Wintersday is in full swing in Guild Wars 2 and players are busy fighting off malfunctioning toys, throwing snowballs, and playing the choir bells.  One of the more popular additions to the holiday event is the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle.  The new platforming exercise draws comparisons to the beloved Mad King’s Clocktower, but while they both are timed jumping puzzles, the similarities stop there.

The Clocktower was only completed by a small percentage of the player base and was an extremely difficult and taxing experience.  Despite the difficulty, players loved the challenge and the exotic level rewards were top-notch.  While the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle is much easier, it sports many improvements over the Clocktower including: multiple paths so other players aren’t in your way, the ability to watch other players go through the puzzle, and snowballs on the waiting platform to chuck at your friends!

While the rewards are fairly tame, you can repeat the jumping puzzle each day for another gulp of karma and other assorted goodies.  Overall, the Winter Wonderland is an extremely fun experience set in a gorgeous wintry environment.  It’s even more incredible when you extend your awareness skyward and realize where this entire experience takes place.

I hope this video guide helps you complete this frosty jumping puzzle and let me know how many attempts it took you in the comment section below!  For more Guild Wars 2 Wintersday videos, head over to my YouTube channel.