KDB Daewoo Securities, which bills itself as a leader in the Korean securities market, issues regular  financial statement on NCSoft and its wholly-owned subsidiary, ArenaNet.

Its most recent entries have included some interesting predictions — including a potential launch window — regarding Guild Wars 2.

According to the April report, the March closed beta test was successful enough that “foreign investors have been increasing their buying of NCSoft shares.”

The report predicts 3.12 million sales of Guild Wars 2 in North America and Europe in 2012, far exceeding NCSoft’s last big Western release, Aion, which sold 1.5 million copies in 2009. Also, NCSoft will receive $48 out of every $59.99 copy of GW2 sold.

The May report echoes that NCSoft is a strong buy, based on the potential for GW2 and the Korean-only MMO Blade & Soul, even going so far as to drop these juicy tidbits:

We expect NCsoft to generate earnings momentum from 3Q through 2013, aided by the launches of Blade & Soul and Guild Wars 2.

Blade & Soul (3Q) and Guilds [sic] Wars 2 (4Q) to start generating revenues

And we anticipate that Guild Wars 2 will be rolled out in the US and Europe before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Technically, they’re making guesses — albeit fairly educated ones — just like the rest of us, but it’s a little depressing to think that people who get paid large sums of money to figure these things out think we might have to wait until November for Guild Wars 2.

However, the June report — which came out a week ago and blames NCSoft’s poor recent performance on the emergence of Diablo III —  offers more optimistic news:

Furthermore, given the expected commercial launches of two potential blockbusters (Blade & Soul and Guild Wars 2) in 3Q, we project the company’s 3Q operating profit to reach the W100bn level.

Given that the company will need some preparation time (for marketing and cooperation with online and offline agencies) before the commercial launch in 3Q, we think that an announcement about Guild Wars 2’s commercial launch is imminent.

We can only hope.

Jason Winter has held several positions in the tabletop and video-gaming industry since 1996, including writer, editor, marketing coordinator, and game designer. He's the former editor of Beckett Massive Online Gamer and almost considers himself competent in PvP. In addition to his work with Gamebreaker.tv, he also blogs about video games at http://jasonwinter.wordpress.com.
  • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

    3.12m in sales.  Was wondering when someone was going to put out a number.

    • Jado Cast

      I wonder what I cost to develop the game?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Bergevin-Jr/1393526370 Jim Bergevin Jr

    Note that they said “before” the Thanksgiving Holiday – not “around” the Thanksgiving Holiday. So technically, it could be released any time between now and then. In all reality, with one more BWE planned, we will probably see it sometime in August (same month that Eye of the North was released in 2007). Not that it matters to me – I have no plans to play the game, but am interested in following it as it’s success or failure could ultimately determine what happens to GW1.

  • http://twitter.com/dryiggles Jeremiah Yip

    Very interesting info.  I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for more news updates as you guys find it and as we get closer to those dates.

  • Robert Brown

    I was expecting this already, but this definitely gives my thoughts more credence.

  • David Alcon

    Given the amount of community hype that’s been behind GW2, do they really need to pump out much advertising at all?

  • Damir Miric

    Judging by state of last BWE and considering the fact that thats not all they have just what they were willing to show or wanted to test. I think three will be 2 more BWEs so we could expect the game to come out in 3 months. I would like it to be sooner but I dont think so. 

  • Elevens

    Is it me or was the story presented backwards?  Shouldn’t you have started with the most recent report from june speculating a Q3 release and the “However” should have been the older report which speculated before Thanksgiving.

    As for the announcement being “imminent”, I can see reason behind it.  If they announce it before the end of june, it will give them more pre-purchases that they can report for Q2.

    • http://twitter.com/Jayeluu Jason Winter

      You might be right. I found the April info first and then found the May and June reports, but thought it still looked OK going in that order. If I started with the most current info, it might have meant people would skip the older stuff.

      Yes, I’m evil and wanted you to waste another 30 seconds reading the whole thing :)

    • http://twitter.com/Jayeluu Jason Winter

      You might be right. I found the April info first and then found the May and June reports, but thought it still looked OK going in that order. If I started with the most current info, it might have meant people would skip the older stuff.

