rosenvelt

    Is this going to compete with the same playerbase MoP is trying to pick up?

  • Rick

    More like penis rising AMIRITE

  • Revanhavoc

    And here Q and I were all excited for the risque gameplay will that be changing too??

  • Ariel Vildósola

    looks…   not promising

  • Andrew Witt

    Sounds like the soft core porn version of Gods and Heroes.

  • DoctorOverlord

    Must. Stifle. Outright. Laughter.

    Please keep following this ‘game’.    I want to see Gary, Mike B and Mike S do a Gameplay video exploring the server when it goes online  :)    (C’mon you know that would be comedy gold)

    That or a Let’s Play session with Darnell :D

  • Exorcismos

    Calling it now, Goldshire 2.0.

    I doubt that any adults(except the basement dwelling and perverted kind) will pick up the game. Mostly adolescent boys.

    • Jim Bergevin Jr

      I wouldn’t necessary say that. I started looking into the game after GBTV began to mention it, and it has interesting possibilities. I personally like the setting – certainly different from the typical fantasy MMO setting. I have seen some in game footage, and and it looks pretty good at this stage for an indie type game – certainly better than many others out there. What I think people are failing to realize here is that the dev team isn’t making this out to be a “PorNMO” game, but a true questing/combat oriented game that just happens to allow for more “adult” interaction than other standard games. One of the currently planned classes allows for player generated content a la STO, so that particularly intrigues me.

      • Matthew Ulmen

        I saw the first demo which was more of a walk through, but the scenery was good, it had an excellent graphics look to it. It will be worth seeing how it develops.

  • Bob

    Foxysoft? Really?