Gold farmers, prepare to weep.

ArenaNet President Mike O’Brien outlined the company’s philosophy regarding microtransactions in Guild Wars 2 today, and there was much to talk about. O’Brien outlined how using real money purchases is important for the ongoing development of the game, as well as how they will be handled.

It was made very clear that microtransactions have been an important part of GW2‘s design from inception:

“But microtransactions were an afterthought in Guild Wars, whereas with Guild Wars 2, we had an opportunity to integrate the microtransaction system from the ground up, giving players more options and more convenience without sacrificing our design principles.”

Guild Wars 2 will be based on three currencies: gold, karma and gems. Gems are used to purchase microtransaction goods and can be exchanged for gold — or vice versa. This means that gold farmers are out of luck: Guild Wars 2 will not be the game for you.

This system is directly likened to PLEX¬† in EVE Online by O’Brien, which will ensure that players have a way to earn everything available in the microtransaction store in-game. It then becomes a choice: pay for it by buying gems for cash, or earn the gold to buy gems instead.

There will be controversy as the mention of gold trading in-game has a lot of negative connotations amongst the MMO community.

Personally, I think this is a great move by ArenaNet which will help reduce hacking, spamming and associated negative behavior linked with the RMT industry. I would be very interested to know your thoughts on the matter.

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