The Lost Shores patch in November introduced Guild Wars 2 players to the unique Fractals of the Mists dungeon.  While much of the feedback on the mini-dungeon system has been positive, there have been two major points of contention which have marred the experience.

The first is a bug that prevents players from rejoining their party if they get disconnected while doing a dungeon run.  Many keyboards, mice, and monitors have been beat up and destroyed as a result of disconnecting on the final fractal of a set.  The second issue is the impracticality of finding a group that is on the same difficulty level as you.  Currently, you cannot set the dungeon to a higher difficulty setting than the lowest level unlocked by any member of the group.  This creates an impossible scenario where everyone is on a different fractal step and unable to find a group that is mutually beneficial.

Fortunately, a blog post from ArenaNet heralds fixes to both of these issues coming at the end of January.  The resolution of the disconnect issue is straightforward, but Isaiah Cartwright took the time to detail the changes surrounding the difficulty level system.  Once the changes are implemented, players will be able to choose any fractal difficulty level up to the highest level unlocked in the party.  When the set of fractals is completed, all players equal to or lower than the chosen fractal level will unlock one difficulty level higher than they were previously allowed.  Anyone who has progressed further than the completed level will instead receive karma.

It’s a bit complicated to explain on paper, but the fix is a good one.  Basically, it will mean that everyone can group up with anyone else and completing the fractals will benefit everyone in the party.  This is a far better system than they currently have in place and combined with the disconnect fix should bring a lot of players flooding back to the Fractals.  The end of January can’t come quick enough.

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