IGN’s got a 20-minute video (and related article) showcasing their experience with the Ranger class in Guild Wars 2 from the recent beta. If you’re used to the stand-around-pew-pew gameplay of bow-and-arrow classes in previous MMORPGs, be prepared for a shock.

The video showcases three of the Ranger’s ranged weapons, each of which has its own way of dishing out hurt and making sure none is received in kind:

Short bow: Excels at mobile attacks, often counting on position to unleash conditions like dazes and cripples.

Long bow: Long range, higher damage, slower than a short bow. As close as it gets to the classic “nuker” gameplay.

Axe: Thrown weapon, has multiple AOEs. One-handed, so it will be paired with an off-hand weapon or item.

There are other weapons in the Ranger’s arsenal, all of which also work in conjunction with the Ranger’s pet. Judging by a screen shown in the video, there are 38 pets total you can nurture.

But at what level can you equip a pooper scooper?

Jason Winter has held several positions in the tabletop and video-gaming industry since 1996, including writer, editor, marketing coordinator, and game designer. He's the former editor of Beckett Massive Online Gamer and almost considers himself competent in PvP. In addition to his work with Gamebreaker.tv, he also blogs about video games at http://jasonwinter.wordpress.com.
  • http://twitter.com/Master10K Master10K

    Guild Wars 2 = (^_^)
    IGN = (¬_¬)

    So conflicted.

    • jazzbrownie

      Agreed.  It seems like most of the major gaming news websites lost their souls somewhere along the way.

      • http://twitter.com/aidshbe hemmer

        That’s the thing, the bigger you get, the more stuff you gotta do, the more people you have to hire. Not all of them will be as awesome as others.
        The gamebreaker crew is comparatively small, but the talent is much more concentrated.
        The downside is that they can’t cover as much ground and get a hella lot less sleep. :P

        • Jado Cast

          True, It’s like that in business no matter the industry.  I work for a company that was pretty small, but we ballooned into a Multi-Billion dollar company that serves Millions of customers in just under 15 years.  It is extremely difficult to keep quality at high levels across the board when you grow so fast.  That’s no excuse, but I can see how it happens.  (I’m looking at you Verizon . . . Walmart . . . Microsoft . . . hell this list could go for days!)  IGN is no different.  But I rather watch GBTV or Yogscast any day over all of the other major gaming sites.  They are exceptional.  BTW:   I think we need a PvP video with Total Biscuit, Simon, & Lewis vs. Gary, Mike B, and Mike S.  LOL that would be AWESOME SAUCE!

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000999343102 Jonathan Rivera

            Correction, that would be off the “incredibly buggy chain”.

      • QSatu

         I actually liked it. They explained every skill from 3 weapons, showed some utility skills. Nothing special but it made ranger interesting a varied. =]

    • Ryan Gibson

      Lol, so true. I recall them saying something along the lines of: “all of the ranger’s weapons are ranged based, so don’t expect to get into melee combat.” They didn’t even try out the sword, great-sword, or dagger. ignorant clods. :3

  • http://twitter.com/Vazzaroth Josh Hagood

    Saw a different pet feature before, so awesome.

    As soon as I saw the “Rainbow Jellyfish” in the hall of monuments I bought GW1… Still havn’t unlocked it of course.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=518607879 Christopher Mitchell

    I don’t care for Rangers but I need them to be awesome, its the only way to get my fiance to play with me T.T

    • Ryan Gibson

      Don’t worry, they deflationary fill and surpass the awesomeness meter. :D

  • Sulac0

    Is it possible to play without a pet as Ranger?

    • Xaverian27

      Yes, you can even put away your starter pet and never take out or tame other pets. Pretty sure about that.

    • Ryan Gibson

      You could, but the dev’s think that to do so would be denying a key aspect of what gives the ranger its power. You can still use a bow and such as a warrior. And with them you get an adrenalin bonus. What I’m trying to say is: if you would rather play without a pet, then best not to be a ranger, as you will be underpowered.

  • http://twitter.com/Colcabbage Nik Zamplas

    Bookahs be hatin’