The Swift Windsteed was teased by Blizzard a while back, as GAMEBREAKER reported, and it was even discussed in Legendary Episode 99.

Given that it was datamined in several different color schemes, the Legendary crew decided that it was unlikely the Swift Windsteed would be anything but a mount that players would have to grind through a faction’s reputation to obtain, much like many of the other mounts in WoW at the moment. There’s never been a case in the past where several different colorways of the same mount have been available on the Blizzard pet store over at

Of course, that doesn’t include the Trading Card Game loot card mounts, but there was never any real likelihood that that was where the Swift Windsteed would end up. Now, though, Blizzard has surprised us all by putting the Swift Windsteed in the pet store.

And this is where the big question comes in: would you really pay $25 for that?! It’s far from a thing of beauty, of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the Swift Windsteed pretty much looks like a goat with a moustache, and dragon legs, floating on a cloud. I’m not sure I’d pay $25 for it, but I have already seen several players riding the floaty goat around Azeroth and Pandaria.

In all fairness it’s not as bad as the SWTOR christmas mount that cost $18, at least the Swift Windsteed is given to every character on a player’s account, rather than just to one character like the christmas mount. What do you think? Does the new Swift Windsteed do it for you? Or do you agree with me that it’s not a thing of great beauty? Like I mentioned, everyone’s different, and there are at least a few people who have already shelled out for the floaty goat.

Will you pay $25 for this mount?