ArenaNet’s Lead Content Designer, Colin Johanson, was interviewed by GamingBolt and revealed bold plans for future content in Guild Wars 2.  He states that while they are actively working on a bigger expansion, they are currently focused on live updates and they aim to do something that no other MMO has done post-launch:

“And that’s every single month, adding giant updates to our game and do a huge release that really gives the players the sense that they’re paying their monthly fee, and every four to five months, they’re getting free expansions’ worth of content as part of logging into our game.”

We had the Shadow of the Mad King update in October and they followed it up with Lost Shores in November.  Wintersday has already been teased for later this month, but Mr. Johanson says there are gobs of content coming in both January and February:

“They’re even bigger than all the stuff we did in October, November and December. And I think that when people see how much stuff they’re gonna get for no monthly fee in January and February, they’re probably going to be blown away. These two months combined are basically an expansion’s worth of content for free.”   

ArenaNet must feel fairly confident that they can deliver new content each month because this is the first time we’ve heard a definitive roll out plan like this.  Do you think it’s risky for them to commit to this type of content schedule or do you think this is exactly what is going to keep players involved in Guild Wars 2 going forward?  Will this approach bring players back to the game?  Also what kind of content do you think we’ll see in January and February?  Colin teased that the February update will contain new things for World vs. World fans.  Do you have any guesses at what that could be?  Leave us a comment below and join the discussion!

  • St_Draco

    I like that ANet is taking this risk. I think it is something that will put pressure on the genre as a whole and force other companies to elevate their game.  That said, ANets biggest issue still remains; execution.  We continue to see great ideas and concepts come out of them, but they can’t seem to deliver the whole package just yet.  My concern for this game is that if they keep falling down on the execution, then it won’t matter what they bring to the table because people will lose interest.

  • Dularr

    It’s a good idea. The limited time content is the only thing that brings me back to the game for a couple of hours a month.

    I figure Arenanet had six months to a year worth of content planned and a two year timeline drawn out.  

  • !wut_iz

    Yes, yes it’s a risk, considering how they held up Guesting, absence of vertical progression and such.
    Even if you ignore those issues, just considering how the community has been acting, it’s a big risk.

    • Dularr

      Is guesting working now?

  • ToriMcgrath

    I definitely saw this coming but i do agree that it is bold of them to promise free updates every month I hope with all of my being they pull it off and that the success of the game continues on an upward slope! As for what it will be in February? Valentine’s day? Maybe we can go on blind dates and chill in hot springs and give each other valentines and gain titles like “valentine of so-n-so” haha that would be silly. January has got to be new years… well maybe? I feel like they have to incorporate some fight of some sort…

  • Justin Bourgeois

    Nice to see you on here Richie.
    As far as the content discussion….The constant stream of updates has had me playing GW2 almost daily since launch. And also, it’s not just that they are adding content…they are adding QUALITY content. Mad King jumping puzzle, Mad King dungeon, Mad King zone, Karka even chains, Karka one-time event, entire new zone, all new jumping puzzles.
    Also, the way they are handling the community has been good also. The devs talk communicate constantly with the community. The community has issues with WvW not having enough incentive…updating inc. People have issues with some of the older dungeons…revamps on all old dungeons inc. Bots ruining zones…banned.
    I will be playing this game for a long time :)

  • Jeff Gremban

    It reminds me of League of Legends releasing a new champion every 2-3 weeks.  It really gets you coming back for more.

  • Fredrik Fronken Gardsiö

    Considering the fact that they have already broken 2 of the major promises they made pre-launch, i can’t say i would be surprised if they didn’t do a major patch each month, and then came out afterwards and blamed the fans for misquoting them.

    Same with gear progression, same with keeping pvp and pve separate (1 pvp monthly, 1 pvp+pve monthly).

