No patch for you!

In a recent interview ArenaNet devs Tyler Bearce, Jonathan Sharp, and Karl McLain sat down with Guild wars 2 Guru to talk about sPVP and the state of the game. A lot of talk flew around about leaderboards, spectator mode, and custom arenas, coming to Guild Wars 2. All of which are being tested internally and are coming “in the near future” But what about the implementation of these upcoming very important features?

Well there’s a possibility Guild Wars 2 players wont be seeing any big patches coming soon.

“What we’re gonna do going forward is we might not do a big patch It’s just as soon as [things are] ready we might just throw [them] in.”

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though and if you know anything about ArenaNet and their practices you know they aren’t trying to screw you out of a good time. A big patch might be exciting and fun but Johnathan Sharp thinks players shouldn’t have to wait for things that are already ready to go and that may mean no big patches.

“People keep asking every single patch ‘when is the big patch?’ so what we do for alot of these things is we broke alot of this stuff up and started throwing it out [as it is ready]. So we made the decision let’s just get this to the players now there’s no sense in making them wait.”

Sharp explains that the shift is to implement things as they are finished instead of making players wait until the next scheduled patch. This means that players will be able to use features as soon as they are ready.

“We want to do a really big patch with a lot of hooplah behind it but then we just started realizing these things are done why won’t we just give them to the player right now… We might not do a big patch where we make you wait till April or May or June  whatever that will be at this point, we might just say as soon as it’s ready we’ll get that stuff out so we might not do a big patch”

When can we expect these new features then sense there won’t be a set date for a patch? Well, it’ll just be a surprise sense it is ArenaNet policy not to give dates, at least not in interviews.

If you would like to watch the whole interview you can do so on the GuildWars 2 Guru Twitch page right here.

State of the game

A big patch, or lack thereof, wasn’t the only thing that was talked about in the state of the game interview.

Here are some notes on what else was discussed about the Guild Wars 2 state of the game:

-Leaderboards are in internal testing. Leaderboards will show your ranking compared to friends as well as your guild, and server. Leaderboards will be for sPvP, PvE, and WvW. They will also show win/lose amount.

-Spectator mode is being tested internally. It wont be the same as in GW1. It will have predefined lookout points, you can also follow players and see their stats and loadout. They are also looking to give expert shoutcasters special notifications to spectate tournaments to allow tourneys to be streamed.

-Working on custom servers for sPvP where you can set passwords, adjust team numbers like 2v2, 8v8, etc, and tweak other features.

-Looking into ways to integrate sPvP into other aspects of the game instead of completely separate

-sPvP options to earn laurels for PvE in dailies

-Looking to add sPvP legendaries

-Next patch, if you log out in sPvP you will show the sPvP armor on the character select screen

-Purposely keeping healers out of the game. They want support, but not dedicated healing.

-They read the forums and are listening to player feedback to improve the game.

-Self revive with tornado will be fixed in this month’s patch, hopefully.

-Improving Engineer turrets: Thumper turret will cripple, rifle turret will have more damage
-Kit refinement will be more utility and less damage output
-Working to reduce the amount of randomness in some skills

-“Beam skills” like Greatsword 1 skill will now pierce through targets in front of your main target.

-Agony resistance will also transfer to pets. This is also the case for Necro minions and Mesmer clones.
-Greatsword is being improved in terms of damage and cooldown times

-Reveal debuff will occur after the stealth buff in all cases

-Banner improvement: improving the amount of attribute points the banners give
-May receive in the future traits that increase effectiveness against players with lots of boons.


Big huge thank you to Couded Chimera over on the GBTV forums for the tip!

If you have any tips for news you would like us to cover drop us a line in the forums!

  • Dularr

    Um, okay. So when players are asking for where is the big patch. They are really asking why hasn’t Arenanet already fixed major parts of the game.

    Gamers are not asking Arenanet to delay fixes, they wanted the fixes months ago.

