GW2 New WvW Maps

As people recover from their holiday-induced food comas and hangovers, it’s time to scour the internet for any small morsel of news to report upon.  Digging through scads of customer support red posts on the Guild Wars 2 forums did turn up one shining gem from Colin Johanson.  On the topic of World vs. World he teases this juicy nugget:

“It’s worth noting, while they said we’re not working on new versions of the home maps currently, they didn’t say anything about new maps in general…..”

What?!  We know that in February, we’re going to see a WvW-focused content update and that combined with January’s update it will be about the size of an expansion.  But I don’t think anyone was expecting new WvW maps!  The three borderlands and the Eternal Battlegrounds are gigantic as it is, but my imagination is running rampant at the prospect of additional maps being added.

He also took some time to address the long-standing culling issue that has plagued WvW since launch.  In case you’re not familiar with the term, often times in WvW there’s a delay in rendering assets on your screen so you can wander into what you think is an open field only to be surrounded by hostiles a few seconds later.  Mr. Johanson states, “… the culling work requires re-building almost entirely the way our game compiles, loads, and handles assets in general. For many companies, this task could literally years, we’re trying to pull it off in a matter of months, these guys are rock stars.”

Are you excited about the potential of new maps in World vs. World?  Do you think they will be full maps and how do you think it will work with the current scoring system they have in place?  Let us know in the comments below!