  • Fish Bait

    Sounds good to me, but tbh hopefully not as large as the previous ones.
    They didn`t work well, Karka one more so.
    Hopefully they concentrate more on current problems, unless a seperate team are still trying to fix those, then all`s well :)
    A lot of folk wanting more to WvWs side of things, but can`t be easy I guess.
    *crosses fingers & other extremeties*

  • Gatto Bardo

    To be honest I would prefer if they slowed down the pace for a bit, to focus on fixing some issues with the game.
    I realize that major problems like culling in wvw can’t be solved in a short time, but things that should’ve been addressed already, like skills/traits not working correctly, small balancing tweaks to bring some classes on par with the others, add guesting or offer a workaround to allow players from different servers to play together on demand (cough cough..overflow).

    I’m sure they’re working on all these different aspects of the game, but they need to communicate it better to the playerbase.
    Not necessarily by having devs posting directly on every single class sub-forum, but some sort of detailed “dev diary” from patch to patch would be nice.

    • Chris Parker

      Bardo, those are separate departments so it wouldn’t matter the pace. 

  • Krzysztof Kotarba

    imo too much… each month… noo noo maybe once for 3-4 months

  • Oskar Milkowski

    pve is awesome in gw2 but spvp is dead more and more… sad sad sad face ;(

    • Nick Cattane

      So very true.  Although I have faith they will eventually make sPvP what it truly can be – just going to probably be the last thing that gets there…

      • Pete Cuellar

        Well Jonathan sharp said that the Jan or Feb patch would include m ost of the PvP features that people have been waiting for and if your into dueling well its still low priority on the PvP features list

  • Chris Swift

    I actually don’t need new content every month as I don’t consume it so quickly. I know there are other players that blaze through content as soon as it hits the servers, so this is great news for them.
    My worry is quality. Do we want standard monthly content, or less frequent updates of a much higher standard? I think promising monthly content is a bad idea, because if you slip, people WILL be unhappy.
    Better to not promise, and just announce new content on maybe a quarterly basis, and only when its ready to ship. 

  • ZekePrince

    I think it’s cool that they are delivering content that frequently.  It helps keep people interested since they can anticipate new things all the time.  Plus new people coming into the game can look forward to having a lot of content to experience.  As long as they can keep up the pace they set for themselves it’s great.  

  • CmdrBretai

    Personally I think that this would be an outstanding thing for any MMO that wants to keep its sub base or their F2P base….however, with putting out that amount of content that frequently I’d suspect there has to be some sort of negative at some point.

    It definitely would keep a community coming back and keep you locked in with the wow factor of OMG, so much to do. Hopefully if this truly happens (in any MMO) itll spark some innovation to create and prevent stagnation because even if you pump out that much content so frequently it has to be fresh.

  • Holly Matthews

    New content is wonderful … large downloads for new content released only hours before an event starts … horrible idea … I never get a chance to play these events because of the download time over my internet. BTW … what about giving us the content we were already promised: GUESTING NOW!

    • Nick Cattane

      Only hours?  They pre-patch a ton of data.  Time to update your net.  Even a ISDN 112k line could deal with the patching process/timing Anet uses.

  • Robert Caliolo

    5 v 5  or 10 v 10 and or 20 v 20 “GUILD WARS” Dungeons and Boss fights would be a cool idea. Sort of like Warhammer attempted in that the 2 Guilds fight off each other and the Boss as such. With the No Trinity concept in GW2 this allows the lack of Taunting to play a better roll in the over all fight. This way should one side out number the other in the Zerg, once those killed get back to the fight they can still effect the focus the Boss might have towards the fight. Balance is always an issue in these kinds of things because it puts the onus on one team to eventually hold off the other and get the Boss down. Thus get the loot. By having the 2 or 3 guilds venturing down different paths of an instance, yet identical the guild that best navigates the “trash” to get to the Boss/Bosses would net the better reward. The group that initiates the start of a Boss fight gets twice as much general rewards as in badges or tokens then the others. The one that beats the Boss would get a better amount of rewards. 