    My impression is the player-base is looking for a world-class PvP environment and not releasing content in dribs and drabs.

    • Michael

      Keep drinking the haterade bro.

      • Nick Cattane

        Dularr – slowly replacing Sharuko as #1 troll.

        • Dularr

          Lol, that is the GW2 fan base. Don’t like what someone is saying, start calling names.

          • Michael

            Maybe you can drink some of my haterade. It is getting warm since there has not been any FF14 articles lately to poke a stick at.

  • GamerEnvy

    I’m rather torn in regarding how I feel about this. On one hand, its great for the current players who constantly log on to Guild Wars 2 and on the other, I believe “big patches” are what makes older players as well as new players come back to the game. I guess I feel that “small patches” don’t make a big enough ripple for gamers to take notice.
    Amidst all that, I admire Anet for taking such a pro active form of business practice towards the consumer base and the future development of the MMO business. At the very least, the current player base will always have continuous content to enjoy.

    • Marc

      Wouldn’t this stop players “coming back” and actually keep them playing if fixes were coming out constantly instead of once a month?

      • GamerEnvy

        If its one thing that I’ve learned about humanity, it’s that most people don’t get excited by the little things and events that happen to them. Would it stop gamers from leaving the game and coming back? I don’t think it would in all honesty. They’d simply accept the smaller patches as part of the norm and in this particular case, I think people would just take the smaller patches for granted. What would be left for Anet to use as a “wow factor” if there was any left for the game? Again this is mostly just my opinion.

  • BLazed

    I loved GW2 for about 3 months and now i just get bored.. None of my friends play anymore, and my realm seems kind of dead. Im just waiting for Elder Scrolls Online GW2 is done as far as im concerned.

    • INKS

      which server are you on. Got to say blackgate is still packed.
      If your friends leave a game I can understand why you would get bored, it’s an MMO and it’s meant to be played with other people.
      so is it that you are tired of GW2 itself or of not having people to play with. Because those are two different feelings in my mind.

  • Alexis Coelho

    I hate these misleading title posts. Everytime I come to read something on GBTV because the title post was interesting, I get totally misled. I love your posts regardless of the title, they are always very informational heavy and useful. But using these misleading titles EVERYWHERE kinda shows me that you guys are only worried about pageviews and not worried about your readers, sounds like the money is starting to get into your heads too much.
    This IS a hard critic, but please take it as a contructive feedback. I work with internet news midia aswell and I know how that can easly happen without any notice.
    I love gbtv and I will keep reading it nomatter what, but I really hope you guys understand what I am talking about.

    • Michael

      Agree completely. As a huge fan of gamebreaker I don’t like where these articles have been heading lately.

    • Kyle Robinson

      And what exactly were you mislead about? ANet said that they’re just going to release new features when they’re ready, not throw it in one big patch, which intertwines with the title. I don’t see anything misleading.

      • Harikari

        What is misleading is that they still are releasing big patches every month, just in this particular case of sPvP they will release features as they are ready. You have twisted the message.

      • Alexis Coelho

        No new patch for sPvP, but there is at least one big patch per month with new pve content, and aldo, have you seen the picture? It says “No patch for you.” indeed tou have missed the point of my feedback.

    • Aisar

      I have actually stopped reading 90% of the articles on this site. They are awful ;)

  • Arisal

    No big patches for sPVP ONLY!!!

    When they were talking about “big” patches this is all related to sPvP not their normal patch cycle of every month for all areas of the game (pve, pvp, wvw).

    They will still do the 1 month cycles for everything else. The state of the game discussion was ONLY for sPvP not PvE or WvW. The reason they said that is spvp gets the most flak for hardly updating the game and regards to balance they need to update as frequently as they can which typically should not be 1 month.

    Your title is only going to confuse people more.

    • Chris Catone

      Yeah, I was expecting to read that the March patch was postponed which was sad. I’m wagging my finger disapprovingly, Tori.

