Plans Stretch Beyond Mists of Pandaria

World Of Warcraft has expansion five already on the way, with plans for others on Blizzard‘s mind.

In an interview with CVG, Blizzard’s COO Paul Sams explains that the fifth expansion is already in development — although, we don’t know at what stage — but Paul did focus mainly around the lore team. He even mentioned that the expansion following that is being worked on:

I got the pitch from Chris Metzen of what they plan for 6.0 and I’m pretty geeked up about it.

Paul Sams also states that they know what is on the road for “multiple expansions ahead.” Chris Metzen has publicly said many times at Blizzcon that there are many areas for them work towards. Warcraft has a massive basket of story potential — before new lore is even touched upon — that they can branch off into many storylines and develop an expansion around them.

So where to next?

I’m sure we can all be certain that a trip to Argus — to take the fight to Sargeras — will be WoW‘s last hoorah. That won’t be en-route for expansion five, but could we finally dip into the emerald dream? I know its the go-to for all expansion rumors but will it be our next installment, or will the writing staff move into an area of lore once again untested and new?

To give you food for thought, Metzen asked on his Twitter about any old characters that needed a /rez around a month ago. Was this around the time that the development team moved into expansions five and were looking for new lore ideas? If so, maybe E5 could have a familiar face gracing our screens once again

Grab your spacesuits, we may be taking a trip beyond Azeroth unless Illidan gets a /rez.

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