There’s a new Guild Wars 2 PvP map in the works that looks to borrow PvP elements from other MMORPGs and add it to GW2’s established control-point style of gameplay.

Spirit Watch was unveiled today in a blog post on the official site, and like all PvP maps in the game, players will battle for control of three points across multiple vertical levels.

In the center of the map is the Orb of Ascension — hey, we wondered what happened to the orbs they took out of WvW! — which a player can claim and then run to one of the three capture points, each of which represents one of the norn spirits of the wild: Wolf, Raven, or Bear. The Orb carrier suffers a 40% speed penalty and is unable to gain swiftness or stealth are disabled for the Orb-carrier. Teleporting or being downed makes you drop the Orb.

Taking the Orb to a point your team controls nets your team 30 points, while taking it to an opponent-held point gives you 15 and immediately neutralizes the point. The Orb then resets 10 seconds later.

The Orb of Ascension adds something of a capture-the-flag element to the game, but the option to carry it to opponent-held territory might also remind some players of Huttball from Star Wars: The Old Republic. Now if ArenaNet could just find a way to work in the match commentary: “Score one for the Rotnorns!”

Spirit Watch will be part of the patch coming on Feb. 26, the second part of the Flame & Frost living story content, titled The Gathering Storm. In addition to continuing the story, the update will also add guild missions, two-team rated PvP, and the ability to pick and choose one’s daily achievements.

What do you think of the map and the new secondary mechanic? Leave a comment below and let us know!