Guild Wars 2 Scaling Comes To WoW

Will World of Warcraft’s developers ever tire of stealing ideas from other popular MMORPGS, and MMOs in general? PvP scaling is the latest great idea to appear in WoW that was most likely borrowed, if heavily adapted, from Guild Wars 2, after Jumping Puzzles cropped up in the patch 5.2 PTR a couple of weeks back.

WoW’s version of PvP scaling does, in all fairness, work rather differently to that in Guild Wars 2. It’s currently limited to battlegrounds, not applying to arenas or open world PvP, but who knows whether this could come in the future. Arenas are far from balanced within brackets outside level 70 and level 90, with players from 80 to 84 facing off against each other, so this seems like a prime target for future PvP scaling additions.

The current system on the PTR is that players entering a battleground at the bottom level of a bracket will be scaled in level and primary stats to match players of the top level. WoW’s battleground brackets run from 10-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29 and so on, all the way to level 90. So, a level 14 player entering a battleground would, under the old system, face off against level 19s with additional health, power, and skills. The new system will scale up that level 14 to level 19, and increase their primary stats, so, in the case of a melee that might be hit, strength and stamina, while a caster might be scaled up in intellect and hit. There is also mention made of an increase in critical strike chance, which would definitely be considered a secondary stat. Just like one element of Guild Wars 2 PvP scaling, there will be no new skills given to the player – a level 15 will not have access to the same skills as a level 19.

[pull_quote align=right]For the twinking community, this is a blow.[/pull_quote] For the twinking community, this is a blow.¬†However, it’s far from the death of twinking – the hardcore twink game will have changed very little, if anything the focus on gear will be still higher, as scaling will alter the optimum pieces. For the casual twink, the focus will likely shift from being at an appropriate level on a strong class to picking classes according to their abilities at level. There will also likely be a shift in focus towards gear for the casual twink.

But clarification of this feature is sorely needed. Blizzard’s patch notes only mention PvP scaling for “low level” battlegrounds. Does this mean only battlegrounds up to level 60? Or every bracket but level 90? And what exactly will scale, will it purely be primary stats and stats affected by them? One thing’s for sure, though, it’s a good thing that lower level brackets are being stabilized.

What do you think of the new system? And what will be the next feature that WoW steals from Guild Wars 2?