      Yes, I’m evil and wanted you to waste another 30 seconds reading the whole thing :)

      • Elevens

        It’s not that, Jason.  You do a great job, don’t get me wrong.  I had written this response to the original title, “Thanksgiving in Tyria”.  When I clicked on it, I assumed that it was going to be about the May report that was discussed in-depth on reddit/guru.  Now that the title was changed, it’s much more clear that it is new information.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mal-loci-Starstrider/100003229277141 Mal-loci Starstrider

    Why exactly is not having subs to lose after relase a good thing? You still lose money when people stop playing your f2p game just like when people stop playing a p2p game. Well except for with the p2p game you know you were gettig money from that person to play your game.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Johnson/1353890372 Michael Johnson

      Because it’s easier to jump back into a F2P game.

      It turns people off when they have to pay $15 just to see if the game has gotten better

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Johnson/1353890372 Michael Johnson

      Because it’s easier to jump back into a F2P game.

      It turns people off when they have to pay $15 just to see if the game has gotten better

      • Revanhavoc

        It’s a question of opportunity cost. Having a F2P player leave you lose their potential micro transaction revenue. A subscription player leaves, it is more of a big deal because of the barrier to re-entry you’re right, but a player leaving is always a bad thing, no dev designs a game around re-entry anyway. 

        It’s much more about ease of initial entry, and GW2 definitely is easier with its buy-to-play format.

        Since the revenue per player is going to be lower in Guild Wars 2 due to lack of sub, I guess that means one player leaving isn’t going to be as important to the overall revenue stream, but it’s never a good thing, I think we can agree.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mal-loci-Starstrider/100003229277141 Mal-loci Starstrider

    Double post

  • Karizee

    3.12 mil x $48 = 150 million before cash shop – nice :)

    • Svenskalkoholkultur

      That’s what Activision earns every month only on WoW 
      10.3 Million x 15$= 154.5 million $

      • QSatu

         Most of those subs come from asia and they don’t pay monthly.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/THJWE4XEXAMAPW3CUGPFYCUDHE Prime

    Why do people not look at the big picture: I hope NCSOFT does well. BUT they still need to MAKE MONEY as a company… WOW gets money from the BOXES TOO… AND the SUBS.. AND THE CASH SHOP… DUH…

    Lets see how GW2 does? lets see if they keep up on it with no real INCENTIVE to do so…they gave you a lick of the ice cream cone…lets see if you get anymore…

    GW2 wont get the subs and the CASH SHOP may not be THAT much revenue.

    Its like people are silly lemmings of the “Free2play” fairytale.

    I dont get it…

    • jz100

      Newsflash, GW1 has been free to play for many years.

      The cash shops also make BIG money for these companies.  Just ask Turbine about their LOTRO game, apparently their income tripled after adding the store and going f2p.

    • Chikane Himemiya

       You don’t have to be as greedy as Blizzard to have a successful (financially) game.

  • http://twitter.com/AislingKerrigan Aisling

    Korean Thanksgiving (Chuseok) is in late September. Just thought I’d throw that out there. Korean analysts are likely referring to their country’s holiday. :P

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=506728308 Julian F’n Mugnieco

    i’m kind of shocked that after all the dev time Anet has put into this, NCSoft gets 80% of every sale… That’s rough for Anet

    • http://twitter.com/AislingKerrigan Aisling

      It sounds rough but that’s the way it is for pretty much all developers under major publishers. EA takes an equally large chunk out of any profit Bioware makes for instance. In fact for SWTOR it’s even worse because Lucas Arts takes 35% of revenues excluding initial box sales (which went to EA). 

      Publishers provide the initial investment that developers wouldn’t be able to make games without so they see the biggest return. ArenaNet will make more than enough to pay all its hundreds of employees and NCsoft will make an insane profit to show to their shareholders and then turn and re-invest that capital into new projects. Guild Wars 3? :D

    • christopher murray

      You have to remember that NCsoft gave arenanet the money to make this game and guildwars 1 with no guarantee of return.  And it also seems they gave them a pretty long leash also to do what they wanted.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/TIHY3TR25QZ36FGZF4M4GZ3JVY yahoo-TIHY3TR25QZ36FGZF4M4GZ3JVY

      I think the 80% is including Anet’s take home beings that they are owned by NCSoft. The other 20% is in refrence to how much retailers keep for selling the game.

