Yes, you read that right, the WoW patch 5.2 release date is tomorrow.

Blizzard Lead Quest Designer Dave Kosak tweeted the following a moment ago:


and at the very same instant, Rygarius updated the patch 5.2 round-up to confirm the date. So it’s here, the patch is upon us. What should you be doing? What’s happening? Well fortunately GAMEBREAKER has you covered on all that, do check out our guides to what to do to prepare for the patch, as well as our interview with Dave Kosak to catch up with the lore side of things, or our interview with Ghostcrawler and Ion Hazzikostas to get clued up on the rest of the new content.

Of course, here at GAMEBREAKER we kind of knew that already, since Ion Hazzikostas accidentally confirmed it in his interview with us last Friday, but it’s good to have all this confirmed. Check out GAMEBREAKER’s extensive coverage of patch 5.2!

Patch 5.2 contains a huge amount of content, including two new islands, a new raid, new world bosses, new factions, new dailies, reputation from raiding, new mounts and pets and all manner of new, dinosaur-themed things. What are you looking forward to the most? For me, it’s a mixture of not having to care about the old factions so much for gear, and getting my teeth into the awesome new bosses. The patch 5.2 release date couldn’t come soon enough, and now it’s tomorrow! So what do you think? And is this all happening too fast?

  • Deadalon

    I will be playing SimCity for sure :D

    • Dularr

      How did the download go?

  • Blaze

    wow is dead to me.

  • Mark Ryan Strong

    Things to do for the day, not playing world of warcraft, because I will be spam running it for a few weeks. If your not already set up for tomorrow your pretty much too late at this point. So best to log out, get your family prepared for your extended absence and get all those none world of warcraft things done. 

  • Michael

    Blizzard is releasing the same amount of content over the same period of time. The only difference is that now they have these mini-patches in between the raid patches. (5.1 wasn’t very much content) If they want to stop from bleeding subs until the next expansion they really need to introduce new game systems and not keep revamping old ones. 

    • A Pinto

      This tier came out after 5 months. That’s pretty short for a raid tier. Shortest since ToC, and that was a 5 boss instance, not a 16 boss multi-instance tier.

  • Aztlan Padron

    I’ll go back to working for the family and playing tic tac toe.

  • Dularr

    Have two characters ready for the next chapter in the Black Prince legendary questline. Capped VP on main, close on the second. Looking forward to the warlock fel fire questline. 
    Really enjoyed the DO questline, legendary questline and brawlers guild.