Death Knights are the class that can when it comes to soloing, and Aelobin is no exception. In this remarkable video, he can be seen taking out Firelands boss Baleroc on 25-man heroic mode — all by himself. And no, that’s not an error in the title; a sharp-eyed viewer will be able to see that he is, indeed, level 80.

How is he doing it? Well, he’s wearing a mixture of Cataclysm blues and greens and Wrath purples, and with some clever use of stats, he has managed to render himself completely unhittable. The really remarkable part of the video begins, for me, when the boss hits his enrage timer, and Aelobin is still parrying or dodging every single hit, including, for those who have done this boss, both the inferno and the decimation blade.

He’s also slyly benefitting from the changes to Vengeance by being in blood, which, of course, would be necessary for the avoidance as well, but his attack power, as can be seen in the video, is off-the-charts high, peaking at 1.8 million. This gives him a bonus to damage done of over 100,000 per second, and his recorded DPS, as you can see in the video, is 275,715 for the entire fight.

It’s a remarkable achievement, but it’s not Aelobin’s first run through the Firelands at level 80, as his armory reveals. Great job, Aelobin, you’ve really proven Death Knights are the overpowered class soloing kings!


  • Nick Cattane

    Someone solo’ing old content at it’s level with new content builds is news worthy? =/

    • Chris Collins

      lv80 is not at lvl

    • Glenn Hyatt

       lvl 80 is wrath, 85 is cata

    • Alan O’ Reilly

      except he’s 5 levels below the content

    • Tj Vossos

      firelands is 85

    • Shane Braun

      firelands was level 85 content

    • Ryan Martin-DeVries

       fire lands is a lvl 85 instance this dk was lvl 80 when he did it

    • Nimusho

      You do know Firelands is level 85 raid..right? a level 80 killing a level 85 raid boss on heroic is a pretty impressive feat. Most 90s can only solo alysrazor.

    • Spencer Kennedy

      Since when was Firelands a lvl 80 raid.

    • Jami Kelch

      That particular instance is lvl 85, so the guy is 5 lvls under, and hey, since you seem to think so little of it, let’s see you do it.

    • Nick Cattane

      I stopped playing WoW long ago – nonetheless, still using new tools from current build on old content.  /zzzzz

    • Billy Carruthers

      think you’ll find he did something 5 levels above him, not same lvl

    • jon Tang

       you fail at reading Nick –
      “he’s wearing a mixture of Cataclysm blues and greens and Wrath purples”.

      No where does it say his wearing panda gear and his 5 levels under the raid level.

      • Dave Burns

         He is wearing MoP blues though, ilvl 408, and only require lvl 80.

      • Nick Cattane

         Where did I say he was wearing panda gear? You sure I fail at reading?  New content builds = new talent tree?

      • Brian Day

         hes lvl 80  the raid he is in is lvl 85  do maths

    • Brian Brown

       because the content was five lvls higher than him on 25 man heroic difficulty….. figure it out bro -.-

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  • Daniel Zehnder


  • Nimusho


  • Peter Bonnici

    LOL! nice work

  • Rick

    Nerf DKs.

  • Justin Pennington

    Pretty sure id be able to solo him as well with 100% parry -_-

  • Branko Stankovic

    Buff mages !!!

  • Marshall Gothard

    how did he get in the instance thought you had to be 85 to enter

    • Atti Kore

      You can enter vanilla raids at 50 and bc raids at 68 so the level requirement isn’t necessarily cap for the time that it was current.

  • Tim Cowell

    can he even enter the raid 5 levels lower?

  • Ravenstorm

    I wanted to do that once, I was all set, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

  • MissBegotten

    No matter what they do to ‘make the game better’, they end up breaking something in the process.

  • Kris Yeisley

    Nerf DKs.

  • Christo M

    What kind of fucking morons are saying nerf DKs? This isn’t going to affect modern content in the slightest, he solo’d a boss we all killed HOW long ago? It’s cool and all, but DKs are fine where they are. 

  • Quientin Huckeba

    I am not so sure this video is real. I mean, what’s up with the priest on the damage meters?

