The race to craft the first legendary weapon in Guild Wars 2 is over and, unfortunately, the winner has to be declared via photo finish.  Players have been frantically gathering up rare materials and grinding out karma and skill points to be the first to obtain one of the coveted purple shinies.  A forum post appeared (with images as proof) on 9/23 by Xalkyrie stating that he had the materials and currency required to construct the legendary staff, The Bifrost, but wasn’t able to purchase the final obsidian shards due to a bugged event in the Strait of Devastation.  Even after the event was cleared, there was another issue with obsidian shards not stacking properly, which caused more delays.

After ArenaNet patched the game earlier this week, Xalkyrie (and many others who had since gathered up the components) created the impressive-looking weaponry with the true first being difficult to discern.  However, many give the honor to Xalkyrie for having the forethought to document and make his struggles public.  While not every legendary weapon has been crafted yet, many have come forward with screenshots and videos to show off their achievements, including the Sunrise and Twilight greatswords, The Dreamer shortbow, Kudzu the longbow, and Incinerator the dagger.

Congratulations to those who have accomplished this arduous feat, but for me the real race is still ongoing, however, as I want to see the first aquatic legendary weapon.  Come on, folks, let’s see those epic tridents, spears, and harpoon guns!