No patch for you!

In a recent interview ArenaNet devs Tyler Bearce, Jonathan Sharp, and Karl McLain sat down with Guild wars 2 Guru to talk about sPVP and the state of the game. A lot of talk flew around about leaderboards, spectator mode, and custom arenas, coming to Guild Wars 2. All of which are being tested internally and are coming “in the near future” But what about the implementation of these upcoming very important features?

Well there’s a possibility Guild Wars 2 players wont be seeing any big patches coming soon.

“What we’re gonna do going forward is we might not do a big patch It’s just as soon as [things are] ready we might just throw [them] in.”

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though and if you know anything about ArenaNet and their practices you know they aren’t trying to screw you out of a good time. A big patch might be exciting and fun but Johnathan Sharp thinks players shouldn’t have to wait for things that are already ready to go and that may mean no big patches.

“People keep asking every single patch ‘when is the big patch?’ so what we do for alot of these things is we broke alot of this stuff up and started throwing it out [as it is ready]. So we made the decision let’s just get this to the players now there’s no sense in making them wait.”

Sharp explains that the shift is to implement things as they are finished instead of making players wait until the next scheduled patch. This means that players will be able to use features as soon as they are ready.

“We want to do a really big patch with a lot of hooplah behind it but then we just started realizing these things are done why won’t we just give them to the player right now… We might not do a big patch where we make you wait till April or May or June  whatever that will be at this point, we might just say as soon as it’s ready we’ll get that stuff out so we might not do a big patch”

When can we expect these new features then sense there won’t be a set date for a patch? Well, it’ll just be a surprise sense it is ArenaNet policy not to give dates, at least not in interviews.

If you would like to watch the whole interview you can do so on the GuildWars 2 Guru Twitch page right here.

State of the game

A big patch, or lack thereof, wasn’t the only thing that was talked about in the state of the game interview.

Here are some notes on what else was discussed about the Guild Wars 2 state of the game:

-Leaderboards are in internal testing. Leaderboards will show your ranking compared to friends as well as your guild, and server. Leaderboards will be for sPvP, PvE, and WvW. They will also show win/lose amount.

-Spectator mode is being tested internally. It wont be the same as in GW1. It will have predefined lookout points, you can also follow players and see their stats and loadout. They are also looking to give expert shoutcasters special notifications to spectate tournaments to allow tourneys to be streamed.

-Working on custom servers for sPvP where you can set passwords, adjust team numbers like 2v2, 8v8, etc, and tweak other features.

-Looking into ways to integrate sPvP into other aspects of the game instead of completely separate

-sPvP options to earn laurels for PvE in dailies

-Looking to add sPvP legendaries

-Next patch, if you log out in sPvP you will show the sPvP armor on the character select screen

-Purposely keeping healers out of the game. They want support, but not dedicated healing.

-They read the forums and are listening to player feedback to improve the game.

-Self revive with tornado will be fixed in this month’s patch, hopefully.

-Improving Engineer turrets: Thumper turret will cripple, rifle turret will have more damage
-Kit refinement will be more utility and less damage output
-Working to reduce the amount of randomness in some skills

-“Beam skills” like Greatsword 1 skill will now pierce through targets in front of your main target.

-Agony resistance will also transfer to pets. This is also the case for Necro minions and Mesmer clones.
-Greatsword is being improved in terms of damage and cooldown times

-Reveal debuff will occur after the stealth buff in all cases

-Banner improvement: improving the amount of attribute points the banners give
-May receive in the future traits that increase effectiveness against players with lots of boons.


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