      • Nick Cattane


    • Jado Cast

      Hey Tori did you watch the video?

  • Michael

    This is taken entirely out of context. They never said there will not be a big patch. They just said for SPVP that if a feature is ready they are just going to put it in rather then make people wait for it. This has nothing to do with the rest of the game. Article is misleading and unprofessional.

    • Mike Coulombe

      It’s not taken out of context when it’s written on purpose to create a buzz.

      • Tori McGrath

        It is neither of those things. I took direct quotes from Johnathan Sharp. “we might not do a big patch”

        • Thomas Leo

          Why not title the post with “Patching process changes”? Stop making excuses.

        • Harikarii

          So how on earth did you translate “we might not do a big patch for sPvP and give the features to you as they are done” to No Big Patches for GW2?
          Yellow journalism, very unprofessional.

        • Michael

          You took a direct quote and took it out of context. The discussion was based primarily on sPvP patches. He also gave an example of this during the video, which you clearly did not watch as you would not have misled everyone. He said that Leader boards were going to be in as soon as they are ready, as well as any other PvP features as opposed to in one big patch. He never stated that PvE was getting a different treatment.

          Its one thing to defend something you write, but it is another to disregard what everyone is actually saying in favor of your incorrect perception of something. We don’t critique you because we think you are a terrible person; we do it because we want the site to be better. You need to take constructive feedback into consideration when writing these kinds of pieces. Like it or not; this is the internet and you need to deal with this if you want to maintain any integrity as a journalist.

          This can be solved with a simple edit to the post and title. The discussion should be about how ArenaNet is focusing on a different form of patching for their game for PvE and sPvP.

        • Mike Coulombe

          “We might not do a big patch.”

          “No big patches for Guild Wars 2.”

          Might not… No…

          It seems to me like one of them is more direct than the other. Just my 2 cents. But don’t worry, I’m getting used to it. :)

  • Chris Catone

    -Spectator mode…wont be the same as in
    GW1…will have predefined lookout points…follow players
    and see their stats and loadout…special notifications to spectate tournaments to allow
    tourneys to be streamed.

    I’m not very active in sPvP but that was exactly what I was hoping for.

    -Rangers…Greatsword is being improved.
    Please and TY. I like my 2-bow build but would like a little variation in 2-hand options.

    The article title was a little misleading.

  • Janne Sanis Prokkola

    it’s funny how they say “there is only bunker and dps and there is no healers and we want to keep it that way” and at the same time ppl have used ele just to spam heals and removing conditons for the past +4 months?

    • Nick Cattane

      Ele’s healing themselves is one thing – Ele’s healing everyone for large amounts (which is what they mean when referring to Healing vs Suppport) is far from the truth.

  • Miljan Stanojevic

    Well, few months ago someone said “feels like am playing unfineshed game” I have waited to see ArenaNet fixing this is “small problems” but 6 months after the number of small problmes gets biger and biger…and the ppl say, when is big patch, when is free expansion. Cose of all this I totaly agree with Gary about ” dont make games for everybody”…on other side feels like ArenaNet is loseing touch with the real problems of the game, it seems they “lost” in what ppl want and what game rly needs.
    GW2 is so wide, big but in on other side game does not have a point, simply there is no “finishing move” that will connect all this zillion of ideas…Dont get me wrong as I alrdy said, game is breath of fresh air, but in instead of “crying” for BIG patch and expansion, ppl who play game should be more focused on asking ArenaNet to change/fix what does not work…And for ArenaNet, well nothing is lost yet, but it seems they r losing control…

  • Deadalon

    So Blizzard paying GBTV more this week to talk other games down with negative titles? :D
    Lets not forget that GW2 is buy to play game. Their next “big patch” is gonna be expansion and will probably launch late this year or early next one. Not that Im any ArenaNet fanboy.. just trying to be realistic.