    Another thought is what AION has. Fortress invasions. The Holder of a Fortress…not a Hold…would gain access to an instance for that Server for the period of time they held the Fortress. Let’s say for example The Garrison in WVWVW. If a Guild gains control of that Fortress, it will open up an Instance that only that server can play. The control would last for 24 hours from gaining access. Then should another server take control it switches to that server for 24 hours and so on. Now it does not have to be this example. Say create a new map for this WvWvW and put it in there, make other adjustments to keep players involved into that map as well as continuing to play the other 4 maps as wall.

    Lastly I think there should be MONTHLY Huge city invasions. Various Evil baddies that attack the home cities banging on the gates from the starter lands side. Should those baddies get into the cities then even more chaos ensues. BTW why are there no defenses for Major Cities? Dragons fly in this game last I checked and none of the cities are domed other then maybe The Grove and Rata Sum being a cube.
    Why is it the baddies always attack Lions Arch? Other major cities are just as important if not more so.
    What ever happened to those level 1 starter events that take place to give a taste to the player…Make those actual attacks on the inner workings of the major cities.

  • dawolv

    I guess they will be introducing the Tengu quite soon!
    Maybe in an expansion, but if they want content worth an expansion over the span of a few motnhs than a new race would definately be possible!

    Also, looking at the world map, thers so many blank areas they could insert:
    Like the gap between Southsun Cove and Sparkfly fen, and the general region of the Sea of Sorrows, this weird empty space between Timberline Falls and Sparkfly Fen, More Orr Maps, More Maps westwards from the Norn regions and the regions between Ebonhawke and Timberline Falls.

    Theres a lot of ground yet to be covered in Vistas and Skill Challanges!

  • Inkogni Alex

    HORRAYY FOR GW2, free STUFF, grilled cheese sandwich and Richie ^_^

    @RichieProcopio:twitter   > next video will be filmed in the green room or some gamer background incoming? greenscreens/carpets dont count

    • Richie Procopio

      I’m going to continue working on the background/lighting/etc.  More changes coming in the next few weeks and hopefully for the better.  :)

      • Jado Cast

        What, Gary can’t splurge for a four monitor set up in the background?  ;)  Where are all our donations going?  C’mon man!  j/k

  • Nick Cattane

    They already disclosed at launch they have 2 years worth of content to release ready to go.  From the beginning they planned on doing this and I don’t see it slowing down aby time soon.  The real question here though is when does the expansion model start to play into this or are they making enough revenue from the unique store bought items to have a huge gap between xpac to xpac.

    • Dave Landers

       I would assume that expansions will deal with huge world-wide events and personal story (I assume you and Destiny’s Edge will move on to Jormag at some point). Current patches do not add to personal story – they add content and one-time-events.

  • Justin Rinker

    I love ArenaNet and all of their gaming philosophy, but I do believe that they’re setting themselves up for receiving massive disappointment from their fans. I just don’t see how it would be possible to maintain such an ambitious development cycle post-launch on a B2P title. It doesn’t seem possible. 

    On the other hand, if by some miracle ArenaNet manages to pull this off, I believe they have set the bar for new MMOs. If a company, one who is not receiving any sort of subscription based revenue, can consistently deliver content on a monthly, or even bi-monthly basis, there is no excuse for anything less going forward. 

    Here’s to hoping that Colin Johanson can put his money where his mouth is. 

  • Squared002

    Content updates every month, in my opinion, is a double edged
    sword. The thing that concerns me is the neglect other departments might get as
    a result from this. The end game zones are littered with bugs and have been so
    since release. Some classes are imbalanced to the point you can’t get a group
    for anything simply because you play that class (ie; Rangers).

    Personally, I feel that ArenaNet needs to step back from monthly updates after
    Winters Day to address a lot of the issues the game has right now. Bug fixes,
    drop rate balancing, T6 crafting overhaul (ie: not every damn T6 craft-able
    item using Ecto), lower level zones being made worthwhile for level 80s to be
    in (better scaled rewards), etc etc. I could go on for a long time.

