Blizzard Titan Rumors

TitanFocus have released a huge amount of rumor about the Blizzard Titan project.

The guys over at TitanFocus have been very busy trying to verify the latest set of rumors about the super-secretive Blizzard Titan project. This secretive game has been subject to a ton of speculation since the leaked project slate in 2010, and GAMEBREAKER recently ran down everything that was out in the world, trying to separate rumors from facts.

And, although we don’t want to take away from TitanFocus’ great work in sourcing these pieces of information, it’s really important not to take this as fact. These are rumors, and should be treated as such. But, as we mention in the video, it’s fun to speculate! Let’s take a look at the TitanFocus points and see what we think.

Game Universe

  • It’s based on Earth’s history, but also includes a high amount of fiction. It will have a “deep history”, just as Warcraft and Starcraft.
  • They’re intending to include many Warcraft elements into Titan’s world. Mostly Easter Eggs, but can also extend to entire characters being ported into the new game, one way or another.
  • There will be a lot of Time Travel.
  • When it comes to weapons, we’ll have almost everything at our disposal, from magic to guns.
  • Heavy use of Greek, Roman and Viking myths.
  • They’ve invited some established writers (Robert A. Knaak for example) to help with the storyline.


  • It’s an MMORPG. We’ll play from a 3rd person view, but there will also be a first person view during “events”. No extra clarification as to the nature of these events could be given.
  • TAB targeting in combat.
  • It will benefit from a completely new game engine.
  • Graphics will be in the established “Blizzard style”.
  • Primarily a PC game, but next-gen consoles are still being considered. Probably after launch, as with D3.
  • Expected 12+ PEGI.
  • It’s designed with eSports in mind. They will try to grow it into a successful eSport.
  • There will be “clan” housing. No details on player-housing.
  • Last but not least, the game will have an Auction House. Nothing conclusive about a Real-Money Auction House but it is possible. As an extra tidbit, Blizzard was also considering introducing a RMAH into WoW at one point, but apparently not anymore.


  • 150 developers working on it now. Last we’ve been told, in September last year, there were just a bit over 100, so the team is growing at a nice pace, quickly becoming the biggest one. They’re about to bring new Community Managers into the team and some testers that will be needed in the near future. Many of the new team members have come from Blizzard’s other projects.
  • Speaking of inside transfers, Jay Wilson is on the Titan team. Please don’t go overboard with this. ^^
  • English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish localization now. More will come during beta.
  • They were considering implementing easy in-game recording at one point, unsure of the state of this at the moment.
  • BLIZZCON 2013 – Titan Teaser, details on expansions for all other major franchises (SC2, D3, WoW). There will be other small Titan teasers at the event but nothing major. They don’t want to show any game-play until they have a solid date for beta.
  • Speaking of which, current plan is to open Family & Friends testing (Alpha stage basically) in Q1 2014.
  • The game has a name already that has been changed multiple times over the course of the development process. Unknown unfortunately.
  • They’re going full-out when it comes to the soundtrack. Each zone will have its own song, and the songs will vary vastly in type, rhythm. We’ve reported before that Jason Hayes has returned to Blizzard, so this is definitely not surprising.
  • That’s about it. There are no mind blowing statements here, but I think the chances are very high that for the first time since we found out about Project Titan, we have a solid starting platform on which we can base our expectations and speculation.

What’s your take on all this? This runs from the un-surprising, such as there being music for each zone, and there being a “deep history”, as well as existing members of the Blizzard team being drafted in to work on this game, and there now being around 150 people working on the game. Much of this is stuff that, based on what we already know, having heard it from Blizzard’s team, we would either already have guessed, strongly suspected, or considered very likely indeed.

The game setting is also interesting, will it be based, therefore, on the Steampunk genre many had suspected? It seems to us here at Gamebreaker that it’s still pretty vague. The information above doesn’t really give us a firm answer on the overall genre or feel of the game, only talking about time travel, earth’s history and so on. While a Steampunk game would fit well into these categories and story arcs, it’s far from confirmed within the rumors above.

As I mention in the video, the most startling and exciting part of this rumor is that we’re going to hear more come Blizzcon 2013, followed by a family and friends Alpha in 2014. What do you think of this? It seems possible, sure, but as I explain in the video I’m really not convinced. And to also announce a new WoW expansion, a new Diablo expansion and a new Starcraft one on top of Titan? Well, Blizzard’s team has been pushing out the content at a far faster pace lately, but do you think it’s really possible?