Jumping Puzzles are usually the premise of Guild Wars 2, but a quest has been found in the World of Warcraft Patch 5.2 PTR which includes them.

This quest is found on the new island, Thunder Isle, and is part of a quest chain which is, presumably, the daily quest chains required for each faction to take control of Thunder Isle and spawn the world boss, Nalak the Storm Rider. Squishei sent us the following image via twitter, which is clearly not the final quest text, but definitely suggests pretty strongly that some kind of jumping puzzle is involved! world of warcraft mmorpg mmorpg     Jumping Puzzles Come To WoW! Squishei went in search of the jumping puzzle, and anyone who was paying attention will likely have already recalled one particular room from the preview trailer of Patch 5.2, which had a floor covered in square-topped pillars. There was a chest beyond it containing a reward, which implies that getting across the room is the key, but if compared to the Guild Wars 2 jumping puzzles, it’s pretty simplistic, unless, of course, the pillars move.

world of warcraft mmorpg mmorpg     Jumping Puzzles Come To WoW!

What do you think about this? Is WoW going a step too far taking jumping puzzles into its own game? Jumping and co-ordination have never really been an element of WoW, although they have featured lightly in some raids, such as Nefarian‘s pillars in blackwing descent, or the infamous jump in blackfathom deeps. Neither of these could really be considered jumping puzzles, and certainly, neither of them are anything like the ones found in Guild Wars 2. They’re far less complex, and usually simply involve jumping onto a pillar or similar, but have definitely caused a fair few raid deaths and dungeon rage quits!

This raises some interesting questions. Will the average WoW player have it in them to do jumping puzzles? Will the WoW Development team have to make the jumping puzzles more straightforward for an audience that aren’t used to them? Will Guild Wars 2 players be drawn to WoW thanks to the increasing inclusion of Guild Wars styled content?

  • Omegahty

    I think I’d love jumping puzzles in WoW…Although without complete control over how far you can jump, or atleast Blizzard giving a buffer for that, then it will be annoying to even attempt

  • http://twitter.com/MrNeXpes Benjamin Vanhees

    Well, if you get this amount of money in Guild Wars 2 for doing a jumping puzzle that would be crazy. Don’t know about WoW though, since I don’t play it :P

  • Deadnstien

    Hey, WoW did the jumping puzzle first. Blackfathom Depths had the jump puzzle to avoid that one murloc…

  • http://www.facebook.com/BlkDragonPrince Ravin MacLeod

    Before Cata came out and allowed flying in old world.. players would find ways to jump up things. Like up to the top of the old AH in SW. Top of SW Cathedral.. are a few places players would try and some would make it. So I m not shock that jump puzzles or official puzzles are to be added..

    • http://twitter.com/Luke_Malcolm Luke Malcolm

      Don’t forget Eastern Plaguelands back in Vanilla, Quel’thalas was only a small green valley the size of Goldshire

  • Hicks64

    Copied Kreedz Maps IMHO.

  • jugyfant

    A step too far? Not at all. In my opinion it is more than fine for games to incorporate good ideas from others even if they are more for the fun factor than the reward such as the jp’s in GW2. (Apart from the wvwvw one’s since those do provide useful rewards). As far as wow players having it in them to do them….absolutely, why not?
    Since I find that the game responsiveness in wow is still slightly better than that of GW2 it provides the opportunity to make some really fun and intricate puzzles perhaps with timers and so on, if that is the direction blizz would like to take it.
    In fact there are several things I would like Anet to take from wow and other mmos and incorporate them in GW2

  • http://twitter.com/cipero Matt Cipriano

    the more variance in things to do the better, but I feel its probably just a one and done deal. JP’s in wow’s open world? Unless they create a lot of no fly zones they are pointless. I can see them being cool bonuses in raids tho that’d be tight.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.wendel.1 Jonathan Wendel

    idea stollen from wildstar

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1339406775 Matthew Riddle

    WoW is copying a fun aspect from another game. What’s new?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=613400106 Francois Brisson

    Hahahahah now there’s literally 0 reason to go play GW2 <3 Blizzard. 

    • jugyfant

       “<3 Blizzard."