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the game immensely; I just feel ArenaNet needs to
    get some of the “fun breaking” issues straightened out before they continue on
    with the content parade. The more you stack on content, previous bugs become
    harder to fix.

    The fact that ArenaNet is pushing this content every month with little regard
    to bug fixing leads me to believe that they are just pushing for a money grab.
    What better way to get people back in the game, even if only briefly, then
    pushing one off events?

    Although highly unlikely, I would love to see ArenaNet implement a “Realm Point”
    system much like Dark Age of Camelot has. Make it so it is only effective in
    Wv3 and it could bring a lot of different options to the table. Wv3 is fun, but
    long term goals are practically non-existent for the individual. “Top server” –
    fine. What about being a certified bad-ass and a personalized ranking to back
    it up with? We already witnessed the introduction of vertical progression, so
    why not make a Wv3 specific one as well? Before you people start flaming on
    about balance, Wv3 was never intended to be “balanced”. That is what I would
    like to see in February’s patch. A system that rewards the player with Wv3
    specific based skills, and in turns, rewards your server over all.

    I won’t say no to new content, but I will remain worried about previous content
    being riddled with bugs and not getting fixed in a timely manner.

    • Richie Procopio

      Jonathan Sharp said that Wintersday will see a lot of balance changes going into the game.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the monthly updates were a bit lighter and focused more on bug fixes and balances then other patches.  However, many times there are different teams working on these things.  So getting new content doesn’t necessarily mean no bug fixes, because they are different people working on them.  

      Interesting idea on the WvW personal glory system.  Would be cool to distinguish yourself as a bad-ass in WvW.  

      • Squared002

        Jon Peters said the same thing about class balancing and core mechanic issues being fixed for the Ranger class for October, and then November; both brought nothing other then making Rangers Aquamen. 

        I understand that there are other departments that work on their individual aspects of the game, but I still feel a lot of the resources being currently used to bring us monthly updates needs to be reallocated to some of the other departments temporarily to fix a lot of the issues currently on hand (holy run-on sentence).

  • theunwarshed

    Jonathan Sharp already let the cat out of the bag…Jan-Feb updates will see additional/big features/content/fixes to spvp and wvw.

    • Richie Procopio

      Yep, but he didn’t come out and say that their goal was to have content every single month.  I still can’t believe that next year’s patches will be bigger than Shadow of the Mad King and Lost Shores.  /boggle

      • Dularr

        Part of that lighthouse is still standing.  Someone needs to come in and finish the job. 

  • Eric

    “Promising” monthly content updated is definitely a risk worth taking. Even if it’s only enough to keep people busy for a week, it’s still keeping the game in the back of peoples minds. Most other games, you play, you get bored, you quit, and by the time the next expansion comes along, it’s been so long that you really don’t care anymore. I had a great time in WoW and loved Rift, but I really don’t feel any urge to go back and play MoP or Storm Legion because I’ve already moved on to the next thing so many times since then. 

    It also depends on the content though. ANet needs to come up with big things for a large-ish group of people to do that actually requires some planning to pull off. I’ll enjoy repeatable content for a much longer time if there’s a group of people I enjoy going trough that content with. Karka invasion was fun and all, but popping out random zerg-fests every month isn’t gonna cut it. 

  • Demi_God

    It’s a mistake. 

    There is this failed hypothesis floating around in the game community (especially the MMO community) that more content is better.  That is not true.

    It is better to understand that some of the best games ever released, ones that invoke powerful moments of nostalgia among gamers, also have a “large quantity” of great content.  The Final Fantasy VII(s), the Knights of the Old Republic(s), Halo(s), XCOM(s), Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo II, Hello Kitty Island Adventure (still paying attention, just checking), etc.  When you finished these games you were satisfied by the quality of content but also the amount of content you purchased.

