Buying Legendaries With Gold

Legendary weapons have recently been spotted on the trading post in Guild Wars 2 and has caused some confusion and outrage in the community.  At first, players assumed this was a bug or a mistake because surely the hardest to acquire items in the game would be account or soulbound, right?  Well, that’s not the case.  ArenaNet has clarified on the forums that this is not a bug and legendary weapons can be traded and sold until they are equipped.

The prices for these amazing implements of destruction range from 3K to 10K gold, which will keep them out of the hands of most of the population.  But just seeing them appear on the trading post has sparked an interesting debate as to whether or not these prestigious items should be account bound.  On the one hand, it would be nice to think that everyone walking around with a Twilight greatsword has earned it through their own efforts.  On the other hand, acquiring a legendary requires many rare materials and players can already fast track their progress by converting real cash to gold.

I’ve also seen comments from the community stating that legendaries on the trading post means that Guild Wars 2 is pay to win.  Um no.  No no.  NO. Never.  The legendary weapons aren’t more powerful then an exotic weapon you can craft yourself or buy from the trading post for 3 gold.  Their power may improve once ascended weapons are introduced, but not only is that a long way off, they will not be more powerful than easier to acquire items.  It’s not pay to win.  It’s pay to look cool more quickly.

I think the majority of players would probably prefer if legendary weapons were account bound when created, but does it really matter when acquiring one is mostly a rare material grind?  If ArenaNet does implement more legendaries that are discovered through a more scavenger hunt type approach, then it may warrant them being soulbound.  Let us know where you stand on this issue in the comments below!