World of Warcraft

Death Knights are the class that can when it comes to soloing, and Aelobin is no exception. In this remarkable video, he can be seen taking out Firelands boss Baleroc on 25-man heroic mode — all by himself. And no, that’s not an error in the title; a sharp-eyed viewer will be able to see that he is, indeed, level 80.

How is he doing it? Well, he’s wearing a mixture of Cataclysm blues and greens and Wrath purples, and with some clever use of stats, he has managed to render himself completely unhittable. The really remarkable part of the video begins, for me, when the boss hits his enrage timer, and Aelobin is still parrying or dodging every single hit, including, for those who have done this boss, both the inferno and the decimation blade.

He’s also slyly benefitting from the changes to Vengeance by being in blood, which, of course, would be necessary for the avoidance as well, but his attack power, as can be seen in the video, is off-the-charts high, peaking at 1.8 million. This gives him a bonus to damage done of over 100,000 per second, and his recorded DPS, as you can see in the video, is 275,715 for the entire fight.

It’s a remarkable achievement, but it’s not Aelobin’s first run through the Firelands at level 80, as his armory reveals. Great job, Aelobin, you’ve really proven Death Knights are the overpowered class soloing kings!