Leading Scientists take a look into making EVE Real, something that could be closer than you think.

CCP Games is deciding to go big this year at EVE Fanfest(April 25-27), they’re calling it the biggest one yet. And with EVE Online turning 10 years old we would expect no less. But what we didn’t expect is for CCP to go even further and get real, and leading, scientists involved in this year’s sold out fanfest.

CCP has invited three leading scientists to host a panel at this years fanfest discussing and sharing their visions of how parts of EVE, what we see as science fiction, could actually become a reality. And sooner than you think. Dr. Richard Obousy (President and Co-Founder of Icarus Interstellar) and Chris Lewicki (President of Planetary Resources) will join Michael Laine (President of LiftPort Group) in hosting this panel titled “Make EVE Real“.

Make EVE Real” will be broken up into three separate and distinct topics; space elevators, bringing ftl to irl, and asteroid mining. And while EVE Fanfest has sold out, CCP is offering everyone the chance to be there, if not in person, by streaming fanfest live on www.twitch.tv/ccp for free (in standard definition). Those who want to see all fanfest has to offer in HD format can purchase the high definition stream for $19.95USD or via PLEX. But keep in mind; while the HD stream can be purchsed via both CCP and Twitch, only those who purchase the stream through CCP’s EVE Online account management system at https://secure.eveonline.com/fanfest/stream.aspx will receive the in-game promo items.

Title: Space Elevators – Past, Present, and Future

Speaker: Michael Laine, President, LiftPort Group

Summary: Take a look at the early concepts behind the Space Elevator, its history and evolution, its current status and where humanity goes from here! This multimedia conversation (it’s not a lecture!) will examine social, political, technological and military implications of building “the biggest thing, ever.” Both Lunar (gravity-based) and Earth (spin-based) Space Elevators will be discussed.

Title: Bringing FTL to IRL – The Quest for Warp Speed

Speaker: Dr. Richard Obousy, President and Co-Founder, Icarus Interstellar

Summary: The thought of traveling to distant star systems has captured humankind’s imagination for a millennium… so what is being done to get us there? This lively discussion will delve into the challenges associated with FTL propulsion and tantalizing possibilities raised by the latest research in theoretical physics.

Title: Asteroid Mining: Our Search for Riches Enters the Final Frontier

Speaker: Chris Lewicki, President, Planetary Resources

Summary: First it was the gold rush, then we began hunting for oil and soon, we’ll begin trekking across the solar system in search of new and rare resources. In this session, the Flight Director for NASA’s Mars rovers “Spirit” and “Opportunity” will show us how plotting our resource expansion by rocketing across The Milky Way to mine asteroids is just around the corner. This engaging presentation will discuss the near-future of space exploration and asteroid prospecting.

After 10 long years EvE Online is still going strong and still growing, and CCP is shooting for at least 10 more! This fanfest will be celebrating the 10th year anniversary of EVE Online and focusing on the next decade, and how to make it grow even more. While I did not get the chance to buy tickets to fanfest this year myself, I will be on stream every day of fanfest bringing you the latest news and updates.

Fly Safe.

Brian Snow(7BitBrian) is a US resident Gamer and Writer. Spending his youth delving in dungeons and slaying dragons he feel in love with stories, and the idea of shaping them as they take place. Naturally he was drawn to gaming, and MMORPGs, for their rich and interactive stories. Using this passion he now writes articles for video games and is even writing his own novel. Brian Snow is a Gentleman Troll.
  • Glacius

    A nonsensical future where spaceships for some reason all have maximum velocities (and different ones from each other) in the vacuum of space? (I don’t mean warp drives and such. I mean “regular” movement.)

    Yes, I realize it’s a gameplay concession, but it still makes zero sense. ;)

    • InvaderMig

      It makes perfect sense. You can only travel as fast as the force of propulsion you ship is capable of putting out. Things will continue to travel forever at a constant speed proportionate to the force acting upon them. They will not continue to accelerate indefinitely, so of course different ships will have different maximum speeds.

      • Glacius

        No, you’re thinking about how things work on Earth, where we have wind resistance and friction. In space, assuming an absolute vacuum, you can just keep accelerating as long as you have propulsion.* For example, if you cut of propulsion entirely, you would just keep moving in that direction at the same velocity, relative to other objects, as velocity is only meaning with some other object as a frame of reference.

        On the Earth, generally the surface beneath us is treated as the frame of reference for measuring speed. What exactly would the frame of reference for our speed even be in Eve, anyway? (Well, conveniently, all the planets and everything in Eve Online are stationary, relative to each other anyway, so I guess the answer would be, “Everything.” Either way, it’s not consistent with the reality of motion in a vacuum.)


        *The effects of this become rather unintuitive as the speed of light (relative to some other object) is approached, but nevertheless, one could keep accelerating. Technically, those effects are always present, but just too small to be mathematically meaningful in most of our daily dealings. This is rather besides the point. I’m mostly posting this in case someone got it in mind to bring it up.

        • InvaderMig

          It will happen.

          • Glacius

            What will happen? There will be air resistance in space?

  • http://twitter.com/squirreludecker Squirrel

    i would be ok with the “activate on death” clones.

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