      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=613400106 Francois Brisson

        It is quite the obvious thing to do yes, like breathing air and drinking water.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002038208867 Dan Winborne

          So, how’d D3 work for ya?

          • http://twitter.com/Luke_Malcolm Luke Malcolm

            D3 is fun, its better with friends. but nothing to special, A good time killer.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=613400106 Francois Brisson

            Worked out just fine got my 40 or 50$ worth in gameplay. Then I moved on and played something else instead of crying on the forums and bringing it up when ever I can :). 

          • http://twitter.com/Hagg3r Michael

            Torchlight 2 was a better game and had a cheaper price tag. Diablo 3 would have been better had it been 20$ as well. It is too bad fancy cinematics and poor story telling did not make up for the bland Gameplay ruined by the auction house.

            Just wait until the expansion comes out and it sells like shit.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=613400106 Francois Brisson

            You keep replying to my comments to other people like you think I care what silly haters think. Keep being salty that Blizzard makes great games better then most in their respective genres. And that’s nice, but D3 was not only free I made money off it so there’s no price point that can compare to that.

        • http://twitter.com/Hagg3r Michael

          Blind consumerism at it’s finest.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=613400106 Francois Brisson

            No they just make great games, there’s a difference. 

          • http://twitter.com/Hagg3r Michael

            Yeah, like Diablo 3.
            There is no doubt they used to make great games.

    • http://twitter.com/Luke_Malcolm Luke Malcolm

      I’m still waiting for WvWvW in WoW

  • http://www.facebook.com/INLANDEMPIRE Jesmond Mcquillan

    Olivia Grace we were jumping around in games before you were born. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/oneniisama Bear Powell

    WoW is a copy of everything we’ve played before and since, so adding a JP (or more than one) is just business as usual.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jimmy.wannstrom Jimmy Wännström

    Well, as Ravin said. Before flying mounts and the walljump fix, people were jumping around all the world to find new places that nobody had seen before. I really disliked the fix and this sounds intressting.
    And even tho its not official, private servers have had jumping events for years before gw2 too. Not saying that blizz isnt copying guildwars but its not like guildwars came up with a fresh idea ;) I like this.

    • http://twitter.com/Luke_Malcolm Luke Malcolm

      Wasn’t there a popular WoW Private Servers that had tons of jumping puzzles?
      But I havn’t played on it in years.

      Like you said Jumping aren’t a new thing in WoW, its just being reintroduce after 7-8 years.

      I think it should be WoW is copying who GW2 copied.

  • Akrom Valeth

    guild wars 2 sent reminders to WoW fanboys

  • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

    Not a big fan of jumping puzzles. The jumping puzzles and vistas are okay in GW2, since the game is missing ground mounts and flying travel (the waypoints are fine, but you miss so much of the pretty landscape in GW2.)

    With that said, the WoW character models are well suited for jumping puzzles. My tauren will pop into kitty form and quickly jump from point to point. 

    I found the GW2 Charr and Norn character models always getting in the way for GW2 jumping puzzles and my Asura seem to spend half its time floating in mid-air off a pillar.  Haven’t done any jumping puzzles on my Horde Goblin mage, so it will be interesting to see how the goblin character model fares. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/lee.joel1 Lee Joel

    I dont play WoW anymore as Ive grown a little tired of it after playing it since launch. But ya just cant fault Blizzards way of thinking. They see an aspect in a rival game thats extremely popular and introduce it into their own product. Those saying its a rip off are going over the top, but its a sure as hell fact GW2 was the rerason this was now introduced.

    Blizzard have done clever introduction of cool mechanics they copied from other games for years and its what has made them the most successful game of all time. They dont pull in 10 mill subs for no reason. If the folks playing WoW want something and blizzard impliment then there is less reason they will stop their sub. Smart buisness practise.

  • AliceKaye

    Personally I quite like the idea. I enjoyed the hell out of them in Guild Wars 2 and will never fault a game company for adding more content. Frankly, it’s one of the things I enjoyed most about Guild Wars 2 and was rather sad to leave behind, so I give them a thumbs up with this one.

