Blizzard’s Titan is not entirely a brand new IP and is also coming on XBOX?!

An entire website dedicated to rumors about Blizzard’s Titan has been doing some serious sleuthing. They have uncovered information posted by a forum contributor who says he has inside information on Blizzard’s new MMO project, Titan. The website has looked him up, also discovering some of this contributors previous posts where he predicted the name of Project Titan long before it was released by Blizzard in 2010, as well as predicting Diablo 3’s release date with considerable accuracy. This poster, who calls himself either alphaNoid or theNoid, asserts to know a Blizzard insider working on the Titan game.

So what does alphaNoid have to say? He alleges that Blizzard’s Titan is not a brand new IP, but a spinoff from existing titles. In one post he calls it “World of Diablo-like”. He goes on to clarify that while it’s not a new IP, “it is, but it isn’t. Its a spinoff of an existing Blizzard IP. Titan is the next Blizzard MMO, but its not Warcraft.”

He also talks about the development stage of the Titan game, saying that dev kits are around:

“Nobody has dev kits? Thats 100% bullshit, considering my insider at Blizzard who is working on the Titan framework has had access to a near final “next Xbox” dev kit since November. He wont tell me the details, he can’t and even eluding to the dev kit in general was a dog and pony show because he is under NDA personally signed. Next xbox dev kits are in the wild, whether or not they are final and the specs are another discussion but they are out there that I can say.”

His posts indicate a 2014-2015 launch, which would be reasonable. What do you think? And do, of course, bear in mind that this is all rumor!

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