Warlords of Draenor Confirmed as fifth expansion to World of Warcraft. Nerds rejoice as battle of the trademarks is over!

News just in from the battle field! Blizzard have finally confirmed the official title of the fifth  World of Warcraft expansion, ending the long speculated war that has embraced the internet.

Please welcome to the stage: Warlords of Draenor

It was never confirmed that Blizzard would announce an expansion to the MMO at BlizzCon, but it was widely assumed that they would. It’s kind of a thing that Blizzard like to do!  But as you’d likely expect, speculation has run rampant in the months preceding the convention as to what the next expansion was going to be.

There can be only one…Or maybe 2…Oh okay 3…

Eagle eyed fans can finally rest their weary heads following the announcement, after a series of ultimate troll moves sent journalists and fans into a frenzy in the build up to this mornings announcement. The Dark Below and Warlords of Draenor were both in the running having been apparently trademarked by Blizzard, opening the flood gates of tin-hat theories and gnashing of teeth over assumed implications of the titles.

When the title Corgis Unleashed appeared as a Blizzard trademark application, it was understood how easy it is to pull off this kind of hoax. Anyone with internet access and a couple hundred bucks can file for a trademark and put any company’s name as holder. As of today, The Dark Below is yet to make an apperance on any trademarking authority other than Australia and New Zealand, so is still largely believed to be one of those terrible hoaxes.

Now, as we head into this next expansion, let’s hope the next chapter in WoW’s journey will be epic.

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