Wowhead has datamined an achievement which shows there’s a mount linking Blizzard’s Hearthstone and WoW

The achievement, Hearthstoned, simply stated that players need to receive the Hearthsteed from the Hearthstone promotion, and this will give them not only an achieveement, but also, presumably, a mount named the Hearthsteed!

What else do we know? Well we have a picture of the mount, from the icon itself on Wowhead:

world of warcraft mmorpg mmorpg     Hearthstone WoW Mount

Notice anything in particular? Does this look in any way similar to any mount we’ve seen recently, and perhaps even speculated about the source of?

world of warcraft mmorpg mmorpg     Hearthstone WoW Mount

Notice any resemblance? We did speculate that the source of these mounts might be something outside the game, but, as seems to always be the case with Hearthstone, this association took us a little by surprise.

Now, of course, the similarity between an icon and a picture of an as-yet-unnamed datamined mount is not confirmation that this mount is going into the game with this name, or from this achievement and so on. Datamined information should always be taken with a pinch of salt, especially when you consider the mount entry for this achievement on wowhead shows a different mount altogether. Wowhead currently asserts that the Faerie Dragon teaches the Hearthsteed, which would be very strange indeed, but you never know. For now, it seems like smart money would be placed on the mount above.

But of course, that begs the question: what about the Hearthstone promotion that’s alleged to reward this mount and achievement? We know absolutely nothing about that, but it seems fairly likely that it would come from either something like an initial purchase of a set of cards, maybe several sets given that five were priced at a dollar, or maybe the purchase of a collector’s edition of the game, which would otherwise be free-to-play. Or maybe it’s for an in-game achievement within Hearthstone itself, such as winning your first game, or reaching a rank in the PvP games, or something along those lines. There was a note in the FAQ that said players who bought cards in Beta would receive a gift, so maybe this is it! What do you think?

  • Enricola

    I suppose it was inevitable. What I really want to know is if it will work the other way around like the EQ2 card game did. Will they have Hearthstone cards as drops from mobs in WoW? I actually kind of liked that.

    • Zettabyte

      I hope they do, as it makes too much sense to do it. :)

  • Dularr

    Could be the special gift. If you purchased packs during the beta you get replacement packs once the game goes final and a “special” gift.

    If true. Hopefully, you will get the special gift once you purchase your first pack. Hmm, wonder if I’m limited to one mount per account or will I have to breakout my second account to get the Alliance mount?

  • Oilyunicorn

    Why do horde get the better mount?

    • Mehmet Onur Kabalak

      Because for the Horde thats why.