IGN’s got a 20-minute video (and related article) showcasing their experience with the Ranger class in Guild Wars 2 from the recent beta. If you’re used to the stand-around-pew-pew gameplay of bow-and-arrow classes in previous MMORPGs, be prepared for a shock.

The video showcases three of the Ranger’s ranged weapons, each of which has its own way of dishing out hurt and making sure none is received in kind:

Short bow: Excels at mobile attacks, often counting on position to unleash conditions like dazes and cripples.

Long bow: Long range, higher damage, slower than a short bow. As close as it gets to the classic “nuker” gameplay.

Axe: Thrown weapon, has multiple AOEs. One-handed, so it will be paired with an off-hand weapon or item.

There are other weapons in the Ranger’s arsenal, all of which also work in conjunction with the Ranger’s pet. Judging by a screen shown in the video, there are 38 pets total you can nurture.

But at what level can you equip a pooper scooper?