If you’re looking forward to Guild Wars 2‘s PvP but are a little intimidated by the prospects of huge WvW battles, then you’re sure to love ArenaNet‘s take on structured PvP.’s Mike B aka Fony got the chance to experience PvP arena action with a Mesmer in last weekend’s beta, and he was at his tricky, mischievous best with GW2‘s illusion-wielding class in the Battle for Khylo.

Whether it’s creating doppelgangers to harass your enemy or dropping into stealth and leaving an empty shell behind, the Mesmer looks to be a great choice for PvP, confusing and confounding the enemy with a vast array of tricks and traps. And any class can make use of the terrain, as Mike shows when he jumps out of windows and glides across rooftops to get the jump on unsuspecting foes

No trebuchet, though? Next time for sure!


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