The Swift Windsteed was teased by Blizzard a while back, as GAMEBREAKER reported, and it was even discussed in Legendary Episode 99.

Given that it was datamined in several different color schemes, the Legendary crew decided that it was unlikely the Swift Windsteed would be anything but a mount that players would have to grind through a faction’s reputation to obtain, much like many of the other mounts in WoW at the moment. There’s never been a case in the past where several different colorways of the same mount have been available on the Blizzard pet store over at

Of course, that doesn’t include the Trading Card Game loot card mounts, but there was never any real likelihood that that was where the Swift Windsteed would end up. Now, though, Blizzard has surprised us all by putting the Swift Windsteed in the pet store.

And this is where the big question comes in: would you really pay $25 for that?! It’s far from a thing of beauty, of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the Swift Windsteed pretty much looks like a goat with a moustache, and dragon legs, floating on a cloud. I’m not sure I’d pay $25 for it, but I have already seen several players riding the floaty goat around Azeroth and Pandaria.

In all fairness it’s not as bad as the SWTOR christmas mount that cost $18, at least the Swift Windsteed is given to every character on a player’s account, rather than just to one character like the christmas mount. What do you think? Does the new Swift Windsteed do it for you? Or do you agree with me that it’s not a thing of great beauty? Like I mentioned, everyone’s different, and there are at least a few people who have already shelled out for the floaty goat.

Will you pay $25 for this mount?

  • Peregrine451

    I think it looks like a Ki-Rin from old school AD&D.

  • jediunited

    huge improvement over the SWTOR mount.  That mount was a joke….

  • crothcipt

    I myself won’t buy this mount.  I haven’t wanted a real money mount since the spectral steed. It was cool, then everyone bought one…. I still haven’t bought one.  Still like that mount tho..

  • Mike Coulombe

    The only mounts I buy are the 50% OFF kind. Except Celestial Steed, will never give blizzard money for that.

  • Chad M Klusman

    For $25 do you get all the different colors? Or just one?

    I guess if you get 3 or 4 it might be worth it (ugly as hell tho IMO), but if you only get one, do you get a color choice?

  • Kagitaar

    It’s Blizzard’s version of a Kirin (for a fun example, go get some Kirin beer and look at their logo). As soon as I saw the datamined picture, I knew I wanted it. When it turned out to be a store pet, I hemmed and hawed for about 20 minutes, then ended up buying it. It is now macroed to randomly cast with my Headless Horseman’s Mount.

  • Solosend

    I think this is a product of Blizzard’s sense of humor. Remember what the developers said about the big red button to trigger hard mode for Mimiron? They were having a meeting, racking their brains trying to figure out how they should trigger all of the hard modes in Ulduar, and someone jokingly suggested simply adding a giant red button. Office went “Lololol, that’s hilarious. Challenge accepted!” BAM. Implemented. The trash in Ulduar being named “trash” I assume was the same type of thing. I can see the meeting for this mount now, like that scene in Cabin in the Woods…

    “Mount sales are starting to dry up, everybody! We need some fresh ideas. What sorts of mounts have we not added to the game yet that would be worth $25?”

    *insert lengthy brainstorming discussion as the sun goes down and the moon comes up*

    “Oh my gosh, it’s midnight now and I just want to go home. We have ten million subs. Someone’s bound to pay for anything we come up with. Just make a flying goat and call it a day.”
    “Lolololol, that’s hilarious. Challenge accepted! Everyone place your bets on how many sales we get in it’s first week. Winner takes the pot!””

    “Wait, what? No, no, I was joking!”

  • Dularr

    Doesn’t seem to be selling on my server. But that doesn’t seem to be a surprise.  With the advent of every mount going account wide, there is really no reason for a cash shop account wide mount, unless the mount is very, very cool.  While the mount is fine, I really have to get started on my jewelcrafter Jade Panther mounts.  

  • Jonathan Perth

    money vs pixel ?? !!! uhmmmm

  • Sean Patrick DeMarco

    People do have the right to spend money any way they want but really the only
    way I would buy this or other store items is if I knew a percentage was
    going to charity. Still even with that said I have never bought
    anything when they did donate part of the funds to a charity as quite
    frankly I don’t have money to waste on these type of purchases. In fact
    it is rare for me to buy DLC for games too. Therefore I would say if I
    was playing WOW still I would not buy this item.

  • Michael Ponte

    How on Earth can they justify 25 for this? I can see a rep grind, or even 5.00, but not 25

  • Toypop

    I value a mount for it’s exclusivity regardless of whether it is ugly or not. If I see more than one or two other players using the same mount as me I usually remove it from my bar and switch to something else.

    The problem with this Goat is that it clearly isn’t expensive enough because the capitals will be full of people flying around on them just as they were with all the other pet store mounts.

    My favourite mount is my Zhevra RAF mount. RAF mounts don’t cost much more than a pet store mount (when you factor in the extra month of subscription you get on your main account) yet for what ever reason the process is apparently too complex for the average WoW player and so these mounts are less common.The irony is that if this Goat was $50 it would probably be more desirable to me.Or perhaps Olivia could head to the official forums and start trashing the mount there by calling it a floaty goat etc in the hope that less people will buy it! Then I might get my credit card out.

  • Rob Dexter

    Uglier than a hat full of whatsits and all the other store-bought mounts put together.  I was buying them purely for the achievements and not using them. I’ve given up on the achievements, now, so it’s one I definitely won’t be buying.