graveyard zerging

The January game update for Guild Wars 2 looms ever closer and one of the significant changes will be the removal of graveyard zerging from the dungeons. In the Fractals of the Mists dungeon, you cannot repeatedly die and use the waypoints to whittle down the tougher encounters and soon the other dungeons will behave similarly.

Players have shown concern, however, that removing graveyard zerging may make some of the encounters too difficult. Others have mentioned that the way points in some dungeon paths are scarce, making party deaths painful with long runs back to the action.

ArenaNet’s dungeon guru, Robert Hrouda, took to the forums to assuage fears and provide us with more information:

“As a designer, I spent the entirety of this last patch’s development tuning and ensuring encounters could be accomplished without res rushing. When you see the patch notes, you’ll be more aware of how much work went into making the anti res-rushing fix not a punishment or an increase in difficulty, but rather a solution to a problem.”

He also mentioned that they do intend on implementing more way points so that running back after wipe won’t be as brutal. Unfortunately, there wasn’t time to add those waypoints into the January update.

Mr. Hrouda finished up by giving us a sneak peek of one of the dungeon encounters that he revised:

“I was hoping it would be a surprise, but sure. I rebuilt the “Defend Magg while he plants the bomb” event in CoF (path 2). It now involves a special flame legion assassin who must be killed before he reaches Magg, while dealing with never-ending spawns of (non veteran…) flame legion out to distract the players and add pressure.”

What do you think about ArenaNet’s decision to remove graveyard zerging from dungeons in Guild Wars 2? Leave us a comment and let us know!