    It is from this basic truth that developers come under the assumption great games of the past had a lot of content therefore, “more content is better.  However, there is one point contained within that statement that is the key to why this ideology of more content is better doesn’t work, the player “finished the game”.  People play games for 2 reasons for fun and to win: I killed the final raid boss, I completed my armor set, I beat a lot of other good teams finally getting 2200 rating in arena, or even I dinged level 90.  Each of these examples have one thing in common, a finality to their completion. 

    There is no stopping point to content being continuously churned out, there are vanity pets and mounts.  For some that is enough, but it’s not enough for most. 

    • Nick Cattane

      Not trying to be rude, but I feel like you had a good point queued up here and then somewhere in the third paragraph you lost me.

      Nonetheless, MMO’s are ever-growing evolving games, to compare these to 1 player experiences is simply put, comparing apples and oranges.

      • Demi_God

        You are not being rude, you are being right.  The third paragraph is vague.  A vague paragraph that tries to define a vague problem, that Arenanet is trying to solve using a vague solution.  Perhaps not my best.

        In most cases it isn’t fair to compare MMOs to single player games, but I think the idea of giving players a defined personal goal is comparable.

        An example that comes to mind right now is that when Mists of Pandaria was announced, there was a big backlash over the lack of a Final Boss (a deathwing or arthas).  Then soon after Garrosh was announced as the final boss.  It gave a lot of players that defined, personal goal to work toward for playing MOP. Who doesn’t want to kill Garrosh? 

        Prior, to that the consensus seemed to be:
        MOP = Cataclysm + more content + pandas 

  • Rip NShread

    I love new content so keep it coming Anet.  I will however stop playing so often if my main, yea a Ranger, and his pet are not given some love and the bugs in the game world are not worked out.  Pets are useless in WvWvW because they can’t seem to be able to figure out how to get to the enemy outside keeps/tower/etc. and they make my aggro radius HUGE in PvE pulling everything on the map to them it seems.  A class where 30-40% of the damage and utility is based on the horrible AI that the pets currently have is just a game breaker for me.  Rangers also need the ability to target the next nearest enemy or friendly.  Currently we have options for “next” and/or “nearest”.  If you tap “next” it could target and does target mobs that are out of range even if you have one in your face and one on your pet.  How am I supposed to switch targets?  If you hit “nearest” and you already have the closest mob to you being attacked the game wont even switch targets….ranting…I know.  Rangers are broken, have been since launch.  Pumpkins, crabs and holiday cheer are nice but I can’t even experience it on my class…

    Being an awesome game that I am currently having a ton of fun with and free to play after the initial purchase its difficult to give them a hard time about anything.  Especially more new FREE content.  However, being free to play after the initial purchase, like many other games I have played, it is really easy to put it down, go play something else and never come back.  When I play an MMO I play one MMO.  If I put your MMO down I’m not even going to invest the time to open your game if I have found a new one.  Your game will be moved off the SSD and onto the spin.  Durring my next full clean of my computer you will be gone.In other words, if Anet can’t fix the problems they already have then I don’t want them to just keep adding new ones.  It doesn’t matter how big your pile of doo is …its still just a pile of doo.  

    Now I’m going to level my theif.  

  • Rasmus Nielsen

    Sounds good, if they pull it off! TSW Promised monthly content too, after all. That didn’t exactly work out for them.

  • David Hatcher

    I like the content that makes small permanent changes to the game.  I like that they make an event out of content updates.  I am worried that there are still a fair amount of bugged and imbalanced content that has been a problem since beta weekends.

    Will some of these “monthly content updates” maybe not be an event in the PvE world, but the introduction of features?  Like January’s update is web apps and guesting; February’s update is more stuff on the cove map and a couple new fractals;  March is guild halls and spectator mode;  April is an easter festival (vorpal bunnies invade?); etc. 

    What are they going to do for a purchased expansion?

  • nathan law

    I used to play runescape a few years ago and they had weekly updates, so it’s definitely possible to do one a month although they put quantity above quality by a long way. what worry’s me the most is the expansions worth over 4-5 months statement, because that means future expansions are going to be pretty small if that’s true.

