Chat Bubbles With Olivia Grace

GAMEBREAKER posted recently about updates planned for Guild Wars 2, which will likely include more PvE end-game content. The absence of such in the game had been identified by ArenaNet, as well as by several players, as one of the key reasons why the game seems unappealing at maximum level. Guild Wars 2 had previously focused its content on PvP, both for leveling content and for end-game and this had been very well-received, but could it be that the key to a game’s longevity is PvE?

Taking World of Warcraft as an example, when the developers introduced no real end-game raiding content towards the end of Cataclysm, subscriber numbers dropped substantially. PvP-focused players, however, stuck around to PvP, even when the dragon in Dragon Soul was long dead.

It seems, to me at least, that no game can survive with just one or the other. PvP has great longevity, as it’s not possible to complete it like it is to complete a raid. There’s not an end-boss in PvP; not a final furlong, but, on the other hand, PvE brings in new content, and new challenges, and refreshes the game world. PvE, more than PvP, brings new story, new twists and turns, and adds something to the world. While PvP can do this too, it seems that PvE has an easier time.

What do you think? Do your gaming experiences indicate that PvE or PvP is the better route for longevity in an MMO, particularly, or in any other game where both are present? Do let us know in the comments below!