The January game update for Guild Wars 2 looms ever closer and one of the significant changes will be the removal of graveyard zerging from the dungeons. In the Fractals of the Mists dungeon, you cannot repeatedly die and use the waypoints to whittle down the tougher encounters and soon the other dungeons will behave similarly.

Players have shown concern, however, that removing graveyard zerging may make some of the encounters too difficult. Others have mentioned that the way points in some dungeon paths are scarce, making party deaths painful with long runs back to the action.

ArenaNet’s dungeon guru, Robert Hrouda, took to the forums to assuage fears and provide us with more information:

“As a designer, I spent the entirety of this last patch’s development tuning and ensuring encounters could be accomplished without res rushing. When you see the patch notes, you’ll be more aware of how much work went into making the anti res-rushing fix not a punishment or an increase in difficulty, but rather a solution to a problem.”

He also mentioned that they do intend on implementing more way points so that running back after wipe won’t be as brutal. Unfortunately, there wasn’t time to add those waypoints into the January update.

Mr. Hrouda finished up by giving us a sneak peek of one of the dungeon encounters that he revised:

“I was hoping it would be a surprise, but sure. I rebuilt the “Defend Magg while he plants the bomb” event in CoF (path 2). It now involves a special flame legion assassin who must be killed before he reaches Magg, while dealing with never-ending spawns of (non veteran…) flame legion out to distract the players and add pressure.”

What do you think about ArenaNet’s decision to remove graveyard zerging from dungeons in Guild Wars 2? Leave us a comment and let us know!

  • green cactaur

    Makes sense to me. I definitely see Anet learning more and more as the game progresses. The GY zering wasn’t really a good idea, but great to see its fixed.

  • rulez

    We gave plenty of feedback during beta that waypoint zerging does not belong into dungeons, especially explorables. Odd that it took them so long to fix it.

    • Robert Caliolo

      Took so long? Really, how long has it been? 4 months with content updates and all. Let’s be real on how long something takes to retool like this.

  • Joey Morrone

    I like this change. 

  • Matthew Riddle

    In any other MMO, this would seem harsh, but since players can revive fellow teammates on the spot, I think it’s fair.

    • Dularr

      Seems fairly standard, not aware of any MMO’s that allow you to GY zerg on a boss fight. 

  • Akrom Valeth


  • St_Draco

    I like that they finally decided to make this change.  I possibly understand why they had waypoint rez’ing before (to enable less skilled groups the opportunity to move through difficult content at the expense of time and equipment damage), but it became clear that it wasn’t going to be the exception but rather the rule to zerg content.

    If this does, which it likely will, make content more difficult I think this is the first time that I have ever seen a developer actually make things more challenging, across the board, after launch. Typically it goes the other way around, with nerfs to allow easy of access to content.  But then, that is the advantage of having cosmetic rewards over purely statistical ones.

  • Joshua J. Pate-Terry

    I tend to be indifferent to the change with one exception.  There have been several times during boss encounters where I was the only one alive and through some really well timed dodges and blocks I was able to keep the boss engaged while my entire team returned from the waypoint.  I realize that this is not how ANet wants the encounter to go, but I really feel like a hero when I am able to do that.  So the killer for me is that they are taking away one of my opportunities to feel like a hero.  So now if I am the only one still standing, we will likely just fall into the trap I encountered from GW1 where I’m the only one alive and chat just fills up with, “just die so we can res.”  That doesn’t sound epic for me.  I never like being told to just die and I don’t like telling others to do so.

  • Corey “Crimzen” Jenkins

    So glad they are making this change. I think it will definitely help the community as a whole get better at dungeons and actually help enforce the skill over gear concept GW2 is pushing. I felt the system they had previously didn’t really make players learn how to play their class effectively, because zerg rushing the boss was always an option for some. Great change, can’t wait to see what other fixes/updates come with this patch.

  • Dularr

    Good to see, I’ll have to come back and try them out. I got a little tired of zerging the bosses, so glad to hear about the change. 

  • Tom Tindall

    No more “1-2-2″ method in CoF then I hope (when you have to defend Magg in explorable mode) :P that ‘tactic’ is so stupid, yet everyone I’ve grouped with so far makes me do it because apparently the fight is too hard the ‘normal’ way, though I wouldn’t know about that because I’ve only used the zerging method as mentioned in the video.

    It’s good to see Arenanet making such good changes to make the game a more enjoyable experience :)

  • Benjamin Sansam

    I like it as means that some groups now not only have to look at what they are doing but whole group, if someone looks like going down, can you heal them or help rez them, maybe you call pull the group of other who will do that. 

  • Dave Landers

    YES! I asked for this shortly after fractals came out. Love it.