  • RBHgamer

    I think ArenaNet is trying to show off their robust world building tools.  Interviews with the workers at Anet often have mentions of how time saving they are.  I have confidence that they will pull this off – for how long only time will tell.

  • Dark Blue

     If with each month’s big patch has new things in the gem store that people would love to buy, I can see this actually making a nice income for them. Not to mention it’ll bring more new players in that are annoyed with other MMOs holding back on new content.

    • Richie Procopio

      Yes this monthly event system brings a large influx of people in at predictable times which they can also coordinate with new gem store items to make profits.

  • Jeff Wiggins

    I think it’s fantastic that they’re going to be doing this. If we get events each month, even if it ends up being for lower levels or not getting ‘upgraded’ gear, I’d do it simply because it’s fun. Aside from the 20 slot bag from Karka, I got nothing this round but it was good because it was something to do.
    I think if they can make the updates entertaining to actually do, regardless of long term results for the character, it will keep people coming.

    Now can they keep this up every month for the timeline of the game? Unlikely. But even if we get just a year out of it with monthly updates like we’re getting, I’d gladly buy an actual expansion at that point.

  • DoctorOverlord

    Sounds like very impressive plans.   It will be interesting to see if they can keep it up.  ArenaNet seems to only make announcements like this when they know they can do it so I wouldn’t be surprised if they do.

    I don’t think the real risk making the announcement, it’s is whether or not the constant updates will be brining back players.   Stuff like the Halloween event will, stuff like the Lost Shores won’t.   

    Still the promise of new stuff will certainly attract people since everyone like new shiny stuff but I’m such a casual player I can see actually falling behind such an embarrassment of riches.  Not that I mind, I’m just saying that a more modest plan would be enough to keep someone like me playing.

    Also – filming in a hallway Richie?  Were you out of town?

    • Richie Procopio

      Nope not out of town.  That’s the same room, just cut it off so you saw just the wall and not the rest of the room.  Still playing around with the set up.  

      Yeah I don’t think he would have announced it if he didn’t know they can deliver patches in Jan and Feb.  The question is, will it work well for the most part like Mad King or will it be riddled with issues like the Lost Shores.

  • John Alvino

    If people are going to complain about no end game content (Which is false) then coming out we extra content every month fixes that… The down side of this is even if they do keep it up, bringing out more content I can’t help but feel it wont last forever… just because nothing lasts forever and eventually they WILL have to slow down or stop.

    As of right now though it’s all thumbs up for me. :)

    • Eto_Zamamai

      Well the holiday events will “last forever” (or near enough). They simply can repeat winters day, shadow of the mad king and others (Canthan new year, maybe eventually) as they have in GW. That covers around a third of a year there, which leaves time for more unique expansions and eventually add ons.

  • Jado Cast

    There is no way they would announce this unless they already have most of it done.  My guess is, they have a head start on all their content releases well in advance.

    What really determines if they will keep this up, is their incoming source of revenue.  If people keep buying from the Gem store, they will have no problem with steady release of content because they can afford it.  If the Gem store doesn’t make the income to sustain it, or there first real B2P expansion isn’t successful then we may see it slow down.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • Dularr

      I keep seeing Guild Wars 2 in the top 10 on sales charts.  If it keep selling, Arenanet will keep making content. 

      • Jado Cast

        We need an over under by Jason on how many Digital+Box sales GW2 will have one year after release.  I agree as long as they keep selling well, and keep getting revenue, we will keep seeing more content.

  • Joe Christy

    I think it is a good idea. As long as they can provide content at the rate they said that is fine. Even if it isn’t as fast as they say it is, that is totally fine with me since I still have a lot to accomplish, however it may bother other players that the content isn’t being released on time like ANet said they would. I enjoy it, even though I missed out on the Lost Shores event (stupid college), I think it will be a huge selling point and will most likely sustain a nice amount of players.

  • Revanhavoc

    Way to take the initiative Richie.

