ArenaNet’s Lead Content Designer, Colin Johanson, was interviewed by GamingBolt and revealed bold plans for future content in Guild Wars 2.  He states that while they are actively working on a bigger expansion, they are currently focused on live updates and they aim to do something that no other MMO has done post-launch:

“And that’s every single month, adding giant updates to our game and do a huge release that really gives the players the sense that they’re paying their monthly fee, and every four to five months, they’re getting free expansions’ worth of content as part of logging into our game.”

We had the Shadow of the Mad King update in October and they followed it up with Lost Shores in November.  Wintersday has already been teased for later this month, but Mr. Johanson says there are gobs of content coming in both January and February:

“They’re even bigger than all the stuff we did in October, November and December. And I think that when people see how much stuff they’re gonna get for no monthly fee in January and February, they’re probably going to be blown away. These two months combined are basically an expansion’s worth of content for free.”   

ArenaNet must feel fairly confident that they can deliver new content each month because this is the first time we’ve heard a definitive roll out plan like this.  Do you think it’s risky for them to commit to this type of content schedule or do you think this is exactly what is going to keep players involved in Guild Wars 2 going forward?  Will this approach bring players back to the game?  Also what kind of content do you think we’ll see in January and February?  Colin teased that the February update will contain new things for World vs. World fans.  Do you have any guesses at what that could be?  Leave us a comment below and join the discussion!