    • Jado Cast

      I think they are referring to corporate allocation.

    • Aaron Schneider

      NCSoft Owns ArenaNet… so really, if NCSoft is making money, then so is ArenaNet

  • Revanhavoc

    Let’s not paint this business model as the be all end all…Since GW2 doesn’t have a sub, that automatically means there will be less revenue per customer (the most important metric for an MMO viability long term) And please don’t tell me the box and micro transactions will account for a full $15 a month fee, there is nothing to support that idea.

    The reason any non-sub based game is sucessful is because it lowers barriers to entry for players, so more of them try it out. League of Legends is a great example. There is no company to reference in order to support the idea that a non sub based business model (i.e. non World of Warcraft model) can compete for out and out revenues with a subcription based model.

    That said I think these estimations are completely realistic and Guild Wars 2 will definitely sell millions just judging from the success of GW1.

    Will Areanet be able to support their game long term to the same high standard as a company could with a $15 a month fee and with an equal size player base?

    We will have to wait and see…

    • http://twitter.com/AislingKerrigan Aisling

      Hardware costs are down SO significantly since the start of the MMO industry. The cost of maintaining active servers is practically nill and ArenaNet doesn’t have to release regular content patches. That’s the only real cost to running games like WoW and SWTOR.

    • Old Ben

      >  the same high standard as a company could with a $15 a month

      You mean high standards like WoW Cataclysm (developed during Blizzard’s most profitable period ever)… ? ;-)

      > and with an equal size player base?

      If they had a $15 subscription, they wouldn’t have “an equal size player base”. 

      > We will have to wait and see…

      GW(1) is still around, and seems to be profitable.

      I expect they will release approximately one expansion per year, priced at $30 or so. Assuming a player base around 3 million, and subtracting distribution costs, that means around $60 million a year, which is more than enough to develop a AAA game from scratch (yes, many games have budgets over $60M, but they take 3 or 4 years to develop, and this is per year).

      They can probably keep the game running (and keep releasing expansions regularly) even with a player base around half a million and no cash shop sales. They don’t even need those to be “regular” players. They just need to convince them to make a yearly purchase of $30 (to check the new expansion), which is probably not too hard. And if they manage to attract half a million new players each year (even if those stop playing after one week), they make another $40M or so.

      • Jado Cast

        Based on their GW1 model, they will probably release “campaigns” as big as the release and will charge around $40-$60 (albeit semantics) there only campaign was EoTN which released at $20. So it’s more likely based on your numbers they will generate more revenue. I think they will try to release a campaign/expansion every 6-9 months.

        • Arkanthos

          Yeh they sid they will release expansions more then full stand alone campaigns, but i guess i know where your coming from. But still i rather pay for a 40 or 60 dollar expansion then for a 30-40 dollar one with sub fees.

  • Randall Burt

    this is not info. this is speculation. well, its info on some company’s speculation.

  • QSatu

    Aren’t these old news? =P those reports were released long time ago =]

    • Elevens

      The June report, which speculates a Q3 release and imminent announcement about GW2’s commercial launch, is from a week ago(June 7).

  • http://www.facebook.com/obrienweb Chris O’Brien

    What a rip off to the customer base paying a subscription to play a game.  That is an old school model now.  Protest with your wallet!

    Also, with saying $15 a month is just a generalization because most subscription based games give discounts if you pay for annual then 1 month.

    • Sharuko

      You want to know what rip off is?  Arenanet recently hired a monetization producer straight from Nexon with the blessing of NCSoft as Nexon owns a large part of NCSoft.  Get ready.

    • http://twitter.com/NRZappa Nicholas Zappa

      Wait, what?  GW2 has no subscription…You just buy the game and play…That IS voting with my wallet. Top notch AAA MMO, with no fees…Yeah…
      The more you know.

  • Cyclops07

    I want the game to come out soon like most others and I have been bashed for it but I would not be surprised if its a Christmas release even

  • Sharuko

    I would be shocked if the game is released in 2012, I am still calling a Q1, 2013 release.  The game is no where close to being done, even basic things like level pacing is way off.  One of the biggest complaints on the forums was that people were under leveled for content.  Not to mention they will not be showing the Asura and Sylvaria races for a long time (won’t be in next BWE either).  The game is also missing many features including things like Dungeon finder which many GBTV hosts said are needed in a modern MMO.  No target of target, really? Class balance is also a big issue.