    Others will disagree and that’s fine, they can skip it. :P

  • ArsenicSundae

    Blizzard needs to get ideas for new content from somewhere. They certainly don’t have the creativity left do it themselves anymore.

    • DoctorOverlord

      Actually that’s always been Blizzard’s business model.   They never create original concepts, they take existing ones and polish them.  

      RTS games like War & Starcraft were derived from the early RTS Dune, Diablo was based on the old ACSII dungeon games like SRogue and Moria, and WoW’s mechanics were based on EQ.   Blizzard improved on those original concepts and added that patented Blizzard shine.

      Heck even the art design of both Warcraft and Starcraft are inspired by the Warhammer IP but Blizzard has managed to make their versions an IP of their own.   

      So it’s really not surprising they would be taking concepts from other MMOs.   I think it’s more telling about GW2 success that WoW feels the desire to copy elements from it.

      • http://twitter.com/Hagg3r Michael

        I agree completely. Blizzard is obviously keeping an eye on GW2. I doubt this is going to be the end of it. I am sure we will see some other ideas taken from SWTOR / Rift as well.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/YSVAPKVBUPTX6YS3W2DLPOBNN4 AlokP

        Guess what, everything fantasy related is copying Tolkein. Game set match.

        • DoctorOverlord

          I’m not trying to imply that Blizzard’s method of polishing existing concepts is bad.   They take ideas and successfully expand upon them.  

          Unlike outright plagiarism, Blizzard has been able to add their own twists and make the borrowed ideas their own.   One can clearly see the influence of Warhammer on Warcraft but Warcraft (and Starcraft as well) has successfully become its own setting and IP.

          In a way it’s much like how science works by building on the progress made by previous researchers.     Too often there are cries of a lack of originality in gaming when in reality, there is very little that is actually truly original.

          Afterall Tolkein copied from the mythologies of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, Finnish, Celtic and others lol (Check and mate ;) )

    • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

      Hey, what other game has a undead rocker playing an axe like a guitar, riding a dinosaur shooting laser beams, while riding a shark with rockets.  

      • DoctorOverlord

        You know if you had said something like 7 years ago, people might have thought it strange lol

        • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

          I do love the first time one of my guildies enter the Brawler’s Guild. The chatter in vent is always fun.

    • http://twitter.com/Hagg3r Michael

      Not to defend Blizzard, but I hate it when people say ignorant things like this. Gaming is an iterative style of art. Pretty much everything at this point has been done before in some capacity; its how you do it and present it to the player that separates you from the rest. I think Blizzard has lost some creativity but I don’t think it is because they are just copying everyone else. Some of the best ideas Blizzard has came from other games. 

      As a big of a GW2 fan as I am..I would also like to point out that jump puzzles were done before GW2 in MMOs. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/sean.demarco Sean Patrick DeMarco

    Well considering I don’t play either game I guess it really doesn’t matter what I think but I would say thumbs up to jumping puzzles.  Anything different added to the World of Warcraft is a good thing as that game is very stale with hardly anything new being added to it. I also think something like this should be added more in raids. Jumping to certain things in time is fun and when it is done wrong makes for laughter and rage that is good over Vent and other chat services.

  • http://twitter.com/Hagg3r Michael

    Was only a matter of time. The jump puzzles in WoW will be a complete joke compared to the ones in GW2. Seriously though no one is gonna look at WoW right now who is playing GW2 if they are not already playing WoW just because they add jump puzzles. That is a pretty strange thing to say. GW2 is a much different game then WoW and I would say its fair to say that unless they are playing WoW right now they won’t be jumping ship for anything short of an expansion.

    • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

      Hard to say.  Just depends on what game elements Blizzard adds to the jumping puzzle. Will it include traps?  Will it have random spawning mobs? Do the pillars move? Will there be a best path through the puzzle?

      One thing I’m sure of, the 5.2 jumping puzzle will be a lot shorter than many of the GW2 jumping puzzles.

      I think the Blizzard developers, play alot of games.  I’m never surprised when a Blizzard developer runs across a game element they liked, they attempt to incorporate it into the game.

