Blizzard’s Titan is not entirely a brand new IP and is also coming on XBOX?!

An entire website dedicated to rumors about Blizzard’s Titan has been doing some serious sleuthing. They have uncovered information posted by a forum contributor who says he has inside information on Blizzard’s new MMO project, Titan. The website has looked him up, also discovering some of this contributors previous posts where he predicted the name of Project Titan long before it was released by Blizzard in 2010, as well as predicting Diablo 3’s release date with considerable accuracy. This poster, who calls himself either alphaNoid or theNoid, asserts to know a Blizzard insider working on the Titan game.

So what does alphaNoid have to say? He alleges that Blizzard’s Titan is not a brand new IP, but a spinoff from existing titles. In one post he calls it “World of Diablo-like”. He goes on to clarify that while it’s not a new IP, “it is, but it isn’t. Its a spinoff of an existing Blizzard IP. Titan is the next Blizzard MMO, but its not Warcraft.”

He also talks about the development stage of the Titan game, saying that dev kits are around:

“Nobody has dev kits? Thats 100% bullshit, considering my insider at Blizzard who is working on the Titan framework has had access to a near final “next Xbox” dev kit since November. He wont tell me the details, he can’t and even eluding to the dev kit in general was a dog and pony show because he is under NDA personally signed. Next xbox dev kits are in the wild, whether or not they are final and the specs are another discussion but they are out there that I can say.”

His posts indicate a 2014-2015 launch, which would be reasonable. What do you think? And do, of course, bear in mind that this is all rumor!

Here is a link to past Titan MMORPG news that you might find interesting.

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  • Andrew June

    World of Diablocraft.

  • Kaemin

    Starcraft Ghost: a sniper reborn

    • Dularr

      Starcraft Ghost as a Planetside 2 style MMO FPS would be an amazing idea.  Totally free with a cash shop. 

  • Benni Nord

    I would prob go for a sc-mmo rather than a diablo-mmo with this info. I don’t see them making another fantasy mmo. It would also support the rumors about an fps-ish mmo.

  • Rick

    I can see them making some sort of competition for Planetside 2 with a SC MMO. It won’t be f2p though because Blizzard loves money.

    • Dularr

      But you know, some folks would throw some crazy money at a SC MMO FPS cash shop.

      Keeping that Battlenet sub would probably give you some serious exclusive benefits.

  • Dularr

    Lol, another red herring rehash rumor.  Probably a secondary project on porting D3 to a console. 

    • Joseph Spears

      hope for all platforms or none!

  • Tye Roberts


  • Deadnstien

    Ok so, Diablo-like MMO that is a spin off of a current IP, that would work on x-box 720. If we take old rumors into that being a casual friendly sci-fi shooter and the website domain registry… 

    My guess, pulled straight from my behind, is a top down Starcraft persistent world shooter that takes place from a Terran perspective while they are just starting to explore space. With maybe different Terran factions vying for control of space faring tech and the sector of space around the home world. And who knows, maybe even some first contact.

    Silly speculation is fun!

  • AliceKaye

    I don’t know how far in advance Blizz announced World of Warcraft. However, for expansions they seem to announce them about one year before their actual launch. Going by this, if it’s a 2014 launch, we should hear about it sometime in the summer/fall. Just my estimation.

  • Matt Perkins

    I have a feeling it’s an mmorts/dungeon crawler in the Starcraft universe right after the events of the Protoss expansion.

  • Azer Gosu

    If this is going to be a non-Warcraft MMO based off an existing Blizzard IP, then they really only have 3 options.

    1. Diablo
    This seems fairly likely since it already has the backbone of a story, classes already made, and this would be coming a few years after the original release of the game and would be a pretty smooth transition. However, those that were unsatisfied with Diablo 3 would surely come into the game with a negative bias towards anything Diablo related. TheNoid also mentions that this project is being developed in the same wing as Diablo, not that it is completely relevant. 

