Guild Wars 2 has been the most anticipated game of the year and Mists of Pandaria the most anticipated expansion of the year.

But that may all have changed.

A revolutionary new offering from a small company named FoxySoft Gaming titled Orgia Romanus may indeed be the next WoW killer.

The game, which is set in Venusia at the Peak of the Roman Empire, is the ultimate sandbox game.  It will come with housing at launch, features quests that are influenced by player decisions and an extremely unique economy that includes some of the oldest professions in the world.

Orgia Romanus also includes a truly unique style of grouping that as the developers put it “[engages] players emotionally by allowing them to build relationships with other players that will help them advance through the game.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the best tool for manipulation of everything up to and including politics: sex.

According to the developers at FoxySoft, they have often wondered why a truly adult-themed MMO hasn’t been made, so they have decided to make one.  The game, while having traditional MMO features, seems to have one thing at its core.

Sex. With anyone.

Players can interact sexually with other players or NPCs.  They are given a world decorated with depictions of sex in pretty much any position imaginable.  I’ll give them this. It’s an interesting take.

I should also mention that FoxySoft plans to start a crowdfunding project for the game soon. It will be interesting to see how the project does. As we all know… sex sells.

But even as badly done as this is?

  • djsjr

    Dat feel when your online girlfriend turns out to be a guy.

  • James Cee

    Hahaha, that has to be one of the sketchiest websites I’ve seen in a long time. I kind of do but also don’t want to see a kickstarter for this, it’ll be hilarious but I don’t want to see this on kickstarter when it looks like vaporware, the platform has enough speculation as is

  • Jaxa A

    This seems like such a fake, but god, Gary, you are absolutely amazing, you make me laugh with your reactions!

  • Jesse Wan

    I’d tap that genre. HURR-HURR-HERP-DERP.

  • Michael Byrne

    Hard to want to invest in a company that can’t even do the website right. The background is designed to  frame the text…..then the text scrolls instead of the background and everything goes out of whack. Oh…and forget making your own music..just use Carmina Burana! :)

    • QuintLyn Bowers

      The website drove me absolutely batty.  Who makes the frame around links part of a background and then tiles the background?

      • Michael Byrne

        Word Q! :)

  • HappyHansel

    I’m afraid to watch your livestream of that launch party.

  • Brosaxon

    So this game is just like Tera without the graphics and the combat then?

    • LLanowar Elf

      Yeah, because in Tera you can have sex with other players in full nudity too! The only difference is better graphics and a combat system…

       Oh, wait. You just mean that since Tera has pretty revealing armor on some races, it would be funny to make the association with this pile of trash in order to portray Tera’s playerbase as pathetic sex-starved degenerates? It’s insulting, but not funny unless you’re a fanboy of *insert MMO in competition with Tera here*. 
      Gamebreaker has trained you well. Good dog.

      I’ll go inform the good folks at Penny Arcade that their preference for Tera over GW2 makes them perverts.

      • MMO_Doubter

         I would hope someone has pointed that out to them, already.

      • Nipper

         all those furries and pedobears in tera /shutter

  • MMO_Doubter

    Brings to mind a new meaning for P2W.

  • Wilson Fonseca

    This is what I call… FAKE & GAY!

  • DoDoDo Ro

    That woman in the character art looks like a man..

    • QuintLyn Bowers

      It was the least NSFW picture I could find on the site.

  • Ben Ritter

    Holy crap, I’ve never seen gary with a t-shirt on…

  • Robert Burns

    Will there be a sausage lake?

  • BigH001

    Yes, please keep us abreast with this game, it will be interesting to see if it can get the funding to seal the deal, or if it will just shrivel up and leave us unfulfilled. But with that high quality website and those circa 1997 graphics how can it /not/ turn into a massive pillar of success?

    • MMO_Doubter

       I do not anticipate a ‘happy ending’.

    • LLanowar Elf

      Now *this* is funny. You should really learn to work Tera insults into your jokes more though. It’s a guaranteed route to the most-liked comment with the acolytes. Doesn’t even have to be clever: any moderately topical cheap-shot will induce “it’s funny cuz it’s true!” squealing and hawing from the GW2 fanboys.

  • scottsummer

    No more donation to GBTV, time to invest to this WoW killer.

    *just kidding lolz

  • nathan law

    in other words evony 2.0? 

  • Flyro

    Boobs? Schaffnit is in it??? “P

  • MMO_Doubter

    “I’m going to stay on top of this one.”

    That’s what HE said.

  • Xample

    So, is this game F2P (Fap to play)? XD

  • Fragmental

    When does it cum out?

  • The Undeniable Truth

    I bet there will be some creepy people playing this.

  • Ryan Hamilton


  • Yadiel A. Ramírez

    Wait wuat.. D:

  • DoctorOverlord

    Please keep following this game, the humor potential is just unlimited.   It’s like they’re just asking for it (Okay, poor choice of words – but see what I mean? :)

  • Nathiest

    Looks like a late April Fools Day joke. 

    • pandora005

      Its running a stiff competition with that “Coco-Ghost Recon Future Soldier Team” ad for stupid use of “sex sells video games”.

  • pc11

    The only way the crowd funding for this could fail is if they can not get the word out there.

    Just wait.

  • tehixe

    My eyes!  It’s like the Minecraft of porn!  Run away!

  • Josh E

    “Untapped” is what you should call it while it’s in development. Once it goes live, you can be sure it’ll be “tapped”. :D

  • Josh E

    Will Gary stay on top of this one, or it will stay on top of Gary?

  • Mal-loci Starstrider

    the moonguard killer

  • Ronny Sunrock

    Well it’s not that revolutionary. You already have a MMO porno game called Red light center that is F2P. You also have an adult expansion to Second life.

  • Raul

    where You can mount Your Mount, and Your mount can mount You.

  • Luxin

     How about some journalism trying to figure out things more than just checking out a website. Phone? Email?

  • Camzillasmom

    I seriously admire that you kept a relatively straight face while presenting this! Had to giggle the whole thing through. Not because of the topic but because all looks so cheap and horrible. But I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of this from you guys. Just for pure amusement!