      • http://twitter.com/cipero Matt Cipriano

        Yea this is truth. Blizzard dev’s have always been like this and to tell you the truth most of the competition coming out with these ideas came from blizzard. Mike O’Brian is the cofounder and president of Arenanet and before that was director and lead programmer for blizzard.

        • Michelle De Vere

          True to people moving around but that happens in all industries. Take mining companies for example (as I work in one) – there are people moving to and from BHP to Anglo to Teck to whomever.  People tend to stay in the industry they have progressed themselves in and very few people work at the same place for their entire lives.  Head hunter companies wouldn’t have much work if people did that. :)

      • http://twitter.com/Hagg3r Michael

        Yeah I think that the jump puzzles are great because you can tell ANet put considerable effort into making them a large part of the game. I think Blizzard will try to just add these to things like daily quests and won’t make them overly challenging or long. If it REALLY takes off I can see it being applied to raids but I just don’t see them creating jump puzzles as enthralling as puzzles like the Mad King’s Clock Tower or the Winter Wonderland.

        • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

          I agree, there is no way Blizzard would create anything like the Clock Tower or Wonderland., those take much too long to master and complete.

          It will be interesting to see if it’s a daily jump puzzle. Wonder if the traps, mobs and other mechanics change on a daily basis. It could even increase in difficulty as you gain rep with the related faction. 

  • Dekin

    That is kinda what game companies do.  They take what works and try to incorporate it into a game. That’s why their are lots of WoW clones, I bet that new MMO’s will be trying to add stuff that works from GW2 and WoW into their games.

    It has been awhile but now that I think about it, wasn’t there a jumping puzzle in the Goblin leveling area? You had to run up this mounting while jumping and dodging lightning and then do a bunch of mini games at the top.  It was to get the wizard hat…Any who.

    TL;DR I think its good that game developers are going to try and put stuff in the game that people want.

  • InvaderMig

    Meh, Swtor was doing jumping puzzles before GW2 for datacron hunts, so I can’t fault Blizz for taking it.  First off that’s what Blizz does, and second, jumping puzzles aren’t a GW2 original concept to begin with.

    • Joseph Legemah

      you can’t equate a datacron hunt with sharkmaw caverns and the like. plus this was a feature marketed(talked about frequently) of GW2 as far back as 2009. just like how the big MMO of this year is going to be 98% identical to GW2…plenty of time to implement all those features they were talking about 4 years ago.

      • Chris Catone

         There is that one on the fleet that needed the grapple guns…that one might be more like Professor Portmatt’s Lab or the one with the 3 portals you need to click on.

  • http://twitter.com/ChadMCowder Chad Cowder

    Grats to Squishei on the sleuthing. 

  • http://twitter.com/justQQing Brian Day

    i dont think anyone playing gw2 will go 2 play wow for there shit jumping puzzles are you trolling

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=731108011 Andrew June

    People have been making everything in WoW jumping puzzles. We always do it, we try to get to point B from A by jumping on shit… it’s good that wow is actually making it for reals yo.

    • Pat Hamilton

      And then they ban you for exploiting.

  • Joseph Legemah

    jumping puzzle type things originated in asheron’s call. although GW2 certainly stands on its own in how much they’re developed.

    remember back when WAR was coming out and marketing their deep integrated achievement system, Blizzard scrambled to put that into WoW. you all wondered what feature they would lift this time around, here’s your answer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1071756287 Gary Scott


    Now WoW players can pay $15 per month to experience a sub-par version of what GW2 players get for free!

    Grats Blizzard!  Now go back to adding in conspiracy theories and an in-game browser for patch 5.4 or whatever.  Might as well continue copying from the best …

    • Lucas Harris

      My thoughts exactly.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shane.cominotto Shane Cominotto


  • http://twitter.com/Thaedris Brandon

    *warning, content may contain jumping puzzles. Users discretion is advised

  • Chris Catone

    It’s just Blizzard doing what Blizzard does.  They incorporate good ideas from all around them.  I anticipate gnomes cussing out taurans because they can’t see the platforms.

