Two new PvP mounts have been seen on the PTR, the Vicious Skeletal Warhorse and the Vicious Warsaber.

Two new mounts have popped up on the PTR, the Vicious Skeletal Warhorse and the Vicious Warsaber.  These are to be new faction specific PvP mounts that are sold by Netharian with a Vicious War Saddle; however, at this time it is unclear as to how you will earn the war saddle.  Cory Stockton said on twitter, “these are for a wider PvP audience,” while Brian Holinka said, “win 100 3v3 arena games or 40 RBG in a season.”  

Holinka was later questioned about the two different responses, at which point he said, “They aren’t based on rating which specifically limits the audience to a certain percentage.

Reins Of The Vicious Warsaber

The Vicious WarsaberIf you haven’t had a chance to check out MMO-Champion’s video than you can do so here.  I’m a huge mount collector, but have never been much of a fan for any of the sabers.  This one looks great, though.  It is a fairly typical PvP mount with armor plastered to every surface, but I love the way it moves.  The walk is quite cat-like, almost like a prowl.  It still has a fairly bumpy run, but it looks much better than the previous sabers.  It’s more than likely that I still will not use this mount, but it looks great and I want it for my collection.

The Vicious Skeletal Warhorse

Vicious Skeletal Warhorse

Again, if you haven’t checked out MMO-Champion’s video for this mount, than do so here.  I love the look of this mount, from the purple saddle blanket (that term really doesn’t sound right to me, but I looked it up and apparently that’s correct) right down to the green firey hooves.   I’ve grown quite partial to my mounts leaving firey trails behind me, since I acquired the Headless Horseman’s Mount five years ago (cut down on my falling deaths per year by half).  

What do you guys think of the look of these two mounts?  As well, how do you feel about Holinka’s response to how you will get them?  

  • BLazed

    Little to late.. Wow is dead to me.

    • Corsa

      But yet… you read all the news about it.

      • BLazed

        so what? Im not allowed to read news about a dying fad? Here’s an idea.. DEAL WITH IT!

  • Sarrash

    40 wins in a season? why don’t they just mail everyone one? YOU get a mount! YOU get a mount! EVERYONE GETS A FREE MOUNT! -_-

    • ShoesMcCoat

      I get your point but I believe all they’re trying to do us to attract new blood into arenas and RBGs, and in order to those a bit “hardcore” they do need to keep it alive and entice players into doing new things.

      • Dularr

        It is an amazing looking mount. I’m sure you are right, trying to get more players to play more matches.

    • Dularr

      Actually based on the latest battlenet numbers for this session, the number of top 2000 players (based on ranking) that qualify for the RBG mount if it was rewarded today is:

      763 players

      Does make you wonder how many lower ranked players have 40 plus wins.

  • Nestae

    Soooo…..Holinka’s response has an “and” in it.