NCSoft Purportedly Looking At Acquisition Options

The latest market statement for NCSoft from KDB Daewoo Securities is out there, and it has some very interesting news regarding the Korean game company’s future plans.

Citing a rough global game market and “plunging” shares of major companies like Electronic Arts and Nintendo, analyst Chang-kwean Kim reports that

According to the media, NCsoft (together with Nexon) has made an M&A [merger and acquisition] offer to a large overseas game company.

This doesn’t mean outright that NCSoft is looking to acquire EA or Nintendo. That’s how rumors get started, and we’d never stoop to that level (NCSoft/Activision, anyone?).

The report also makes mentions of recent layoffs at NCSoft, affecting 500 people, but thinks that August will be a better month, with closed beta testing for Blade & Soul underway in China and, of course, the launch of Guild Wars 2. Kim estimates about one million copies will be sold in the game’s first two months, translating into about 50 billion Korean won, or about $45 million USD.

Hey, he wasn’t wrong last time about the announcement of the GW2 launch date being “imminent,” even if he was off a little on the exact timing of the release. Maybe we should let him play Over/Under?