    If the game is released in 2012 it would be due to pressure from NCSoft and their investors, feels like they are falling to the same trap SWTOR did with EA, which is unfortunate.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=2060621 Robert Haynes

      The people who are usually under leveled only focus on using hearts.
      If you want to only use hearts, you have to go to other starting zones, which will provide you with PLENTY of exp.

      If you want to stay in your home area, exploring and gathering provides additional exp. In fact, you can level from 1-80 JUST from crafting. You don’t EVER have to pick up a weapon.

      If you don’t want to do hearts, DEs, explore, or craft, you can go to WvW. We have several level 40s, some level 50s, and a screen shot of a level 65 and level 80 from WvW.

      Seriously, there is PLENTY of exp to go around. You just have to explore your world: play the game like an RPG and not like a normal MMO. Complaints of being underleveled usually come from those who simply do hearts once in their starting area.

      If you are playing connect the dots with heart quests, you are doing it wrong.


      Asura and Sylvari are already being tested internally. Believe it or not, we won’t see EVERYTHING in the game before release. That being said, since those areas are being internally tested, I wouldn’t worry too much about not playing them before launch.


      Balance is a constant process that does not stop after launch. I would not say that a release date depends on perfect balance.


      Dungeon finder? Not sure if the game needs that yet, but again, it is not something that can’t wait until after release.

      • Sharuko

        So you skipped over target of target?

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/3NIEKLVPW3XHLWSYM5VIHWAZWU Randall

           cant tell if trolling or ignorant. think about the mechanics of this game and why target of target isn’t in it. ill let you figure it out.  That is if you actually know anything about the game….

          • Sharuko

            I know exactly how GW2 combat works, you target people.  If you face a player or mob “without targeting” them it auto targets.  There  is no excuse to not have target of target especially in a PvP centric game.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steffan-Mouton/643118879 Steffan Mouton

            The combat feels more like a hack n slash when you play it. You look at the players, their orientations, etc. and make a judgement from that. Adding Target of Target would take away from that feeling, bringing it back towards the realm of the pure number-cruncher MMOs.

          • Justin Bania

            Target of target is nigh useless in PvE because you don’t dog pile and burn down a target in this game like you would in dungeons in WoW and the like.  You need to flow through combat bouncing targets as need be, even in dungeons.  PvP is another matter but I have always hated ToT in PvP because it is lazy.  If you want to focus on a single target then talk to the other players and do that.  Don’t just have everyone target bob and bob runs around face-rolling people.  Also, as was stated above, there is little reason to target friendly players in PvE or PvP because there are no direct methods of buffing and healing people that I am aware of.

            Casting bars would be cool for a few mobs that have wind up style attacks, especially with the crazy amount of particle effects that can be bouncing around in high population combat.  This has been discussed in the beta forums before, and while not in the game that does not mean that it won’t be in a later build.

          • Spammerbam

             “If you face a player or mob “without targeting” them it auto targets”

            – Wrong. You are able to turn off this option, and in the BWE2, I was able to face mobs and cast spells randomly.

          • Sharuko

            Why would you turn this option off if it was available?  You will be gimping yourself especially in PvP.

          • Old Ben

            Actually, target of target was displayed, in the last BWE. There’s just no point in targeting _friendly_ units since there are no targeted heals (or any other abilities where you’d want to target a friendly unit).

            If two attackable creatures are fighting each other, selecting any of them will show its target under its unit frame.

            It’s unsurprising that Arthur “Sharuko” Figgis doesn’t know that, since he can’t even spell “Sylvari”.

          • Sharuko

            It is funny how people just make excuses just like they did with SWTOR.  What about cast bars?  Why isn’t that in the game?  I want to see the excuse for that not being in the game.

          • http://www.facebook.com/ahuehuehuehuehue.huehuehuehue Ahuehue Huehuehue Huehue Huehu

            There’s no enemy cast bars because the developers want you to look at the game, not the UI.

          • mcsumo

            Enemy cast bars are not necessary. You watch them, then when you see them winding up for a big hit, or channeling, you dodge or interrupt them. I thought that would be something you liked since you liked Tera. :S

            You can call a target, which others can then easily target, I think it is ctrl-t and t as in GW1. So you can be sure you are going for the right thing if you play that way.