  • 7BitBrian

    Rather than hate on the articles title I’m just going to give my opinions on what was actually said.

    sPvP seems to be getting some major love and this excites me. TBH I have been staying away from sPvP because I’m not the best player and it was lacking a lot of friendly features, now we are getting that with custom games, spectating, and more. I’ll be able to make myself a better player without ever leaving the game client.

    I’ve always liked the idea of releasing things when they are ready instead of holding them up until you can release them in a bundle during a “big” patch. I hope this mentality bleeds over into their PvE patching as well.

    I’m one of those players who is in love with my Engineer and Ranger, so the changes have me wary, but I can’t wait to see what they come up with. Need to play my Warrior and Guardian a=more too!

  • arenasb

    These state of the game videos are mostly for sPvP. The title is a bit misleading. Does the author work for The Sun?

  • Tsans

    GW2 is far away from GW1. They failed when tried to be a PvE and PvP game at same time. They did a step bigger than their legs. The game is very faster than it should be to become an e-Sport and they are not balancing classes as they used to do in GW1. It seems that they are too busy with minor bugs/hacks and PvE problems that they can’t handle sPvP or WvW right, maybe they need more employees.

    They lost their hand, they started to make it closer to wow instead of believe in their own GW1 spirit or Brien’s Diablo 1 feelings.

    BESIDES ALL THAT, I still love GW2. But something is VERY WRONG when I want to play GW1 instead of sPvP, or we try to do WxW and there’s no Guild Rank or nothing else who could make the game less casual. They say they read things over the internet, but I’m afraid they forgot to listen who they needed to listen.

    As an e-Sport director, who was raised in Diablo 4×4 and GW1 GvGs, I’m very disapointed.

  • Sharuko

    “Expansion size content” = No patch according to the GW2 devs. Poor GW2 players, they have to settle for mediocrity. Time to drop GW2 and pick up a real MMO like Tera or WoW. Don’t settle for a “MMO lite”.

    • Chris Martin

      “Time to drop GW2 and pick up a real MMO like Tera or WoW. Don’t settle for a “MMO lite”.”

      Honestly, don’t you have anything better to do? Do you realise how much of a fool you sound like when you post fanboy nonsense like this? You just make yourself sound like an idiot whom nobody takes seriously. You add absolutely nothing to the discussion threads; apart from constantly making people aware that you don’t like GW2!

      Nothing personal. I’m just another gamer like most people here, Although, I do wonder why you would willingly choose to parade yourself like an a fanboy idiot in a gaming thread in almost all posts for GW2!?

      • Sharuko

        I got more than a dozen messages on Twitch telling me I was right last month. From Twitch and Gamebreaker. People that used to troll me now agree with me.

        I don’t troll which is why you never see me post on Guildcast comments only on general news posts. But thanks for the kind words.

        • Nick Cattane

          Such a troll – I gleaned the below in 2-3 minute of browsing your comments. Get a life you scab. These are just recent comments too… You act as if your opinion is fact “GW2 players flocking to TERA” – I lol’d.
          + It is not a fair comparison because GW2 is barely an MMO. It takes the MMO genre backwards about 5 years.

          + These “kids” are flocking from GW2. In Tera they will need skill. They can’t click. They will have to aim. They will have to earn their gear. They finally see what a true MMO is and not settle for a “MMO lite”. They will see true action combat.

          + GW2 should have been a single player console game. A bad one at that as the story and gameplay is pretty bad.

          + GW2 is also the MMO that saw the worst decline in MMO history. 70% to 80% drop in player activity since launch. 95% of the zones are completely empty (but im on overflow in lion’s arch lol), 200 people in sPvP during peak times. Fansites like GW2Guru and the GW2 subreddit saw a 70% drop in traffic since launch. NCSoft stock has dropped in half exactly after GW2 launch as investors have no confidence in the product.

          + Yeah I log into Tera and pretty much see former GW2 players that feel freed from their previous “MMO”.

          + They are amazed that a game like Tera has all the features of a MMO. They are amazed they don’t have to go to some random sites to look for groups since it is all built into the system, yeah in the game.

