Blizzard have sent over a teaser trailer for Patch 5.2 The Thunder King, the latest addition to their MMORPG World of Warcraft’s Mists of Pandaria. The trailer features, amongst other things, previews of the new raid zones, new world bosses, new mounts, and the new added areas.

This will certainly add fuel to the fire of speculation about the exact layout and content of the new Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.2 raid, although Blizzard have already confirmed that, like many raids before it, most recently Icecrown Citadel in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, this will have a layout in wings. The raid looks stunning, dark and foreboding, and the new mount models have me at least filled with excitement! I mean, who doesn’t want an armored triceratops mount?! Or, indeed a mount that looks like one of the new World Bosses!world of warcraft mmorpg mmorpg     Patch 5.2 The Thunder King Trailer!

There’s also some footage of the new islands outside the raid, and the notable contrast between the Isle of Giants, where Oondasta hangs out, and Thunder Isle, the location of the new raid. Speaking of Oondasta, in the video, he appears to have been transported from his usual home into the Isle of Thunder, where several  NPCs have attached ropes to him. We’ll have to wait and see just exactly what is going on there.

Looking at what appear to be the raid’s rooms, one thing that particularly horrified me was that one of them appeared to be made up of pillars. Are Blizzard’s developers trying to get one up on Guild Wars 2 in Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.2 by adding jumping puzzles to raids?! What do you like the look of in the trailer? For me, it’s the return of a genuine enemy and a bit of darkness and foreboding to the world.

For more information on the Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.2, check out this article on the Patch 5.2 PTR.

  • Jason Jenkins

    oh please oh please let those triceratops be mounts

    • Chad Cowder

      your wish is granted!

    • Dularr

      omg, was that a flying dinosaur mount at :36?

    • Kagitaar

      I know one of them is.

  • Dularr

    Not happy panda land anymore. 

    • Luke Malcolm

      Jurassic Park is scary man, its not a safe place for dem kids ;)

  • Picoman

    So this is what you guys get excited about?

    • Dularr

      Yes, yes yes.  
      – Next chapter in the Black Prince legendary questline (how can the son of Deathwing lead us astray.) 
      – TWO new islands. Isle of Giants and Isle of Thunder.  Nothing says giants like dinosaurs. 
      – New daily quest hub with dinosaur mount rewards.  Hopefully Blizzard learned their lesson, the quest hubs should be like the August Celestials or 5.1 dailies.  Quick, fast, limited number of dailies, which changed every day.  Not like the Golden Lotus/Shado Pan dailies, to many dailies and took way to long to complete.
      – World level 90 PvP.  Got to wonder why the Black Prince is pitting the horde vs. the alliance. 
      – New crafting hub. (Personal note, switch my lock to blacksmithing.)
      – New multi-wing raid dungeons, with a bonus heroic-only boss.  Blizzards had jumping puzzles in this raids before, hopefully they don’t go overboard on this. 

      • Luke Malcolm

        I’m really looking forward to the Kirin Tor / Sunreaver conflict

        What I am hoping they do is not allow us to use Flying Mounts unless we have the Terrorwing mount.

        • Dularr

          Yes, hope they keep up with story questline every few days worth of dailies.

          With the progression unlocking of the islands, hopefully Blizzard will not allow flying or delay flying until the server unlocks the entire island.  

          • Luke Malcolm

            Well the Island reminds me of Isle of Quel’danas with the island progression.

          • Dularr

            For sure it has Quel’danas written all over it, all it’s missing is a 5 man dungeon which drops a pet and mount. 

  • balen arenas

    Kind of underwhelming for a Blizzard trailer but the dino mounts looked cool.

  • crothcipt

    Only thing I can say about the trailer is…  Really Blizz?  Really Blizz?  Really??

    I do like the look of the mounts.  Always wanted a dino mount since I was questing in the crater.  as far as the trailer its self.  Why is Blizz taking lessons from Swtor?

  • Deadalon

    Its not a trailer – its a teaser.  At least all the WOW fanboys are trying to call it everything other than trailer cause it looks so bad :D

    • Luke Malcolm

      Oh Deadalon is bad to his old self. Why are you here than these are WoW posts and since you cleary have said mutilple times you quit ?? also using the term fanboy is pretty sad.

      Do you see me going to Rift, GW2 or SWTOR posts. 

      Grow up plz

      • Deadalon

        I didn’t know only fanboys were allowed to post on Gamebreaker.  I think its time you go back to the WOW forums if you can’t handle comments from ppl that once played the game and left for various reasons.   