            Personally, I hardly ever targetted. I found it easier and more effective, whilst constantly moving and dodging, to position myself attacking whatever was in front of me. It also meant if a mob was moving I could aim slightly in front of him to ‘lead’ with ranged.

            The more comments I read from you, the less convinced I am you actually have played the game.

          • Sharuko

            So you watch them and guess what abilities they are going to use including instant abilities?

            If you attack what is in front of you the game auto targets for you, it is still targeting.

            I played the game but can’t get too much into it due to the slow motion and clunky combat.

          • http://www.facebook.com/mattikinsmatt Matthew Davidson

             and with the whole Mark Target thing (sumone can mark a target and all people have to do is press T and it auto select it) y would you need anything else?

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=2060621 Robert Haynes

          Sorry, I missed the “no target of target”. In addition, I have no idea wth you mean by no target of target.

          If you mean a macro of target closest, you can set that in the options.

    • http://twitter.com/Mantose Leo P

      It just wouldnt be a gw2 thread without the poor misguided rantings of sharuko.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tj-Vossos/647768691 Tj Vossos

      Arena Net has Confirmed a 2012 launch 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tj-Vossos/647768691 Tj Vossos

      aso they have said Sylvari and Asura my never see beta 

    • Sukh Bhatti

      Drop that science son!!!! you go girl!

    • http://twitter.com/NRZappa Nicholas Zappa

      This game has more polish than a good portion of MMOs out right now.  I’d say October at the latest.  

    • http://www.kaiketsu.enjin.com/ Corey Jenkins

       Everything you’ve stated about the game not being done is purely opinion based. They already made an official announcement that its going to launch in 2012, and from a lot of peoples reactions they are enjoying what they see and just want the game to be released. Ya they have a few minor tweaks here and there, but nothing major like your trying to suggest my friend. This game looks and plays better then a lot of current MMO’s to date that are launched. As far as the exp thing, I had no issues being under leveled at any part of the game. There is plenty to do for exp, I think since the pacing is not as linear compared to some games then some people just need to take time to adjust to. Granted not everyone will want to adjust but hey, then don’t play. You can’t really compare GW2 development with SWTOR anyway, 1 because of how the games play mechanically and  2 because there is no subscription fee for GW2 so you don’t have to see your 15 bucks go to waste if you’re one of the people who want to see certain things added to the game. The game though honestly has more polish then just about anything on the market right now.

  • Kyle Law


  • http://twitter.com/anzenketh Anzenketh

    Here is a interesting thing. Chuseok the Korian thanksgiving holiday is on the 30th of September this year. 

  • http://twitter.com/OlivierPavade Arkanmizard

    haha indeed, target of target is relevant in a game with tanks, healers, and dps cause tanks and healers want to know where the damage will be coming at, for heals and taunts. In a game where you can actually see the arrows flying to their target, same with fireballs, and where mobs run to whom ever they want to attack (albeit most of the time the closest one to them) why would you need to see who they are targeting on your UI?

    Anet did say from the start they didn’t want us to focus on the UI but more on what is happening. Can you imagine in the LotR books if Aragorn would say something like “Frodo I can see the tentacules from that mob around you, I can see you are having trouble to breathe, but I am waiting for a confirmation that you are its true target so please stop yelling.”…….

    Now most other games want you to get into a dungeon to have group experience, GW2 lets you have it even at lvl1 why bother with a dungeon finder when you can also port to the nearest way point to the dungeons in less than 15 seconds??

    About the EXP, I left Queensdale at level 20 back in BWE1 it was very easy to do so I just traveled around it and helped in events, I took time to visit Divinity’s Reach and I never had the feeling that my character was under-leveled. Now if someone goes straight at level 2 to their class quest and tries to do only that then sure he will be under-leveled, but that will be like buying a sports car and only using it to go shopping on every second saturday.

    For the rest Robert Haynes explained it pretty well.

    • Sharuko

      How is it irrelevant?  In fact it should be more important in a game with no tanks, as mobs will switch in dungeons, zergs in WvW and events.  Sure you can argue you have to look at visual cues and SWTOR made the same excuse but that would really help especially for melee.  It would also help in zerg type combat with NPCs and elite mobs.