          + I always laugh when I think of Mike O’Brien saying he wants to beat WoW. He couldn’t even beat Tera, Rift or SWTOR. GW2 affecting WoW? GW2 is a joke in the MMO community except for a few people on this site and Massively.

          • Sharuko

            Everything you quoted is 100% true.

          • Nick Cattane

            Where’s the TERA weekly show? Oh… that’s right… there isn’t one.

          • Sharuko

            It was supposed to be a niche game. But surprisingly it has more players than GW2.

          • Nick Cattane

            Such excuses – where’s the data proving this by the way? Is it that TERA had to go F2P because nobody was purchasing it, or that it dropped the game’s price to $10.00? I can’t recall. Actually, the one thing I recall.. what I just stated is actually factual – not opinion.

          • Sharuko

            That isn’t a valid. GW2 is B2P and has difficulty getting players as most zones are dead. Frogster just announced on IGN they have 1 million players (EU alone)

          • Nick Cattane

            Where’s your data indicating most zones are dead? Why are you ignoring every question I direct towrads you and focusing on only 1 opinion based portion of it? Rofl – you are even more of an idiot in back and forth banter than your structured posts.

          • Sharuko

            When a person uses things like “rofl” and personal attacks they already lost the argument.

          • Nick Cattane

            When person(s) ignore blatant facts and only provide opinions – they are just arguing ;)

          • Sharuko

            Here are some facts, I can update this info for March when I am at work:

            Traffic of Guildwars2 down 48% from Sept ’12 to Dec ’12. (Source: comScore)

            Traffic of Guildwars2guru down 63% from Sept ’12 to Dec ’12. (Source: comScore)

            Traffic of Guildwars2 Subreddit down 62% from Sept ’12 to Dec ’12. (Source: r/guildwars2)

            250 people in sPvP concurrently during primetime (Source: In Game – Mists)

            90% drop in player activity per Xfire from Sept ’12 to Dec ’12 (Source: Xfire)

            50% drop in NCSoft stock price since exactly the day GW2 launched (Source: Bloomberg)

            You’re welcome.

          • St_Draco

            Wow, that’s amazing. And here I thought the announcement and subsequent shutting down of CoH and Paragon studios was the cause for NCSoft stocks dropping. Those other stats are interesting too. Man this game is so unpopular, I should just uninstall and quit having fun right now.

          • Michael

            This guy wins at internet sarcasm.

          • Michael

            Lol, fabricating truths is the sign of someone who desperately wants to be right. I can assure you if you ask any Tera devs that they would tell you they did not want it to be a “niche game”. People love throwing that phrase around these days like it is some kind of excuse for a game to flop.

        • Chris Martin

          That is lovely! However, while a few may see it as admirable that you spend most (if not all) of your time freely “white-knighting” for the TERA “community.” Do you ever sit and ask yourself why you bother, and more importantly – if anyone cares? Do you think we care that you hate GW2?

          Do TERA pay you for your service? Do you feel butt hurt after paying for GW2, and not having it not live up to your expectations? I mean sure, if I didn’t enjoy a game or felt ripped off by it, I’d just get a refund and move on. I certainly wouldn’t bother wasting my time poking sticks at a game nor it’s player base labelling them “kids!” I wonder why you do?

          “A man’s character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation” – Mark Twain

          I could understand it if you felt the need to defend your personal favourite MMO from each and every other MMO that enters the market. We are the internet, we understand that. It is called trolling. If you post straw man arguments purely for a reaction (which it seems you do, by all the down votes you get), then nobody will respect anything you say nor find any value in it.

          So by all means, keep on posting your garbage if it makes you feel better. Yet, understand this – the net is watching you. We had your attention for a short while, and the way you are acting is making you repeatedly look like an idiot who is only interested in “trolling for TERA.”