    2. StarCraft
    This seems less likely since they are already planning on Legacy of the Void to be released sometime during that year, or post-year. I don’t know if they would want to be running both versions of the same universe at the same time, even though they have already established a story and background. They have created many planets which is great material for an MMO and a universe is a fantastic map for expanding as new planets are discovered.

    3. BlackThorne
    While I have never played this game, it does seem to have a developed backstory and is the only other real IP that isn’t a racing game / learning game. I don’t really know what to say about it as I have no experience playing the game.

  • Dekin

    Hmmm a twisted metal like FPSMMO of Rock n’ Roll Racing. With slight undertones of need for speed underground…..and for some reason Thrall is there….driving a bus.

    But what do I know I live under a bridge…..trollolololol

    • Andrew Clive Early

      living under a bridge can be the best place to live in times like these, room for one more? 

  • Azer Gosu

    Having it be completely Terran focused would completely rip it apart as Zerg and Protoss fans would be crying that they are not well represented and that they are being undermined as being only NPCs or trash.

    Devil’s advocate here.

  • Depravity

    Blackthorne rides the Titanic: The journeys of a lost viking. It’s a rumor, but sources tell me it’s going to be an MMO adventure game, hybrid between Diablo and Leisure Suite Larry. Disney and George Lucas are involved, as well as Bunge and Microsoft. And Logitech with the support of Olivetti and Seasonic.

  • Inkogni Alex

    Rumors are that if it has real $ auction house, no pvp even after a year and nonstop ****  on forums posted by the Devs it will fail for me and many my friends

  • Kyle Schmelzer

    We already have a diablo like MMO, its D3. But in all seriousness, Blizz does MMO’s right, so im looking forward to this. Especially with 8 years of WoW behind them, they will put out a solid title.

  • Demi_God

    I think Titan will most likely be canned whatever type of MMO it was supposed to be.  It isn’t far enough along in its development cycle to need to recoup investment costs.  And there is no current niche in the market to fill.

    My conclusion is drawn from a few key events. 
    #1 MoP was a success, and will ensure WoW’s success for at least another expansion.  2 more years of success.  When a majority of the Titan rumors were being created wow’s longevity was in question due to cataclysm. 

    #2 There is no niche market for a new MMO currently to be released into. WoW, GW2, Rift, FFXIV, & Elder Scrolls online fill almost every conceivable fantasy MMO interest.  Planetside 2, Firefall, Hawken, Mechwarrior, and SWTOR all hold key Sci-Fi market shares giving a Starcraft FPS MMO more competition than anyone would want.

    #3 Diablo III didn’t receive stellar reviews and we can expect an expansion. So again I have trouble seeing a spin-off.

    This idea of a spin-off?  At this point a spin-off of what SC2, Diablo III, WoW?  They all have expansions incoming.  How do you cut loose your creative dev team when their source material doesn’t fully exist yet?  You can’t.

    That leaves a completely new IP as their only real option that at best is a spin-off far removed from the source material.  A financial risk, and considering how good and how bad a game/gamble SWTOR turned out to be, I can only see Blizzard/Activision going with a low risk model. 

  • Luis A. Perez

    I think I’ll need to hand in my tin-foil hat. More worried about this insider’s job then early information of Blizzard’s new game.

  • Deadalon

    Should not speculate about things we know nothing about.  Thats what I think.

    • Luke Malcolm

      For once Deadalon, I agree with you #Mindblown

    • Dularr


  • José Kyuso Vieira

    Blizzard is dead by now if titan is about starcraft or diablo
    They dont have any good ideas srsly? Its all about reashing content basically

    They dont creat new stuff why?

    But well i can only forgive them if its World of Lost Vikings

  • Joseph Spears

    What a load of bul, Blizz said its a new IP. on top of that why in the world would blizz go XBOX and now Sony and THE BIG aswell? considering they will copy the tablet like success. Getting into the console game is suicide unless you go all around. Who wants to pay for Live and a sub?

