The Lost Shores patch in November introduced Guild Wars 2 players to the unique Fractals of the Mists dungeon.  While much of the feedback on the mini-dungeon system has been positive, there have been two major points of contention which have marred the experience.

The first is a bug that prevents players from rejoining their party if they get disconnected while doing a dungeon run.  Many keyboards, mice, and monitors have been beat up and destroyed as a result of disconnecting on the final fractal of a set.  The second issue is the impracticality of finding a group that is on the same difficulty level as you.  Currently, you cannot set the dungeon to a higher difficulty setting than the lowest level unlocked by any member of the group.  This creates an impossible scenario where everyone is on a different fractal step and unable to find a group that is mutually beneficial.

Fortunately, a blog post from ArenaNet heralds fixes to both of these issues coming at the end of January.  The resolution of the disconnect issue is straightforward, but Isaiah Cartwright took the time to detail the changes surrounding the difficulty level system.  Once the changes are implemented, players will be able to choose any fractal difficulty level up to the highest level unlocked in the party.  When the set of fractals is completed, all players equal to or lower than the chosen fractal level will unlock one difficulty level higher than they were previously allowed.  Anyone who has progressed further than the completed level will instead receive karma.

It’s a bit complicated to explain on paper, but the fix is a good one.  Basically, it will mean that everyone can group up with anyone else and completing the fractals will benefit everyone in the party.  This is a far better system than they currently have in place and combined with the disconnect fix should bring a lot of players flooding back to the Fractals.  The end of January can’t come quick enough.

What do you think of these changes?  Post a comment and let us know!


  • Kiba

    Great changes, but I don’t see why it will have taken them roughly 2 months to fix the disconnect problem…

    • Joseph Legemah

      they are currently developing two giant content updates for january and february which dwarf all the recent ones in scope. that might have something to do with it.

      • Steven Diaz

        I would think the rejoining problem would be more important as it really creates big problems.  It’s happened to people in my dungeon runs about three times in the past two days. That means we’ve had to leave the dungeon because we were short.  Other guild mates have complained about the exact samething, so going as far as avoiding dungeons until the issue gets fixed.

        • Joseph Legemah

          so? it’s not regular dungeon technology and it needs testing. fucking this fix up will do more harm than the current “problem”.

          plus most dungeons besides fractal can be 3 manned. your guild should have good group chemistry and some type of vent server or else it’s no better than a pug. there’s no need to overreact and avoid dungeons just because you end up with 4 or 3.

        • Donnie Nelson

          Doesn’t create big problems. I don’t go to LA and hear people crying “Anet cheated me out of my loot. . .I’M NEVER PLAYING THIS SHIT GAME AGAIN!!! q.q” “Bro chillax, you are giving a dolyak a migraine  . .bastard.” So it isn’t a huge problem. Brought to you from a proud Tyrian.

    • Richie Procopio

      I think I read somewhere that the scope of this fix was much more than they ever anticipated.  They aren’t using the same tech for the other dungeons since the fractals are an entirely different mechanism.  

  • Travis Peabody

    Glad they are finally allowing people of higher level fractal to enter a lower level fractal and still gain in their own experience.

    • Didrik Püschel

      No, it’s the other way around. Lower level ppl will be able to enter a high level fractal and still gain progress.

  • Radek Galus

    Fixing the DC issue is definitely a good thing. The other change not so much. Get ready to hear ‘link gear or get lost’ whenever looking for a fractal group after this ‘improvement’. 

    • Nick Cattane

      LoL – these dungeons are ultimately designed for set 5 man groups, working together regularly to progress through.  Eventually you should stop pugging and find a group to run it with, rather than expecting to do lvl 25’s+ with a pug.

  • Mark Bradden

    Still no better group making would save the spam in chat

  • Aisar

    End of Jan huh?  Have not done a fractal yet, maybe I can avoid them until then?  Probably not.  I hope they keep the fixes coming, Rangers are pretty bad.  It’s going to take months to train my bear not to attack random targets or attack what I want him to or..whatever it is he chooses to do ;)

    • jugyfant

      It depends on what you like as game content. If you prefer pve then i definitely recommend the fractals as they are the best dungeons in the game at the moment. The fractal gear however is obviously not needed for spvp and in my opinion the crafted gear or gear bought with older dungeon tokens has better stats for specs in wvw aswell. Either way I don’t think you need to hurry :)

  • Diequex

    That’s cool, I guess. Being forced to wait for the disconnect fix does not really make much sense to me, though. That feels like it should be more of a hotfix as opposed to a feature added to a content update. 

  • Benjamin Sansam

    The issue I see with this though using the example on the blog, would be the player at lvl 2 would be entering in to the lvl 21 fractals with no hope of earlier getting agony resistance, making them fairly useless to the team..
    Don’t get me wrong I love the new system and can’t wait, just think people will still be requesting certain lvl people or above, leaving lower players to still look harder for groups.

    • Jado Cast

      But they get more coins and Karma.  Good Incentive for many.

  • Aaron Desrosiers

    I am not sure why we all can’t admit that the way they implemented fractals, and the basics of how fractals works, just sucks. There isn’t going to be any real fix because the problem with fractals isn’t gameplay, it is the idea of the damn dungeon itself.

    • Jason Ackerman

       Fractals are just another item in the game to add to it.  Guess if you don’t like it then it’s a good thing that they are just there to add to the game and you don’t have to do it. 

      It is crap though, that they aren’t putting the fix to the dungeon into the game until around the end of Jan.  So instead of fixing the dungeon and making people happy….we have to hold out another month of the buggy dungeon ticking people off.

      • Aaron Desrosiers

         What you said has nothing to do with what I said. So…

        • Kittipath Prasartkaew

          no what he mean is that:

          Playing that the dungeon isn’t your choice. If you don’t like it. Don’t complain and don’t play it.

          P.S. I, however, agree with your that the dungeon it self sucks because its time consuming. But I find it fun because i like challages.

          Also. can’t wait for the changes! :D

  • Shadowtalis

    What needs to be kept in mind is that the old school MMOs were essentially Facebook for gamers. It was one of our main forms of social interaction. Because of that we forgave bad gameplay, such as what you’d find in Everquest, because sitting around and chatting in digital avatars *meant* something.

    Now.. Most MMO players are inundated with social interaction. Social media is everywhere. We don’t need to use our games to store our friends lists.

    These days people want group finder, not to avoid interaction, but to simply play the game they purchased. Paying a monthly fee to sit around and BS with friends was cute, back in the day, but we have dozens of other outlets for that now.