      As I said that is one thing that is missing that I mentioned, there are dozens of other things like enemy cast bars that are not in GW2, and to me that is inexcusable and GW2 is getting a free pass.

      But I promise you when GW2 launches there will be a lot of nerd rage on the forums that these features don’t exist.  SWTOR got away with missing these features in beta but at launch it was unacceptable to most players.

      • Razor4884

        I’m going to hold you to that promise…

      • http://twitter.com/Mantose Leo P

        Why do I need target of target? Am I going to heal them?lol  Why do I need a cast bar? I cant think of any spells/skills off the top of my head that are not instant cast.

        You are thinking too much in terms of old style mmo games. This is the new age.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=2060621 Robert Haynes

        You actually have to look at the mobs to see how they react. If the mob is not facing you, it’s probably not targeting you. If the mob is facing you, you should be on your toes. If it’s hard to tell, you look for the umpteen-million visual cues that enemies give (crouching to pounce, roaring, BRIGHT RED circles on the ground, etc.)Thus, there is no need for enemy cast bars. Play the game, NOT the UI.

        These things you mention may have been important for SWTOR. That is because TOR’s combat was extremely similar to WoW’s. GW2’s is not.

        If there are things that need to be added, they will be added. However, UI and gameplay changes that change the very nature of how the game is designed to be played will most likely NOT be added.


        Checking someone’s post history does AMAZING things, by the way. Also should have checked that Amani avatar that you have.

        Constructive criticism is always welcome. However, it appears you believe that TERA in its current form is the better investment and will stop at nothing to make sure its chief competition doesn’t do as well as it can.

        However, you simply are not contributing anything positive OR constructive to the conversation. So this is the last reply you’ll get from me.

        P.S. How’s that unbalanced enchantment RNG, absence of battlegrounds, nexus lag, crafting imbalance, sub-cancellation errors (people being charged after canceling TERA subs), 1-2 hour non-tank dungeon que, etc. working out for TERA? Over a month since release…turn that criticism into something positive to help change the game you’ll actually be playing instead of trying to ruin another game for other people.

        • Sharuko

          I know when a person lost an argument when they go on personal attacks and talk about other games.  We are talking about GW2 not Tera. Tera has issues like every other MMO but they have the standard features a player expects in an MMO. Tera is not for the casual player it is an actual MMO not a lobby game masked as a MMO.

          My point is GW2 is missing very basic standard MMO features.  Features like what I mentioned including no way to customize the UI.  How is this possible in 2012?

          At one point they didn’t have chat bubbles (like SWTOR) but players asked for it and you got it.  Now you don’t have no way to customize UI, no enemy cast bars, no target of target, no dungeon finder etc.  Maybe you should should ask Arenanet for it instead of giving them a free pass.

          Give it a shot.

          • Jack_Sisco

             Sharuko, you are such a rabid fanboi of Tera and a vitriolic GW2 hate-troller that in your case it makes a exception because that is what you have compared this game to 85% of your posts.

            “… a lobby game masked as a MMO.”

            Yea cause waiting in a 10min que or a overflow due to small server pop limit as Arenanet fine tunes the server capacity in a Beta def makes GW2 a lobby game. Ahh you amuse me and everyone else with your erroneous statements.

            “My point is GW2 is missing very basic standard MMO features. … At one point they didn’t have chat bubbles (like SWTOR) but players
            asked for it and you got it.  Now you don’t have no way to customize UI,
            no enemy cast bars, no target of target, no dungeon finder etc.  Maybe
            you should should ask Arenanet for it instead of giving them a free

            You seem to be mistaken cause dungeon finders and enemy cast bar’s for example are luxuries and Guild Wars 2 as one of its selling tenants is going old school. Dungeons are harder, so why the eff would you get a free “here’s four other players and a free teleport to the dungeon” if they made the actual experience worth something more than two 15min run thru’s. Two, the no enemy castbars, doesn’t matter, you’re looking at the enemy and how the enemy mob reacts and you get the luxury of a red circle of where its going to land. Target of Target? No heals in this game, and most buffs are aoe based. As Robert Haynes said, play the game not the UI. Can’t handle reading the opponent and dodging, using a modicum of actual fighting skill rather then standing still and playing a number-slap game? This game may not be for you.