  • poken1151

    Well, probably of the few who’ll say this but I hope they really have tweaked some of the battles so zerging (never knew that it had a name) works less.

    I haven’t played in a couple months (school, yay!) but if memory serves not all, but a couple battles seemed extremely difficult without some amount of respawn. To the point I swore it had to work like that. Now, can I say that I had a bad group. Yea, for the most part. I’ve done a dungeon with a good group and a bad one, and seen that with good co-ordination it’s doable. Yet in those same good groups we still hit brick walls at specific challenges. A one hit attack one can barely make out, insufficient timing etc. 

    Now, of course people can get this done the “normal” way and I think we should be able to. So that part of me is happy they’re removing it (for a bunch of other reasons also already mentioned). So as long as they have re-tuned some encounters it’ll be good. The fact is however that there was some amount of balance with it. If they did one part without the oher there’d be larger outcry. So lets see how it goes. 

    My one hope is it doesn’t get to be more like WoW dungeoning. The thing I liked about most PUGs in GW2 is that we KNEW we could get through it. There was VERY little hate I’ve ever run into. But in Wow, wow… people made the idea of going into a dungeon such a “job” it was like, why bother. And yes, I’m one who plays for fun every now and then when I got the time. So hitting a millitant group near everytime was like… uggh. 

    Worse was they didn’t even give you a chance to learn. No, you should know all resources online, read them intently before even looking for a group then be prepared do everything as seen in section 1:27 of video referenced in manual 3 of the raid guide, subsection B. Memorized. So yea, just hoping pugs in GW2 don’t grow to that.

    • Dularr

      Watch the StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm cinematic trailer, now that is a classic Zerg rush.

  • HartsHope

    fucking finally… now all these baddies and ritalin kiddie rambos i end up grouping with will DIE IN A FIRE AND QUIT ALL GAMES FOREVERRRRRR…

    thats assuming “Arenanet’s retuning of encounters” doesnt mean nerfed into faceroll easy.. cuz this shit is already easy.

    hopefully this is a small step to actually making GW2 somewhat of a “skill-based”
    game.. cuz even though gear stats arent as important… this game sure
    dont need skill. dont stand in the red circle and click the 1-4, got it? now youre ready to speed farm.

  • Dark Blue

    I think this is great news. It won’t be like in WoW where too many down means you’d need to wipe and start again. As all classes can rez, it’ll mean more teamwork will be needed to get the fallen back up and those traits that few use that help rezzing will be useful enough to consider using. More of a challenge in the dungeons will make the successes more satisfying.

  • Miguel Rodriguez

    Loving the change!

  • Bostjan

    With fists in the air while tasting  my salty tears of joy screaming :” YES YES YES, finally !”  :D

  • Ian Mansfield

    … Grave resing was a actual technique we had to work alot on in the CoF path 3. I mean We had to get the timing down and when to go into the pit of 100’s of flame legion. I mean I wish I could use another tactic but thats what worked and it would have been impossible to do it anyother way. HOPEFULLY this is one of the path changes. all the paths that have the events where if you fail you have to start again will need tweaked

  • Aisar

    Nice, sounds like they are fixing really bad gameplay and mechanics.  I can’t wait for the game to be tuned and balanced and ready for another shot.  I hope they keep the WvW and dungeon fixes coming.

  • Jado Cast

    Glad to hear they are making this change.

  • Chris Young

    Great idea, i have been hoping they would make this change,i have not played in a while due to school. Right now my comp is being fixed,but as soon as it is fixed i want to get back into things,hope there are still people in Triple BBB and i hope upcoming updates get us doing things together.

  • James PrettyBoy Polley

    no1 cares.

    • Spammerbam

       Then why are you here?

  • Robbie Paul

    Great change – I will actually start playing again.

    • Scott Dacey

      You stopped playing cause you can respawn in the middle of a fight?

  • Rasmus Nielsen

    Seriously? People are having trouble in Dungeons? I can understand Fractals, I guess, past level 30 or something, but Dungeons? *Seriously*?

    • dawolv

       Explorables not so much I think when you know what you have to do.
      I played the story modes quite early after launch and I have to say some bosses there were just impossible w/o at least someone dying mid-fight.

      Spectral Weapon boss @ CoF, Necro boss in TA
      That one I kited with my Guardian for about 30mins while my team kept throwing themselves against it and we finally passed

      • Jonathan Hornsby

        The Lovers in catacombs story mode just after launch. They had my whole party pulling our hair out, and most people were saying to just skip that dungeon completely.

  • Joseph Giovanni Fiol

    On the 28th I’ll determine how much I like this.  I think I will, I like it in FotM