  • Jado Cast

    This just in . . . WoW is doing away with the Holy Trinity!  Oh’s No’s.  ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.nielsen.7127 Thomas Nielsen

    lol ya what a hard content ? fly fly fly jobs done XD 

    or the classes jumping skill
    leape, blink shadowstep and more XD

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZFDWTWGZMMX5P2DU72YPBLCQJM Justin Ryan

    gw2 isnt the only game with jumping puzzels…
    off the top of my head, swtor…

  • http://twitter.com/AisarGaming Aisar

    It’s just Blizz doing their normal thing.  They will do almost anything to keep their subs and they need to considering it’s age.  They already added pet battles and farming, this should not surprise anyone.  They have to do it, they want WoW to stay relevant for at least another five years and so they are going to do whatever it takes.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vanessa-Wilson/755259388 Vanessa Wilson

       when you say they added farming, do you mean. Farming like.. Farming from LOTRO? Where.. you can actually just plant stuff, grow it, and harvest it? I wasn’t aware they added that. I was a big fan of doing nothing important in wow. XD Well.. i did like wintergrasp when it was new. After they nerfed it to only 40 players and ruined most of it; i stopped doing that. Their act of ruining Wintergrasp was sort of a beginning of the end for me. Seems around the same time, they had done a lot of nerfs to preists (which my main was) and to druids (who a lot of my friends were). After a while, it wasn’t so fun anymore. I didn’t care for their hampster wheel.

  • http://twitter.com/Nathiest Nathiest


  • the_hood83

    Blizzard is known to draw inspiration from other mmo’s and implement them into their own, although i’m not playing WoW (quit in TBC) i think it’s a great idea, i love exploration and was one of those “exploiters” and since they in my opinion destroyed exploration with flying mounts and insta teleporting to whatever among other stuff, i think this atleast brings back something, even though it might be very simple.

    “Will Guild Wars 2 players be drawn to WoW thanks to the increasing inclusion of Guild Wars styled content?” 

    Not really, people who play Guild Wars 2 play it because it’s different from WoW and probably not for it’s jumping games.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mat.dabbs Mat Dabbs

    Thing is, Jumping puzzles began in wow.

    No Joke.
    It was player driven and we used to find ways to get to unreachable Places for prestige and bragging rights, or more commonly, simple exploration.
    The dev’s had nothing to do with it, infact they often added patches that broke the way we used to to get somewhere (Ironforge Airport for example), which in turn, led to us having to find new ways.
    It was a whole lot of fun, jumping and falling your way to somewhere.
    Games like SW:TOR, and GW made it a part of the game by dev choice, put rewards at the end, made it themselves to be harder and longer, which is fine, but its real nice to see this element of skill, weather in simple movement or timed runs, coming back to wow.

    For years now the biggest thing I’ve been saying is missing from wow is Environment Interaction.
    People ask for new mechanics, better boss fights, harder or generally more fun content.
    Blizzard builds some beautiful scenery then never uses it.
    (Anyone who’s ever taken on Spirit Kings, Look around the walls and see the Jump Puzzle potential)
    Lets have bossed running up towers and we have to platform jump after them.
    Lets have rooms that fill with lava we have to avoid.
    Lets have Pipe puzzles on Bosses that we have to connect, to flood the room.
    Lets have Block Puzzles and building.
    Lets have environment interaction.
    I want to see more of this, MUCH MORE.
    Its a world after all, if there’s an environment, both us and the enemies need to explore it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bucur.gigel.5 Bucur Gigel

    “Jumping Puzzles are usually the premise of Guild Wars 2″ – seen them in rift, swtor, koreean themed mmos long before gw2 and i don’t even try out that many mmos, so it’s definitely not a gw2 thing.
    You mentioned bfd and nefarian. there’s also thaddius, the jumping to reach the spire entrance, the giants in stonecore, the jumping puzzle for the firelands dailies to reach the firehawks and all the other little, meaningless jumps you had to do in your wow life . Jumping is a part of wow, jumping puzzle stuff has been in the game since vanilla, a new quest/boss involving jumping is certainly not a big thing and using some of the readers lack of knowledge to stir up controversy against wow is certainly not cool. i know you need those click and comments to survive, but please stop, you are better than this.
    ps: warrior intercept jumping puzzle heyo!