            This game doesn’t hold your hand and it galls me to see how that has become the industry norm. I will give you a a point for a need for a more customizable UI but this is the beta and I’m gonna give them the benefit of doubt that its what they are saving for just before the release.

            Part of the many appealing aspects of GW2 is that it turns you back into
            a regular soldier / adventurer. You’re not a god walking amidst mere
            mortals as you solo kill 9-12 enemies bigger than you with a flick of your
            risk without a hair out of place. If you don’t use common sense against even one opponent, say a ettin or even two ettin, you are going to be stomped on and that’s what recent-era mmo’s have lost.

            So yea, as many of people have said, you have passion and zeal which does you credit and a modicum of intelligence behind that troll facade, use it to further your beloved Tera that has LOADS of effin release problems still. Yet you come here to rant on a game for not having “luxury”  tools that developers really dont need to spend time on in Beta.

          • http://twitter.com/H3L1ON Samir

            Lol your comparing GW2 with standard mmo’s while everyone 
            on this forum and the Dev’s have statet multiple times that this game is everything BUT your average mmo.

            So how could GW2 be missing basic mmo feauters if its not
            a standard game and try’s to be diffrent/ uniek?

            ps: i dont need to be able to custimize my UI, see enemy cast bars, target of target, DG finder,… i like the game the way it is so stop forcing your gaming preffrences on us.

        • Old Ben

          > Thus, there is no need for enemy cast
          > bars. Play the game, NOT the UI.

          Don’t feed the troll. If the game had cast bars, he would be complaining how they’re a totally unrealistic concept, and how the game should make people look at the enemies instead.

          I suspect he got banned from GW1 for cheating or scamming people and just decided to go on an anti-GW crusade. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000267765226 Vegas Steve

    Hmmmm…. November does sound about right.

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.mcmaster.75 David Mcmaster

    be nice to actually hear the video without the fucking background adds

    • P V

      Life gets easier when you know how to configure rather simple things like your web browser ;)

      • John Feragalli

        funny thing is besides my comment being removed, very good editing there people, but suddenly the advert is no longer an annoying video with audio. and P.V. please do tell how you can configure my web browser so adverts wont intrude my viewing pleasure.

        • http://www.facebook.com/alessandro.feragalli Alessandro Feragalli

          Hi John, I’m Alessandro Feragalli from Italy. Where part of Italy are you from?

  • John Feragalli

    what the hell is the point of having a VOICED POD CAST when your website has adds playing LOUD CRAP in the background and video right next to the video I’m trying to view distracting me, all the while I can’t FKing turn off unless I click the damn thing then 10 seconds later another FKing add starts. This is getting Fking retarded and shameful I’m not gonna bother visiting this website any longer.

    P.S. Yeah I swore a lot in this post, I feel it adds to how PISSED I am of this shit happening every time I come here to listen to, what I consider are a very informative and fairly talented group of people.

  • pandora005

    Lets make it 3,141592
    million copies?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=2060621 Robert Haynes

       GW2 = Pie????

      Conspiracy fit for TSW!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rtloveless Ryan Tyler Loveless

    I honestly see it being released LATE July, or August. For this reason. The already said there will be AT LEAST one more BWE before launch. Give or take about 4-6 weeks between BWEs and you have Late July, or August for a release. That has been my speculation since the beginning. And Also, the third Quarter is over at the end of this month. Q3 is April 1st – June 30th. I don’t think there is going to be a launch this month at all. In fact, if there is, I will do something outrageous. But for Q4 launch, in the middle, I totally see it happening.

    • MFKasper

       Errm arent there 4 quarters in a year?  Jan/Feb/March,  April/May/June,  July/Aug/Sept, Oct/Nov/Dec?  Not sure where you are getting your Quarters from.  =)

      • Justin Mitchell

        They are referring to “fiscal quarters” which operate
        Q1 Oct. 1st through the end of Dec.
        Q2 Jan 1st through the end of March
        Q3 April 1 through the end of June
        Q4 July 1 through the end of Sept.

  • http://twitter.com/borded nathan law

    I would expect the date to be announced during gamescon. 

  • DoctorOverlord

    Well looks like they were right :)