Stock up on those gems because it looks like we have some new Black Lion Trading Company items coming soon in Guild Wars 2.  The folks at GW2DB datamined some interesting goodies after the latest patch.  Most of the items mimic services we’ve come to expect in MMO games like changing hairstyles or the ability to change your character’s name.  The great thing is gems can be purchased with in-game currency so it’s possible for Guild Wars 2 players to spend gold on features typically reserved for cash shops in other games.

For those gambling types there is even a potion which gives your character a completely random look including height, body type, skin color, markings, face, and hair.  For anyone looking to bend their gender, the Total Makeover Kit can accommodate you.  Imagine the warning label that must be required to bring that product to market!  Finally, there are the permanent vendor convenience items which may have already been in the game, since ArenaNet confirmed that they were added as a rare drop to the Black Lion Chests.

Check out the list of items and let us know what you think of them in the comments below: