Warlords of Draenor Confirmed as fifth expansion to World of Warcraft. Nerds rejoice as battle of the trademarks is over!

News just in from the battle field! Blizzard have finally confirmed the official title of the fifth  World of Warcraft expansion, ending the long speculated war that has embraced the internet.

Please welcome to the stage: Warlords of Draenor

It was never confirmed that Blizzard would announce an expansion to the MMO at BlizzCon, but it was widely assumed that they would. It’s kind of a thing that Blizzard like to do!  But as you’d likely expect, speculation has run rampant in the months preceding the convention as to what the next expansion was going to be.

There can be only one…Or maybe 2…Oh okay 3…

Eagle eyed fans can finally rest their weary heads following the announcement, after a series of ultimate troll moves sent journalists and fans into a frenzy in the build up to this mornings announcement. The Dark Below and Warlords of Draenor were both in the running having been apparently trademarked by Blizzard, opening the flood gates of tin-hat theories and gnashing of teeth over assumed implications of the titles.

When the title Corgis Unleashed appeared as a Blizzard trademark application, it was understood how easy it is to pull off this kind of hoax. Anyone with internet access and a couple hundred bucks can file for a trademark and put any company’s name as holder. As of today, The Dark Below is yet to make an apperance on any trademarking authority other than Australia and New Zealand, so is still largely believed to be one of those terrible hoaxes.

Now, as we head into this next expansion, let’s hope the next chapter in WoW’s journey will be epic.

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  • Steven Opie Wallace


  • Jnsorange

    Yes … we should have it soon on Beta then :D

  • Ege Baysal

    i dont know about you guys but this xpac will BE EPIC ASS HELL!

  • Hicks64

    Hmm a pvp continent (?) and player housing… I might have to come back to wow after 6 years.

  • Old Ben

    Immediate boost to level 90, thus making all the existing game world even more irrelevant. I guess it’s not exactly a surprise at this point; GC & Friends really want people to skip over anything created by the original designers.

    What is a bit of a surprise is that they decided to go for Draenor at this point, when their original roadmap showed the Emerald Dream as the stage after Pandaria. I wonder if they’ve just decided to swap the order (as they did with some Cataclysm / MoP zones), or if they’ve actually canned the Emerald Dream.

    • terraburn

      They don’t want them to skip old designers content, they want you to have the chance to not have to scrape your way to level 90 just to do another 10 levels. This is a troll comment if I’ve ever seen one.

      • Old Ben

        So you think the entire WoW gameplay from 1 to 90 is such a painful experience that players gain by skipping it completely?

        I don’t know about you, but when I buy a game that goes from level 1 to 100 and where the majority of the world is designed for players of level 1-90, I would expect those areas to actually add something to my enjoyment of the game. Apparently that makes me a “troll”…

        • terraburn

          You said they included the to 90 boost in order to skip previous developers content (which no longer exists considering they were the ones to redo it in cata). The gameplay from 1-60 isn’t painful, gameplay from 60-70 is though.

          This feature provides someone who wants to just jump into new content with an alt the opportunity without having to slog through 90 levels. That’s a lot of leveling to do, regardless of how enjoying it is. I myself really like the redone levels but would not want to have to deal with that much leveling if all I wanted to do was hit Draenor.

          I apologize for calling you a troll, that probably isn’t fair of me to say. However, I think you’re looking at it from the wrong perspective.

          If you enjoy leveling THAT much that you don’t mind doing it for every new character then by all means enjoy. I think most of though would like the option to just jump into the new shit asap.

          • Old Ben

            There’s nothing in the announcement about alts. From what I read, anyone will be able to boost a character straight to level 90, including people who didn’t have any characters at 90 to begin with.

            If you already have a level 90 character, you can “jump into new shit ASAP” anyway, you wouldn’t need a boost.

            Personally, I found the 80-85 gameplay a lot more painful than TBC, especially since the single source for some items (like shoulder enchants and head enchants) forced every player to do some huge quest chains (like all of Deepholm and at least half of Vashj’ir) with every single alt. The starter areas for goblins, worgen and pandaren are also quite painful compared to the previous races, where you could pick where to level (if you made two draenei characters, you could level them in different areas instead of repeating everything, but with the new races you’re stuck redoing the same long quest lines).

            Leveling 60-70 can be done at least three times almost without repeating any quests (there’s enough XP from Outland quests to level twice, and you can also level all the way just by doing dungeons). It’s quite fast if you use heirlooms, and doing Outland at least once would be relevant to make players understand Draenor.

            Regardless of that, if you find the quests, dungeons and raids between 60 and 70 “painful”, maybe you should be asking them to improve that part of the game, rather than just let new characters skip straight to 90.

            P.S. – Despite GC’s best efforts, some of the great content created by the original team has managed to resist the updates, even in Azeroth (Karazhan comes to mind).

          • crispko

            but you will only get to boost one char ONCE after that its back to leveling alt the normal way

          • Old Ben

            So if you’re a new player you start at level 90, knowing nothing about the game’s lore or how to play your class, and after you’ve annoyed all the other level 90 players you get to go back and learn things with your second character. Does that make any sense?

            Seems like a “cheap” way to make the servers feel more active at 91-100, even if it’s at the cost of filling those areas with players who have no idea what they’re doing.

            IMO it would make a lot more sense to let any player with a maxed character start his or her new characters at the level of the previous expansion. So, after you level one character to 70, you can start new characters at 60. After you level one character to 80, you can start new characters at 70, and so on. Players who leveled at least one MoP character to 90 would have the option to start at 85 (or any level below that), and if they leveled their original character to 100, then they’d get to start new ones at 90.

            That would avoid forcing players to repeat the “bottlenecks” (goblin, pandaren, worgen and DK starting quests, plus the “mandatory” quest lines in Cataclysm areas), but would ensure they had played at all levels at least once, and had a chance to follow the story.

            It’s bad enough that the automated “Dungeon Finder” completely skips some instances (including some pretty good ones like HoR and PoS).

            This detachment between “endgame” and the open world is one of the main causes of WoW’s decline, IMO. The game world (which is half of the game’s name) has become a tool to grind experience and increase your level, instead of a place to explore and enjoy “living in”. Once players get to max level, 99% of the game world becomes completely useless and unchallenging, and players just sit in cities waiting for some queue to deliver their automatic friends, or repeat the same boring dailies over and over. RPG players (which were a big chunk of WoW’s original player base – though I suspect not anymore) like immersion.

            Hopefully the garrisons will create some sense of connection between players and the open world, but I suspect they’ll end up feeling too much like instances (i.e., yet another separate mini-game). If the designers really wanted to make the game world more cohesive and relevant they wouldn’t make new players start at level 90. Or, at least, they’d implement some downleveling mechanic to give level 90+ characters a bit of a challenge when they go back to existing areas.

      • kelthar

        Nah Old Ben is Gamebreakers Resident WoW Hater. He will come in and add a counterpoint to most things WoW related and when people respond he will constantly reword his comments and do so over and over in a trivial circle of futility. Best to ignore the guy. His disdain for WoW will not end until Blizzard shuts the servers down and he can finally say I TOLD YOU SO! Whether that be in 2, 5, or 25 years I am just glad Blizzard has given me the opportunity to come along for the ride!

  • C4darkmane

    but no new playable race or Class…… shame.