Thought you were just playing Guild Wars 2 this weekend?

The big news we’re breaking now is that the bonuses for previous weekend events are available during the current Guild Wars anniversary celebration. It has been confirmed by ArenaNet — though it is not up on the official site yet — that all of the weekend event bonuses — numbering more than a dozen — are currently in-game.

ArenaNet has a load of activities — including a huge special bonus — already underway to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the original Guild Wars, which launched in North America on April 28, 2005.

These additional items make grabbing Guild Wars very tempting to all fans anticipating Guild Wars 2 who want to catch up on the Hall of Monuments. Remember you need Eye of the North to be able to take part in the HoM race!

So if you’re looking to get a leg up on your Hall of Monument achievements, now’s the perfect time to drop in and get to 30!

For the “normal” part of the celebration, players can visit NPCs in Lion’s Arch, Shing Jea Monastery, Kamadan, and the Great Temple of Balthazar to try their hand at events like dodgeball and roller beetle racing.

Players can also get lots of cool drops, such as birthday cupcakes and bottle rockets, from creatures in the field, with the top prize — the Ranger pet Hound of Balthazar — being handed out by Ceira, Sworn to Fire in Embark Beach.

The Hound of Balthazar is, of course, is a tasty peek at Guild Wars 2. As if you needed yet another reason to dive into this celebration.

Your chance to get your Hall of Monuments full to the brim — through this Anniversary Celebration — runs from now until May 8.

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  • Mark F Sindeldecker Jr

    If anybody would like help or has questions about GW1, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

  • Colleen

    …rollerbeetle racing, not rollerblading…LOL

    • Colleen

       Hmm so I guess its rollerbeetling then..:p

  • ryan phillips

    ive had netflix for months, just wish they’d re-purchase the rights to show Pootie Tang ;(

  • Christopher

    this looks epic as hell! thanks for the news!

  • Fabián Matas González

    Why is the time to get the 30 points? Any kind of bonus?

    • Tim Becker


      type in ”Illusion Kitten” to see the possible rweards

  • Craig Gafoor

    it says allot that Guildwars 1 is 7 years old and still going strong ….makes me feel nice n warm n fuzzy inside to know that ill be playing GW2 for this long and still see support….FOR FREE, pay once and im done…with a game that makes WOWs game mechanics look dated…its GFX look dated….and its pay system DATED…see u all in WvWvW this weekend for BETA all! whooohoo

    • Jason Quinn

       I was trying to word the same thing but you really said it all :)

  • Cyclops07

    I know in the end I may regret it but I never played GW1, at the time was just totally not interested in it. Now I will wish I had for all the acheivements, titles I will miss out on but as much as that would be cool I’m not going to run and buiy GW1 at this late point. To me all that matters is that GW2 is even close to as great as I hope it will be. If that the case then oh well a few titles or items wont be a big deal to me. 

  • jazzbrownie

    I really wouldn’t encourage people to jump into GW1 this late in the game if their only goal is to get HoM points.  The only explanation I can think of for why they’d recommend it is their total lack of GW1 experience.  Getting a decent number of points is a pretty huge time investment.  

    I’ve only got 20 points and my main character is 82 months old.  Granted, I did take quite a few breaks within those months, but I’ve still got over 900 hours logged.

    With that said, if you want to get GW1 because you think you might enjoy it, go for it.  Just make sure you get the trilogy for a better value.

    • JJGlyph

      Just depends how much research they do. I know someone who got 30/50 in two weeks and was brand new to the game.

      Of course, not everyone is as good at games as he is… but there’s still hope for those who want points. We have at least another 1.5 months (or maybe much longer) until release.

      • jazzbrownie

        Wow, that sounds like a lot of grinding over long sessions.  I stopped at 20 because all of points after that would basically be rep grinds.  I may get 22 because I want to get my hands on that longbow skin…  it would probably only take 10-15 Glint’s Challenge missions.  That’s still 3.5-5 hours of running the same thing over and over, though.

  • nathan law

    im still hoping for a gw2 release date announcement on the day of the anniversary, am i crazy? 

  • Peter Walker

    No fear of anyone jumping in to the game this week, we are suffering from the usual Anet server problems, no connection and codes of 040 and 007 which Anet will of course insist is our local equipment not theirs. Always amused me how 100s of GW players could all have local equipment failures that all miraculously cleared up at the same time^^

  • Christopher

    iam completely lost lol, was trying to find the lunar quest givers since i missed my chance to get the rare mini in feb, but i cant see any quest givers or none of the lunar tokens drop so i guess even if you can access the canthan new year games like nine rings for your lucky/unlucky title i don´t think everything is available, so far ive only gotten victory tokens (or w/e) so i can at least get smashed for free ^^

    (correct me if iam wrong and feel free to point me in the right direction)