  • Andrew Clive Early

    bet we get some titan in this years Blizzcon, if we dont its gonna be a bit dull….

  • balen arenas

    Starcraft: Ghost, the mmo

    • sean adams

      GOT HIM!

  • Thomas Vu

    Its Diablo!  But instead of being a good guy, you play as a bad guy trying to go on a murderous rampage!  A GTA themed MMO with a Diablo backdrop!

  • James Bauer

    If it is a Diablo-ish based theme, that would be fine, since I am a big fan of Fantasy, but I was really kinda hoping that Blizzard would pull of a well-made sci-fi based game. I actually prefer Fantasy over scifi 9 times out of 10. 

  • Bradley

    I would like to point out that it is pretty clear that he has insider knowledge but a lot of what he said were his interpretations or opinions, even the dates. I am saying this because when we found his posts and looked at some of them, especially the number of developers working on the title, the information was incorrect, and I say this because we have other known information freely available contradicting it. So basically, everything should be taken with a grain of salt. Thanks for the link to the article though.

  • Ben

    Could it be the MOBA style game “Blizzard DOTA” they mentioned in the last Blizzcon they had? It has heroes from all their IPs which would seem in line with “its not but it is a new IP”.

    • Jado Cast

      You know, that’s the best speculation I’ve heard so far.  I could see them doing ^ this!

  • Kyle Bohannon

    if its not a warcraft rts i dont care

  • Jado Cast

    A wise man named Flavor Flav once said, “Don’t Believe the Hype!”  

  • Azer Gosu

    Link has been killed. Too much leak possibly?

  • Francois Brisson

    It’s a new IP, Blizzard already said that GG. 

    • Richard Grinspan

      no they didnt.

    • Justin Pfeifer

       Don’t try and spread false information blizzard has never said it was a new IP

      • Alejandro Daniel Peregrina

        Yes they did.

        “We have nothing to advertise for the new MMO because it’s a shell of a game thus far. We’ve already stated it’ll be a brand new franchise, which means the lore, art, and game play are being developed entirely from scratch. It’s an overwhelming process, but a process through which we excel. Our track record supports this.” -Zarhym

        It’s a difficult post to find since they revamped the forums. But it’s there.

  • sean adams

    seems legit?

  • ryan phillips

    kind of pointless to put it on xbox isn’t it?
    doesn’t that add a little merit to the whole Halo mmo conspiracy?

  • Elias Rowan

    Also on xbox. No longer interested.

    • Svenskalkoholkultur

      The next xbox is probably more powerful than most computers people own today. As let’s be honest Blizzards games doesn’t really need much power to be played. 

      • Richard Elder

         I think he means having the mix of the XBox community trolls with the Blizzard community trolls. Might be too much to take.

    • JP

      She said it’s a humor

  • Crusadernero

    Why did I have to watch a 2 minute commercial to watch your video?

  • Nova2012

    If it’s not a MMO RPG, then I’m not interested at all, and even less if it’s on Xbox! That would be the worst move. I have sub’d in WoW  since the begining of time and hope they don’t spend all that money they made on this rumor………so disapointing if true……ugh I think I’m sick now.

  • Nova2012

    BTW….what happened to the Movie Blizz was making……Is that dead too?

  • Kaemin


  • Nathiest


    • Michael Swift Ryan

      I am pretty sure that WoW2 was Cataclysm, rather.

  • Rizen

    been packing on the pounds huh?

  • Michael Swift Ryan

    Blizzard has already been rather insistant that Titan is far from retread from of an existing IP.  The actual quote was regarding if it was WoW 2.0  and to that they said they wish to avoid repeating themselves.

    It may, or may not play like Diablo but that is the point of it being in Alpha. Maybe the diablo gameplay is just allowing them to test specific departments rather than waiting for the Titan gameplay to progress further. That way they are able to release Titan faster with more polish.