The Ghost in the Shell MMOFPS will feature hacking battles between cyborgs according to a press release from NEXON.

You may remember a little while back where I decided to get the warm fuzzies over free-to-play MMO publisher NEXON signing an agreement for a game based on Ghost in the Shell: STAND ALONE COMPLEX.  At the time the only information we had about the game is that a contract had been signed for it.

Well, now we have more information.

According to NEXON’s press release, The Ghost in the Shell MMOFPS is “built upon a world view based on the original animation” and will feature “fierce hacking battles between cyborgs fighting over strategic resources.”

The press release also states that:

[quote]In addition to the dynamic gunfight action between cyborgs, the game also incorporates cyberization and various other concepts that are present in the original work. It also provides diverse contents such as cooperative battle mode, a new concept that integrates artificial intelligence with the player.[/quote]

The game is being developed by NEOPLE — an online game developer known for titles like Dungeon & Fighter — and is set to be released in the first half 0f 2014.

Dare we hope?

While I do feel that a Ghost in the Shell MMOFPS has potential, I wonder a bit as to how the developers are going to be able to handle translating the world into a large scale game.  Ideally, a cyberpunk based IP should be amazing, but I wonder if any of the stories complexities will be lost by turning it into a game that is shooter focused.

I’m interested to hear the opinions of other Ghost in the Shell fans on this subject, so definitely leave a comment below letting me know what you think.  And in the meantime, I’ll keep an eye out for upcoming Ghost in the Shell MMOFPS news.

  • Rick

    I want this to be good so bad. But it will probably be terrible. I’ll still try it out though.

    • Mike Canning

      Feel the same

    • Jonathan Reyna

      Yeah I’m in the same boat… I want it to be good because its Ghost in the Shell and I love just about anything with Motoko stapled on it but… This is Nexon we’re talking about. I can’t name a single Nexon game where the cash shop doesn’t dictate your ability to play the game as a skillful player. Which is why deep inside I already know its going to be bad.

    • Azriath

      Ditto. I love everything GitS and hold it in very high regard. Unfortunately, pulling a GitS mmo off and actually making it good? Extremely difficult, imo. I’m writing this off as a failure for me. Even if it turns out playable, I doubt it can ever reach the standards the anime has already set for me.

  • Phil

    Indeed. I think there is a lot of potential in this, but one of the things I liked most about the GITS:SAC series was the philosophic and political depth that the show contained. This could be built upon to make a truly breath taking story.

    As for gameplay elements, again there is lots of potential. The characters of GITS:SAC have various levels of cybernetics implanted in their bodies from pure human to completely machine. Characters with cybernetic brains could almost have two characters in one, a ghost and a shell. When interacting in the real world the stats of the shell would be used and when in the cyber world the stats of the ghost could be used.

    Thanks for pointing out this MMO idea. I will have to keep my eyes of this one. It could be amazing.

  • Kamil

     Omg omg omg omg GitS MMO.

    Too bad it’s Nexon and they’ll fuck it up

  • Roger Means

    nexon caters to a small community so it wont really mess much up especially when it comes to the anime style game. but this is old news i heard about this like 2 years ago lol

  • Hicks64

    So is this open world or a lobby-based shooter? I’m guessing lobby-based since NEOPLE has only made a side scrolling beat ‘em up.

  • Depravity

    These motherfuckers will ruin the legend.

    • Tonin

      Legend? SAC ruined GitS Manga Legend. There is nothing more to ruin.
      This game can be aweomse. Let’s just wait.

  • Are you for fuckin real.

    God dammit these people are going to fucking ruin Ghost in the Shell’s good name, by making a faggoty lobby based shooter, so many people are going to be incredibly pissed.

  • q man

    I think it sounds good, on one hand they could bring the GitS elements to a MMOFPS scene like guilds(/corporations/section 9) made up of a few players and while they are versing the other guilds the players can make decisions similar to the decisions the characters in GitS make (you know like when aramaki is trying to figure out a cooperations motives so he can outsmart them.)

    And if it is just a cheesy MMOFPS with no depth or similarity with the anime then anyone with a brain can realise that it pretty much has nothing to do with GitS and the whole thing doesn’t change how anyone views the movies/series or actual name Ghost in the Shell.

  • Oh god why?

    Nexon? Oh god why?

  • jimmy crack corn

    every comment is from a 14 year old who thinks they understand the anime and think they understand gaming. but it sobvious once you read 4 words of their comment, they know absolutely nothing.

  • MilkCarten Lmt

    Well, I have been excited ever since I heard about this unparalleled and unprecedented attempt by Nexon Co. I believe it is going to have a hi-tech sci-fy ambiance to it. I have recently been playing a game called “Black light Retribution” and I definitely think Nexon should follow that model and have their own unique twist to it. I have a feeling that the new GITS game is going to be similar to Black light retribution in various aspects. My only, thought and desire for now is, WHEN?!?! —I am so ecstatic. I am a veteran nexon player/user and have played all their games. I have been on a hiatus with nexon not really indulging in any of their games anymore, last game I remembered playing was Combat Arms and I ditched that approximately 2-3 years ago.

    Nexon games do have a standing record of becoming dry/dull after a while. Example, Combat arms after a while you got boring as their was not much variety of things to do, oppose to Black light retribution, their are so many skills and customizations one can keep occupied for quite a while. I just hope nexon will not screw this golden opportunity to prove themselves once again. I do bid that Nexon can pull it off, but my concern is of graphics, and glitches/bugs. I wonder if this is going to be a high-end graphic game or another average graphics game. In due time we’ll know.

  • z163

    almost a year since the release should have happened. tried finding articles about neople delaying the game, but didnt find anything other than related to theyre first presentation in 2013. by now you would have expected to see some kind of trailer, just anything that shows the ingame, but theres absolutely nothing out there which is kinda weird.