  • zilvis78

    This sounds like maybe one of the most solid MMO company decisions all around. The game by far had no lack of content at launch and now with throwing the occasional new dungeon,world boss,pvp map, and so on each month it gives them extreme credibility in not only their abilities but announcing it ahead of time shows they have the p.r. and confidence to keep a pace that is commendable. As for theories I don’t know really but likely Jan. will be another something like lost shores with pve general stuff, In Feb. it would be obvious to do a Valentines Day tie in now if that affects the WvWvW I doubt but having a little V-day aspect plus something like a permanent addition to WvWvW is fine. I’m sure some content indeed has been pre-prepped but they have said things like the mad king events only took 2 months to develop, if they have multiple teams working each month on various months they likely can get the years worth done in say 3-5 months then sit back a bit until the next round starts up so it’s extremely possible with the proper managing to do what they say they are doing.

  • Kevin Raymond Macduff

    Anet has Ballz i like Ballz

  • Laura Gennevieve

    Every class has bugged abilities and traits, half the level 80 dynamic events bug out, WvW is broken in more ways than i care to list.  How about fixing and polishing up that minimal viable product first. Your fans really do want to play the game they paid $60 for.

    • Christoforos Eleftheriou

      the bugs are minimal. The game is worth way more than what it costs and the players are definitely playing what they paid for.

    • Matt Steigely

      You high?

    • Demi_God

      A little overly dramatic (just slightly), but I agree with Laura.  There were so many minor bugs, glitches and hiccups that turned me off the game very quickly. 

      PVP runes, sigils, and talents pertaining to them, a lot of them didn’t work.  It was a very visible problem, Arenanet had to know it, and launched the game anyways. 

      My problem is that the fix to all of it was so easy, just remove the runes, sigils, and broken talents then add them in later once they were working.

  • Brendan Furlong Plumstead

    If some of the bugs that came up in the last two major patches/the event bugs on content that has continued to exist since release get fixed, this could be really cool. 

  • Josh Hagood

    content in the form of events, pvp maps and dungeons is good, and expected for this game IMO. They need it to have the retention of a standard sub game with content patches.

    If they start adding new classes, weapon sets, mechanics (New ranger pets, which they’ve done once so far! :D), and leveling areas/level increase… well then we have something extra-ordinary.

    I kind of hope they release expansion pack style things of the stuff I mentioned above in the Gem Store, letting you choose to piece it out with gems, or buy it all in a 30$ or so pack at once. A bit like the Turbine model.

  • Shawn Farthing

    It will work very well with there profit model and if worked right will keep gem prices high making more likely that be just buy them. Another thing to take into account is the type of company you can tell when the guys really love what they do like the guys from Fromsoftware that did the kings field series and dark souls you can really tell that they love what they do the same might be said for gw2. We all can think of a few companies that once apon a time created amazing worlds with gripping stories but at some point they let greed kill there dreams. The point though if its a group of guys that love what they do it should be no problem.

  • Chris Martin

    I think that this announcement will definitely keep people playing each month. However, they need to add more in the line of personal story for the solo players, nice new cosmetics for each monthly update. Rare collectables, that are not going to hurt the core game (pets, dyes, crafting items…), I’d like to see a few castle wall fights in PVE with hordes of minions to battle through. Plus they need some nice new BIG world bosses. Dragons are nice, but if they open up new land, they could add more.

  • Orlando Benjamin

    lol… monthly updates… DCUO tried it and failed…. TSW, the same thing…

    I am wondering if they are going to be able to keep up with the QA and testing… Monthly updates and tons of bugs included… cmon…

  • Buster Keaton

    Adding content every month is a bold move but it could backfire. As a casual player I need some time to explore the new things they bring into the game.Hardcore players may be inclined to see this as a good thing but I would rather place my bet on improving the things they have so far (reward chests for most events, a skin remake for crafted items and such small details that really count on the long run). So far, I was more impressed with the sPvP improvements while not being a hardcore PvP player.The world events on the other hand really bored me.