          Maybe it will help if I list the games I have installed on my system. GW1, Rift, GW2, TERA, Conan Unchained, Scarlet Blade (purely for the tits and lulz), Path of Exile, War Thunder, Chivalry, Crime Craft, ARMA 2 & III Alpha, DayZ. I hop in and out of all these games depending on my mood and what I feel like playing. However at present I am playing a lot of DayZ and GW2 because my friends & girl friend play those games. Isn’t that what is most important?

          So you have to see why people on this forum and myself really couldn’t give a Skrit what you say about GW2, nor which MMO you think is a better deal, had better updates, has more players and blah! blah! Quaggan blah! What are you trying to prove? And who are you trying to prove it to? Yourself? If you don’t like GW2, fine, move on… You’ll save yourself and many others here a headache.

          Let me throw you a line here to make you feel better. I want you to count to three, open your window and shout “TERA is the bestest MMO in the whole wilds worlds, it owns all MMO’s out there and it has the mostest players and I loves it.”

          After that, you can wait to see if anyone comes over to shake your hand for informing them of that “fun fact” and I’m sure you’ll be able to move on with your life knowing you’ve been a good citizen and done your part for the game you love! Sadly, in this forum I doubt anyone will care.

          *the worlds smallest violin: fades in…
          Sharuko clutches his TERA “fact” sheet to his/her breast,
          a small tear forms in the corner of one eye,
          he/she leaves politely from this thread having learned something…

          Who am I kidding right!? He’s a troll, and he’s all sleeves up ready to post…

    • Nick Cattane

      Legendary Troll Sharuko appears.
      Sharuko is thinking…
      Sharuko is thinking…
      Sharuko clasps hands together and summons [TERA reference].
      [TERA reference] casts nonsense.
      Nonsense hits you for 0 damage.
      [TERA reference] is defeated (goes F2P).
      You get [continued GW2 fun].
      Sharuko casts vanish.

  • Tori McGrath

    I wasn’t trying to be misleading Jonathan Sharp said “we might not do a big patch” at least three times in 10 minutes. To me that says we are not doing a big patch. hence the title No Big Patches For Guild Wars 2. If you feel mislead then you are probably just misunderstanding. And for the person that asked no I do not work for The Sun.

    • Nick Cattane

      Yea, but again, the title was probably more applicable to spvp rather than the entire game itself. Either way, not a big deal imo – I love reading this site, but I did think something was delayed/wrong with the planned March patch when I read that title ;).

  • Thomas Leo

    Another misleading title. Get your shit together Gamebreaker. Not every title has to garner “shock value”. Express your articles with clarity and ambiguity, but not deception. Learn some fucking journalism ethics.

  • Harikari

    Gamebreaker should fire Tori McGrath for this article. You can email them at

  • Pete Cuellar

    I know you didn’t want to mislead anyone Tori but the second I read the title was I like “OMG March patch is delayed and weren’t not getting monthly updates anymore!”

  • Acids Echo

    What was said was that instead of a big patch adding a half dozen sPvP features, those features ill be rolled out as they are ready. PvE and WvW will still have large patches. sPvP will have smaller more frequent patches.

    So “No Big patches for Guild Wars 2″ and especially the “No patch for you” graphic are pretty inaccurate, misleading, and sensationalist. This would get an A+ from the Fox school of media.

  • Banjal

    Who ever did this needs to be kicked.There is a big patch thats going to hit on the 26th.

  • Steve Macola

    Tori, it’s your job to get people to read your articles, and patches were a relevant part of the conversation, so I see nothing wrong with your title. Don’t let others get you down.

    My only question to you, is: Do you have a proofreader check your article before it is posted? I just wanted to point out a spelling error to you in the following paragraph:

    “When can we expect these new features then sense there won’t be a set date for a patch? Well, it’ll just be a surprise sense it is ArenaNet policy not to give dates, at least not in interviews.”

    “Sense” should be “since” both times here, although it was used correctly 3 paragraphs above this one.