    • Chad Jacquay

       Unless the Priests name is ‘Total’ I think its the total dps put out by the Raid, ie him.

      • jkingdoug

        It isn’t actually white it is greyish a notice that the dmg is equal so ofc he is alone, you are right :D.

    • Justin Pfeifer

      Some people

    • jkingdoug

       LOL, that aint no priest it’s the total dmg, not that they have the exact same dmg. How would a priest do as much dmg as he does throughout the whole fight? It’s an addon bro look it up.

  • crothcipt

    Cool vid.  Checking out his stats no wonder he solo’d him.  Just wonder if I can get some of that gear for my dk.  

  • Brian Day

    looks mad and no a char 5 lvls lower than the raid boss shouldnt be abel to 1, get in there 2, even hit the boss so looks BS to me  if its not fair play but still mad

    • Michael Vergara

       yeaaaaaaaa i was like “I wasn’t aware lvl 80’s could get into lvl 85 raids O.o”

  •ørn-Friedrichsen/100001030867427 Bjørn Friedrichsen

    Rofl… never seen any one with 100% parry, seems like privat server, but then again i havent played wow for over a year. and yeah the Dmg looks like a load of bull.

    • Atti Kore

      The damage is actually possible now because there is no longer a cap on vengence and he is wearing mop blues which are il 410 which is over 100 il over anything from wrath so yeah he would get a crazy amount of parry from that.

      • jkingdoug

         wrath items have a max ilvl of 284 (Cata items don’t count) so it’s actually 130 ilvl’s over wrath epics.

    • Dularr

      This was happening at the the end of Lich King, tanks could spec and become “unhittable.”  The big change here was the level 80 character can now enter a level 85 raid.

  • Chad Pittman

    there is no way this is real look at his stats when he opens his character screen Attach power is over 1.9 million that is impossible no matter what gear your wearing or how many buffs you have or what mob your fighting. 

    • Jerome Engel

       that’s a right number the secret is called vengeance my friend “VENGEANCE”  as the Boss goes enrage and the guy got hitimmunity it can in theory stack to infinity as it is, since MoP no longer capped

    • jkingdoug

       Vengeance says it all and if you don’t play a tanking class then don’t post cause each hit the boss does gives you att power as a tank and since the boss is tuned for 85’s he gets a shit load of att power. Check his armory on EU and you will see that it’s a completely legit kill. Plus when I was on my 49 warrior doing BRD which has lvl 55+ mobs I was able to get 2k att power and kill the packs within 1 or 2 seconds.

  • Bostjan

    GW2  Lupicus solo = player skill
    wow = muahaha baby play

  • doomneko

    I just tried to zone into FL as a lvl 83 and it kicked me out giving me the message that I must be lvl 85 to enter the instance.  So this is clearly BS…

  • doomneko

    stupid internet*

  • Nathiest

    100% shannagines. (spelled wrong I know. Google got rid of it’s spell correction function)

  • Jason Morris

    Was checking out this site for more game related news, but giving this any credit is pretty bad. There is no way to attain the the AP that is shown at lvl 80 and its unlikely that gear played any role as the stats would have shown larger numbers across attributes, not just AP and Parry (112%… ha, only in a controlled environment.)

    • jkingdoug

       With the changes to Vengeance each hit gives you att power and since this is a lvl 88 boss he gets a truck load of dmg boost and kicks the bosses ass. note that there are new weapons and armor that you can wear at lvl 80 of ilvl 409, this is completely legit and not a fake.

  • Olivia Grace

    Do check his armory, as linked above… it’s kosher. The raid entry is achieved, as he says, by having 85s in the raid, who then went offline, as, again, you can see. The stats are from gear (avoidance) and vengeance changes (DPS). Simple!

  • Conrad Miszczak

    How the hell did he even manage to get inside of firelands?

    • jkingdoug

       In 5.1 lvl 80’s were able to go into lvl 85 raids as long as a 85 zoned in first, then the 85 logged out or just left the group.

  • Luke Malcolm

    Blood DKs OP