As initially spotted by Guild Wars Insider — and discussed in this week’s GuildcastMartin Kerstein made one of his regular Guild Wars Guru appearances to reveal a remarkable feature of Guild Wars 2: overflow servers.

Many games have suffered with complaints about full servers, particularly at launch. Star Wars: The Old Republic, Aion, and more have felt the wrath of inconvenienced players stuck in server queues — for hours in extreme cases. ArenaNet has an innovative answer to the problem. As Kerstein explained:

When a map or a world you want to log into is at capacity limit, the game will ask you if you want to play on an overflow server – so you can actually play while you are in a queue.

It seems a brilliantly simple solution to gamers’ frustration: carry on playing and take your progression from the overflow server along when a spot opens up on your home community — it also points encouragingly towards ease of general server transfers.

After the beta weekend, the innumerable innovations in GW2 are living up to their billing.

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