        • Luke Malcolm

          Dem WoW forums are worse, but small old Deadalon has nothing better to say except insults.

          Good Talk

          • Deadalon

            Im getting used to your insults.

          • Luke Malcolm

            Yet others or myself aren’t the immature ones QQing on Rift posts like your doing with WoW posts,.

            Reason I single you out, because your the only one who seems to complain without any source of feeback or proof. You spam GC the same message over & over. Tell him 50 more times I sure he will do something about it.

            Or I could call you a Rift fanboy, but nah I know better, I clearly don’t have to through insults out to give me any edge.

          • Deadalon

            Intresting – Since only thing you have done in the past is exactly to throw out insults without taking any part in mature debate.  

            WOW has issues and pointing them out is perfectly acceptable.  If my points and critic about the game have been wrong – then why are they beeing addressed?  Like the forced role loot in LFR that caused much longer Q times than was needed.  Its beeing changed even tho you had to throw out your typical insults towards me when I mentioned it.

            You singled me out with your insults mainly because you could not dispute valid critic.  

            But like I said.  I can take personal attacks from fanboys that dont have the maturity to see things any other way than their way. 

          • Luke Malcolm

            Stay on subject Deadalon, don’t try and change it. 

            Your clearly avoiding the main question. Why do you continuously come here & complain when you have said time & time you have quit an never looking back?.

            You can call me a fanboy all you want as it doesn’t make you look any better.

          • Deadalon

            And again – This is Gamebreaker chat.  PPL are free to talk about whats posted here.

            I stay on topic – you havn’t.  I just said that teaser was bad.   Personal opinion.  If you cant handle my personal opinion then thats once again your problem. 

            I can still have opinion on teaser even tho I dont play the game. So stop your childish insults and fanboysm.

          • Luke Malcolm

            That would be true, if not everytime there was a WoW post here on GBTV . Yet your always here complaining about something, it could be the smallest thing and your here. 

            How about you give up your grudge & avoid anything WoW and let people who enjoy it converse. 

            Good day Deadalon, hopefully you finally see the light, let go & let people enjoy what they like, instead of always bringing negativity.

          • Deadalon

            Ive seen the light long time ago – I watch Gamebreaker TV and use the chat options to tell what I think =)  

            If you cant handle critic about WOW then its not my fault.  I will continue to post my opinions.  Like it or not.  

          • Dularr

            Noted: you no longer play. 

        • Eric Davenport

          Sounds like someone is butthurt that his crappy MMO cant beat out WoW. Umad?

          • Deadalon

            Last time I checked WOW is not doing all that well.  GW2 even swept the rewards here on Gamebreaker.  RIFT was voted as best expansion of 2012 on many MMO sites.  
            That trailer is bad IMO.  If fanboys can not handle that then its their problem.  Not mine.  If the only thing they can do is to attack others that claim its bad then so be it.  Thats why they are called fanboys.

          • Ganrokh

             Rewards =/= actual player numbers…

    • Dularr

      It’s a teaser trailer for sure.  With all the data mining that is occurring, I’m guessing Blizzard response is to release something of their own.  Someone data mines the PTR patch notes, Blizzard releases the PTR patch notes.  Someone data mines a walkthrough of Isle of Giants, Blizzard releases an early tease trailer. 

      I’m interested to hear Gary’s impressions of the trailer.

  • carlmeister

    oh nice! dino-raiders patch! 

  • Luxin

    Teenage ninja turtles in 5.3 pls

    • Luke Malcolm

      Master Splinter or Shredder has the End Raid Boss.

    • Dularr

      As long as it’s not the Michael Bey space aliens TMNT.

  • Chris Martin

    Honestly, some people in these forums need to grow up. Who cares about who thinks what mmo is better? The whole debate is purely a subjective one anyway! If bob says WoW is better or Tom says Rift is better? Who actually cares? Better at what, and determined who?
    It is like two kids arguing over who’s sweater is the best – based on its colour! I think most who follow Gamebreaker are here because they have an interest in ALL mmo’s, not just one. Sorry to break the obvious to people here, but WoW is not the only mmo, nor is Rift nor GW2 nor any other. Additionally, discussing what is right or wrong with the game you play or played is not the same as stating that it is better or worse than other mmo’s. 

    *stands down from his soapbox

  • Chris Collins


  • Anna

    “Most recently…Icecrown Citadel”

    Three years is plenty of time, I swear.  It’s been a bit of a haul. =P